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  • Tutorial: How to sign up for a Weibo Account

    For anyone who don’t know Weibo, it’s like Twitter but in Chinese and has lot more functions! Weibo is where I get about 90% of my information about Ancient Chinese Series, whether it’s songs, MVs, downloads, pictures or news, it’s the source for everything! Also, most series or actors have an official Weibo that you can watch them on!

    Website: http://www.weibo.com/

    (Please click on the image to view a larger version!)

    Updated Version 2013


    Go to the main page.


    Enter your details.


    Enter your cell phone for mobile activation, you need to choose what country you’re from.


    Click on the button so that it sends you the activation code.


    Wait a minute and check your phone, and enter the code in.


    Enter some personal info.


    Select your interests.

    Below is the old registration process

    Visit the Weibo website and you should see this page.

    Click the green button to register a new account.

    Enter your Details!

    This is where you enter your details like email address, password and username. Note that your real name, passport and school are optional. Also, Weibo will not share this information!

    Check your email to activate your account!

    Yep, you have to do that for most things you register.

    Sign in your email and you should have gotten an email from Weibo with a link. Click the link!

    Welcome to your Weibo Account!

    Here, Weibo suggests some people you may want to follow. You can also search for others if you’d like. To follow someone, click the green button with a plus sign.

    Games you may be interested to play. Otherwise, click “Next”.

    Mini Tutorial

    Here’s a mini tutorial which explains some of the basic functions.

    Here, you can search for what you’re interested in. You can search specific people, groups/fan accounts, or posts. You may need to know what you’re searching for in Chinese letters.

    Welcome to your Weibo Homepage!

    Here, I’ve entered the official Xuan Yuan Sword Weibo as an example. To follow them, click on the blue button on the left!

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  • mimi says

    2015-01-14 09:10:03

    I really love your youtube channel, been watching those dramas and i would really love the tutorials. But I don’t know where to find the update of chinese dramas. PS I follow u on weibo. <3

  • Aaron says

    2014-11-13 09:26:58

    Hi, I can’t view some images/pictures on weibo for the past one week on weibo. Anyone can help me please.

  • jansshi says

    2014-07-13 03:08:52

    i have created a lot of yahoo account because it said that if i did not get my confirmation link a should create another e-mail. i also created a g-mail but then, i still did not receive any confirmation link. i can’t comment or post a weibo on my account because my weibo account must be activated.. what should i do?

  • Charline Mae says

    2014-05-05 02:55:12

    Hello,I actually created my own weibo account last 2013 but now there’s something wrong and it’s asking me to verify my weibo account..the only solution is a help for someone in the listed country for verification code…who can help??

    • sheesha says

      2014-05-11 05:39:22

      yes am having the same problem as u Charline Mae says .. i need help too can u help us please :( ???

  • youngie says

    2014-02-11 04:29:11

    Hello, I signed up for weibo mobile which only asked me for number and verification code, but what happens if i decide to change numbers, is it possible to set up an email as my new login instead of my phone number?

    thanks in advance.

  • Sophie says

    2014-01-23 04:46:00

    Hi !
    Hope you can help me ! I have a Weibo account but I cannot download pictures and publish them. Would you have any tutorial for this ?
    Please let me know as I would help me a lot !

    • Roselynne says

      2014-02-07 10:00:37

      I believe you just input the picture youre gonna post..

  • Sophie says

    2014-01-23 04:39:38

    Hi ! Hope you can help me ! I have a weibo account but always have troubles trying to download a picture and publish it (I accidentally managed 3 or 4 times but I dont’ know how I did !). Do you have any tutorial for this ? Please let me know !

  • tihah violet says

    2014-01-02 11:12:55

    i cannot sign up..please help me!!!!!

  • Ons says

    2013-12-20 10:18:23

    Hi :)
    I after I enter all the details (email,password,nickname,verification code) but I cant enter my phone number
    can you help me please …
    And thanks foe everything (y)

  • ali says

    2013-12-08 11:44:29

    hello… i signed up but the verification email is not coming… anyone help please?… ;;

  • Mai says

    2013-12-01 12:25:26

    I can’t seem to pass the verification code part. Every time I finish typing that in and press sign up, it just gives me another verification code. I don’t know what the problem is :(

  • Haru says

    2013-11-27 10:15:35

    Hi there :)
    I got a little problem here,
    after I enter all the details (email,password,nickname,verification code) and click sign up now, Nothing Happens!. why?? and the verification code keeps changing after I clicked ‘sign up now’… T.T helppp…..me…plss…

  • Kelly says

    2013-11-27 08:43:57

    Hi! This really help. Thank you so much
    But i can’t pass the verification code…any idea of that?
    When i click sign me up it keep me back to the space to key in verification code

  • Carmen says

    2013-11-14 09:22:19

    Thank you so much for the tutorial! I have a question, is it possible to change the timezone on weibo? I can’t find the option anywhere orz

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-11-17 03:47:41

      Sadly I’m not advanced enough to know how to do that, but hope someone else can help.

