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    Swordsman 2013 – OST and Photobook

    OMG I am so happy to say I found an OST file for Swordsman 2013. I don’t think it includes all the songs, and there are no instrumentals, but it has the super high quality version of Carefree and Love Me, which I really adore. Listen to the example above and download below!

    The Tracklist –
    01. Wallace Huo – Carefree (Swordsman Opening Theme)
    02. Puti – Love Me (Male Vocal Version)
    03. Yuan Shan Shan – Love Me (Female Vocal Version)
    04. Yuan Shan Shan – Awareness
    05. Wallace Huo – Carefree (Instrumental)
    06. Puti – Love Me (Male Vocal Instrumental)
    07. Yuan Shan Shan – Love Me (Female Vocal Instrumental)
    08. Yuan Shan Shan – Realization (Instrumental)
    09. Dong Zhen – The End

    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?a5zadmhib2cbmxi

    I really love the song “Love Me”, I heard it on the commercials and was wondering who sang it, and Wow, it was Yuan Shan Shan! She’s a really good singer and I love the tune of the song. Feel free to download and share these songs, they’re probably the highest quality you can get. I will definitely add to the collection if I find the other songs or instrumentals. Enjoy!

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    (Please click play to hear Yuan Shan Shan – Love Me)

    English Translations for Love Me by Dongfangguniang

    Can you please love me and forget about your pride
    Cannot hide my solitude while waiting for your reliance
    Jianghu (Itinerant) complications keep shifting
    just craving for your smile while forgetting about the taste of pain
    Just like a burning fire how can i forget?
    Too many endless troubled thoughts i just want to be held in your arms
    Under the moonlight having our fingers intertwined and running together
    As long as you love me i don’t need anything else

    Credit: http://dongfangguniang.blogspot.com/

    Swordsman 2013 Photobook

    Beautiful high quality images of each of the characters from Swordsman.

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  • Petchjira says

    2014-11-13 02:09:16

    Thank you very much. I’m finding these mp3 set of Swordman 2013.

  • Daniel says

    2014-10-12 03:01:42

    Thanks for uploading this soundtracks. I am watching the drama now and I just love they twisted the plot that Dongfung Bubai is a woman. She is so fragile. However I love Liu HoXung could be together with the buddist nun who is secretly love him!!!!

  • Lanfen says

    2014-03-03 04:38:19

    oh i just LOVE YOU right now for sharing that link! I’m watching Swordsman right now and I love it! 多謝!

  • Malyza says

    2014-01-08 09:40:12

    I love song “Love Me”. The meaning showed about Dong Fang BuBai’s feeling to Linghu Chong :)

  • PD says

    2014-01-05 04:57:34

    Does anyone have the instrumental played in the last episode as DFBB gives her farewell to LHC and flies away? It is played right after Dong Zhen’s song. I think it sounds like a harp instrumental version of the song.

  • sai baht says

    2013-11-14 08:01:37

    i like this movie and i like the actor so i want this movie make it speck thai ok

  • Divinerapier says

    2013-10-07 05:35:20

    Can anyone pls tell me the name of the song that ying ying and LHC played together in swordsman. In this scene LHC is one the flute while ying ying is on the Guzheng.

  • Kevin P says

    2013-09-03 06:51:00

    I have a question: Near the end of the last episode of the swordman 2013, when Ying Ying was crying and LHC was holding here, there was a short instrumental tune. Can you tell me what the name of that song is? It sends chills down my spines but I don’t know its name, I feel terrible. :( ((( Thank you so much!

  • herogone says

    2013-07-24 10:18:22

    can anyone tell me the title of the nursery rhymes that Dongfang Bubai sang to Linghu Chong in episode 5?

    • XOJH fan says

      2013-07-27 10:51:50

      I think it’s called 覺悟 Juéwù (Realization). Refer this link: http://dongfangguniang.blogspot.com/2013/02/swordsman-2013-juewu-english.html.

      Or Track No. 3 (Awareness) (by Yuan Shan Shan), stated in this post.

      Episode 5 is my 2nd favourite episode of the whole show. My favourite episode is the after snow wolves scene, when DFGN and LHC were hugging each other in the cave.

  • Adi says

    2013-06-19 11:47:07

    hai all..have someone a flute and harp instrumental at swordman 2013. I love that instumental.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-06-20 10:32:59

      OH YESSS flutes and harps sound really pretty! REALLY excited you love those!! I wish there were HQ ost tracks for those instrumentals!

  • a simple indonesian says

    2013-05-04 10:18:15

    I just get lost in translation what really “can you please forget your pride” in closing ST. What pride? It is a total equivalent to English semantic meaning? I mean every culture have it’s own definition and translation works seems could not transfer cultural back ground for non- native.

    No hurt intention, I really just curious :D

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-05-04 04:37:39

      OMG great question, I actually don’t know why the lyrics are that way, I think it means for the person who was very proud to not be proud anymore?
      Perhaps sometimes it requires someone to lose their pride to admit that they love someone, that’s what I guessed by the lyric…. Cos you see in the show, sometimes they don’t say they love someone, even though they do, or you know they do.