  • Lanfen says

    2013-10-31 02:05:10

    ahh, I was going to suggest to add a “people you might be interested to follow” after the article, but someone beat me to it in the comments…^^ also added you sapphire

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-11-01 04:24:27

      OMG AWESOME, I added you back (I think) haha! :D YAY for joining :D

  • Bjorn says

    2013-09-30 10:16:43

    Looks like I have solved the problem. I managed to translate some of the Chinese and was able to get a @sina.com account. Using this email as my username, I can now sign in to my account.

  • Bjorn says

    2013-09-30 08:41:21

    I have successfully signed up to Weido, using my mobile number (Australian). I received an email asking me to click on a verification link. Everything went fine and my site is up and running. However I have a problem when I want to sign in again, as it doesn’t let me sign in. I use the correct password and my email address (hotmail address). The only way I can sign in is to use the “forgot password”. That way with entering my mobile number and get a verification code. Setting a new password and enter the verification code, I manage to get signed in again. Any idea why it doesn’t accept my email as username?

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-10-01 08:26:55

      Hmm that’s so strange that it won’t let you sign in. I wonder why… Cos whenever I sign in, it just works when I type my email, but oh wait I am so glad you fixed it. That’s brilliant!!!
      OMG you’re from Australia? Same here, or I lived there for ages!!

  • Albun says

    2013-09-27 12:05:34

    OMG thank you for the great tutorial!!! my country isn’t on the list either, but I tried the yahoo.ca thing and it really did bypass everything. Maybe put it up on the tutorial so that people who don’t read the comments can try it?

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-09-29 03:32:40

      ARGH that’s terrible your country isn’t on it. I wish they can open it to more countries… WOW :O OMG I can’t believe .ca actually worked. I will try and update the tutorial to include that useful bit of info :D

  • junghwa says

    2013-09-12 12:21:08

    This really helped ^^
    Unforunately when I went to verify it through email it says it can’t verify so I should email them and it should work
    That didn’t work either and it says if you don’t verify usig the link wihin 2 days to reregister
    That doesn’t work either since it says my email is taken
    Um do you know of any way to fix this?
    I can’t do anything except log in.
    I can’t even follow people ;A;

  • Corina says

    2013-08-23 10:27:05

    Im from philippines but it is not listed..
    How can i get an online number?

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-08-24 10:56:58

      Hmm I don’t know of you can get an online number but have you got a friend who lives in one of those countries?

    • Anonymous says

      2013-09-16 12:19:11

      http://www.weibo.com/signup/mobile.php?lang=en-us‎ try clicking this. or searching on google “how to make weibo account new” it will allow you to sign up without themm asking for your number. im really desperate to make an account on weibo then i accidentally click that link. hope it will help. :) ))))

  • AL Byun says

    2013-08-19 12:38:25

    omg,that really helped,i wish i can make one,lol
    ill follow you guys,if its okay with you^^

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-08-24 10:51:45

      OF COURSEEE :D i’d love for you to follow. if you got any other questions, let me know.

  • jioe88 says

    2013-08-03 06:05:21

    thx for this good article but phone verification cant sent sms code to my country, its not in the list…how to solve it

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-08-03 08:16:09

      Sadly I think the only way is to get an online phone number or a friend who lives in one of the countries to do it.

    • Anonymous says

      2013-09-16 12:14:48

      hey! that’s my problem too before. but i’ve accidentally click this link. i think it’s the old way to make a weibo account when they are still asking for an email address. :) ))))) im raelly happy now.

  • Mikiru says

    2013-07-22 08:44:41

    Just want to know…to get the sms code, is it free to get it on your phone or will it come out on the bill later?

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-07-23 04:59:12

      I don’t think you will be billed cos I’ve never recieved a bill for a code i recieve from these kinds of programs/sites.

  • najwa says

    2013-07-20 01:00:35

    i want to have a weibo account but they’r asking for a phone number..but my country doesn’t exist on there short list..so can you help me???

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-07-21 08:26:51

      Hmm that’s hard, I guess you need to get a friend who’s from one of the countries to do it for you? I’m not sure what you can do if the country’s not listed, sorry.

  • milla says

    2013-07-19 06:40:16

    is there nothing I can do if my country is not on the country list? I am from Norway.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-07-19 11:06:15

      Hmmm unfortunately I don’t think there’s much you can do if your country isn’t listed, perhaps there are online ways of getting a phone number from these countries? Do you have friends who live in any of the mentioned countries that can help you?

  •   says

    2013-06-07 07:39:58


    Would you mind checking out the new registration process? It asks for SMS verification even if you’re using the email signup. Even though my country is in the list, it keeps saying that the number I put in isn’t in the right format (that’s what google translate tells me at least), so they won’t give me the activation code. Is there some way to bypass the whole cell phone thing? Thanks for any help!

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-06-07 11:52:49

      I will try and look into this when I get a chance. I’m a bit busy these days due to a lot of work I have to do, so please remind me if I forget><

    •   says

      2013-06-08 01:21:59

      Not sure if I’m replying to the right thing but thank you so much for the consideration!

    •   says

      2013-06-28 07:21:34

      Here’s a reminder if you forgot/if I am replying right. If you’re still busy, would you know of anywhere that provides service for helping people sign up? The only thing I want an account for is to download things since people upload their files on a site that requires such messed up registration for some reason…
      Thanks to anyone who can help!

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-06-29 12:15:10

      I just updated the tutorial with the latest. You will need a phone from one of the countries though, I won’t be able to help you further. I just tried with a USA phone and it worked.

    •   says

      2013-06-29 05:50:00

      Thank you so much for the update! Something really strange happened, though: I tried signing up with three different live.com emails, but kept getting a pop up that said something like (according to google translate) “You’re registering too frequently, take a break” even though it’s been weeks since I’ve tried. I tried it again with a yahoo.ca email, and not only did it work–it bypassed the SMS verification entirely. There didn’t seem to be a ‘an activation email was sent to your account’ screen (it just skipped right to picking your interests), though that email did appear a few minutes later. Not sure if it’s the .ca thing, but people who don’t have their countries on the list or don’t want to use SMS might want to try using a yahoo email.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-06-30 09:49:32

      Wow I am really glad that it worked at the end for you!
      Thanks for the tip on the .ca email! I really hope that can bypass the SMS!!

  • wolf18 says

    2013-06-03 09:04:09

    That’s why I can’t create a weibo blog. They asked me a phone number on China or USA… They only accept phone number from a short list they gave. :( Unfortunately, my country isn’t in this list. :3

    P/s: Why I can’t reply under your comment?

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-06-03 12:07:28

      Hmmm that’s strange, I’m not sure why you can’t reply under mine. Maybe just something silly with the scripts of the site.
      Is there any services online you can get a temp US number?

  • wolf18 says

    2013-05-30 05:34:08

    I don’t know why. But weibo ask my mobile number to verify account?? Please, help me!

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-05-30 02:58:09

      That’s really strange, I’ve never been asked for a mobile number. Perhaps you can just enter it? It may be like google, you have to verify with a code.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-06-29 12:24:08

      Can you tell me which country you are from? You will need a phone number from the countries… Sadly!

  • whitepigeon says

    2013-04-22 12:53:04

    thank you so much for putting the time to show us how to make an account for Weibo when some of us don’t know how to read chinese.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-04-22 01:40:35

      You’re welcome! I’m just so happy it helped !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      If you got any other sites you’d like tutorials on, do let me know :D

    • whitepigeon says

      2013-05-15 04:15:52

      Hi! It’s me again. I stumbled upon this Chinese website called 5sing but I’m having trouble creating an account. Do you think you can create a tutorial for me? If you can that would be great. Thanks in advance!

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-05-16 12:08:37

      OHH OMG funny that you mention it, I did actually make a tutorial for 5sing, it’s just stuck in my drafts so I’ll try and find it to post for you soon :D Or perhaps i can share the draft with you , though you will need to read it within a few hours :D

    • whitepigeon says

      2013-05-20 01:31:37

      It doesn’t matter to me. If you want to post it up on your website that’s fine. If you want to send it through email then that’s fine too. Whatever is better for you is good for me.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-05-20 03:59:41

      Here you go: http://www.wuxiaedge.com/?p=27288&shareadraft=baba27288_519a808f74e06 please save within 5 days, cos it will expire then :D I hope it helps!

    • whitepigeon says

      2013-05-28 05:06:07

      Oh no! I’ve been busy with finals for school. I missed the five day deadline. Damn it. But thanks anyways.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-05-28 04:34:42

      Ohhh I will schedule the article to post early next month so check back then and you should see it :)

  • chinesecrossfire says

    2013-03-26 03:05:24

    Yes that was me. I think for most chinese overseas students the English vocabularies is a big problem because we know about the professional words and terms of our major very well but we donnot much about some words about daily lifes.LOL because of lack of using it is very easy to forget the new words. Honestly at first I wanted to see how you translate the special chinese cultural words>333 I have great curiousty about English though I havenot been enough good on oral but I am better on reading and listening. I think with more time I can be better^^

  • chinesecrossfire says

    2013-03-25 08:43:44

    Just followed you, my weibo id is “ordinate” whose icon is GaoJianLi in Qin’s moon^^

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-25 09:00:43

      OMGGGG YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! I followed you back!! :D
      YESSS always great seeing more people on Weibo :D OMG you are a fan of Qin’s Moon ? ME TOOO! I LOVE that show sooooooooo much!!

    • chinesecrossfire says

      2013-03-25 11:29:15

      Yeahhh^^ I always downloaded the new episode on Saturday to watch and waited for your update of english sub on youtube<3333 because I would like to watch and study English at the same time and it is the reason I found your channel at first hahaha. I ever left some comments to talk about why the fourth season is called"万里长城“ I said because it is the time when the Qin Dynasty is in its prime time after which it started to decline. And I also left my email address for someone who needed the music of Qin's moon. Have you remembered me? Then I left comments in your podcast video and you said it was much better to come here^^

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-26 05:22:28

      WOOO REALLY? AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW THAT IS SO SO SO AMAZING TO HEAR!! I never knew that. OMG i am SO HAPPY you were watching my youtube channel with Qin’s Moon. I had so much fun sharing this show with people. I REALLY love it so msuch and cannot wait until season 5 comes out.
      That’s amazing you wanted to study english, if there’s anything I can do, please let me know cos I wanna help! I want to study more Chinese LOL
      OHHH WHOAAAAA!!!! YOU DID? that was you? I REMEMBER your comment about the prime time of the Qin Dynasty, that gave me a lot of insight!!! THANK YOU for that.
      YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS AHHHH now I remember completely about emailing you about QM music, OMG WOOWOWOWWWWW loll YES now I remember your email too LOL it’s all coming back to me. ROFL i have such a short memory sometimes, esp lately with the vacation. I totally forgot about it HAHAHAAA.

  • Jen says

    2013-03-03 10:49:12

    I found your weibo and I’m following you too :D (I’m MrChampignon)

    I’ve been reading your posts for a few months now, and I’ve got to say I really appreciate your efforts! I don’t see many wuxia fans nowadays so I’m happy to have found your website~

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-03 10:53:13

      AHHH HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!! OMG NICE TO MEET YOU! You got weibo? This is sooo exciting! Let me go follow you back now! YAY that’s so excitinggg!!!
      REALLY? That makes me SUPER excited to hear that you’ve been reading the posts!!! If you ever want to chat, I’ll always be replying, hahaha! Thank you so much, it means a lot to hear that people are enjoying Wuxia type of websites. I felt the same too that there wasn’t a lot of fans that were making sites just for Wuxia.
      How did you find it? And THANKS for leaving a message here!!! It totally made me jump in excitement, haha!!

  • Baiyupan says

    2013-02-20 03:34:24

    actually,my weibo account is: 拜玲耶Badriyyah .
    And you can visit the weibo listed before and click the orange frame with the character “+关注” on the right of the actor’s or actress’s icon to follow . I found that Liu shi shi’s icon is a piece of fanart which i have seen on your site.Cool~XD

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-20 09:23:44

      OHHHH AWEOME let me search you up on weibo now :D DDD I’ll see if I can find you there.
      AH YESS I found and added yoU!!! :D
      I think I got the right person, right? HAHA, did you see me adding you? SOO EXCITED about finding the icon. Too I don’t know completely yet how to share these files so that people can find it on weibo :O Cos I think many people would love to see it.

  • Baiyupan says

    2013-02-19 03:35:51

    Liu shi shi’s weibo: http://weibo.com/shishi310
    liu shi shi’s baidu tieba: http://weibo.com/liushishiba
    Lin geng xin’s weibo: http://weibo.com/u/1730726637
    Yang mi’s weibo: http://weibo.com/yangmiblog
    Hu ge’s weibo: http://weibo.com/hu_ge
    Hu ge’s global fanclub: http://weibo.com/u/2145207197
    Tang yan’s weibo: http://weibo.com/tangyan
    liu yi fei & Hu ge &Liu shi shi& Tang yan’s resouces weibo: http://weibo.com/u/1869614782
    Wow~~I found your weibo and I followed you~~haha~~

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-19 09:08:47

      OMFG THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED you gave so many sources. HAHAHA I just checked my weibo and noticed I’m now following 355 accounts LMAOOO !
      Let me folllow your account.
      Oh wait I think I already am. Is your account wang-peng-456? I’m http://weibo.com/sapphireskies
      I LOOOVE all the ones you mentioned!!! THANKS and I’m sure other people would also appreciate the links!!!

  • andrew says

    2012-10-06 04:24:01

    http://youtu.be/Z2U403UWGck learn how to signup for Weibo when you don’t read Mandarin


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