  • Rising Star 11 says

    2013-04-28 07:50:51

    I just love your blog soo much. I personally am also a fan of wuxia/ ancient chinese dramas. Are there any series that you can reccommed me? Love xiao ao jiang hu. Especially DFBB. Loved her a lot.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-04-28 08:31:31

      AHHH THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH YOU TOTALLY ROCK I love getting awesome messages like that,
      and YESSS DFBB is amazing, one of my fav characters :D All the series I recommend may be old and you’ve seen them before, mainly because I mainly recommend ones that are eng subbed and sadly not a lot of shows are subbed these days. You can check out my list here :D I hope it helps!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.wuxiaedge.com/top-recommendation

  • Remco says

    2013-04-08 11:03:07

    hahaha ;D uhm
    i’ve seen chinese paladin 1 and 3
    strange hero
    xuan yuan sword
    seven of the sky
    qing shi huang fei

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-04-08 04:10:47

      Ohhh awesome, I totally recommend Legend of the Condor Heroes and Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber (the latest versions)
      though both shows I must say, first episode is really confusing so if you find the beginning hard to follow, at least watch episodes 2-4! :D

  • Remco says

    2013-04-07 01:53:07

    finished seven of the sky <333 i loved that serie what serie can u recommend me now:D? swordsman has only 9 series full subbed so stil waiting for that. any idea what serie i should start now?

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-04-08 01:15:13

      WOOOWOOWW that’s AMAZING you finished it so fast and SO HAPPY you loved it! YAY that makes me super happy!
      OMG let’s see, I need a list of what you’ve seen already so i can recommend HAHAHA!!

  • Nic says

    2013-04-05 12:53:21

    Thanks for sharing!! Appreciate it! Love the themesong by Wallace Huo :D ! Looking forward to the English subbed series to watch the series. =)

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-04-05 01:26:18

      THANK YOU SO MUCH REALLY happy you enjoy the theme song. I LOVE it too, can’t stop listening to it and I play it each time I watch the eps cos it just sounds so awesome. I really hope it’s subbed soon so you get to see it!

  • chinesecrossfire says

    2013-03-25 07:28:02

    Coming from Youtube, LOL I just make some time to read carefully here .this series is rocking in mainland China and maybe the hottest series of 2013. I havennot had some time to watch though I have downloaded all the episodes. From what I have learnt from chinese media and weibo this series is not a real SWORDSMAN tale, the script has been amended a lot and a lot of people deny it because of the distort even myself a little bit. But I want to say this series is a legend typical Chinese ancient series if we can ignore the remake and regard it as a new article it will be better:-)

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-25 08:41:50

      WOWOWOOWWW that’s amazing to hear that it’s such a hot series of 2013. OMG YOU ARE TOTALLY AWESOME for thinking that way, we should treat it as a new show, that way it will be better instead of comparing it to the others. I love this show for what it is and still enjoying it immensely!
      OMG I know how you feel about not having time to watch, sometimes I don’t have much time at all I only manage to squeeze in watching one episode a day, and it takes me quite a while to get through all the episodes hahaha.

  • koua xiong says

    2013-03-25 01:32:24

    sapphiresky the link that you provided are they subbing the whole ep. ? or just part of the ep.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-25 08:42:41

      They’re subbing the whole ep but they upload it in parts (like i think split the ep in 2) but they seem to be persistent in working on it, as they added 3 more parts very recently!

  • Phenylketonurics says

    2013-03-22 06:22:56

    Whoa, you have most of the soundtrack here, yes! I’m so upset that I’ve only been able to watch to episode 5, I’m trying so hard to find more time to watch it, it’s absolutely amazing so far (I looove the music, oh man). I keep seeing gifs from the later episodes up and I instantly want to catch up! Now after I listen to the songs, I’m going to fail classes because I can’t resist watching it, haha! THANKS. ^w^

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-23 11:41:08

      AHHH I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL SAME HEREE! omg I have just seen more yesterday and there are so many fascinating things about it, the show just always leaves me wanting to see more!!!
      So sorry that you had to wait so long to watch it too. I wonder if more eps are released yet. BTW do you keep up the eps here?
      here’s a version that does get updated, though they’re probably around ep 5 as well.
      I can’t stop listening to the songs too! Just today I was fascinated with this battle they had with paint brushes, and they’re awesome with teaching you what wine glass to drink from what wine, haha so many fascinating things to learn about!

  • Kia says

    2013-03-22 02:04:22

    I’m not sure I can agree with the translation for “觉悟” as “Awareness”, because although that’s what a lot of online dictionary translated it as, “awareness” suggest a more superficial understanding, as in whoever is just aware of whatever, where as “juewu” is more like come to total understanding or realization of something. More like “understanding” or “realization” than “awareness”.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-22 04:28:15

      Awesome, a chinese lessons! Damn I just inserted it in the dictionary without even reading the word but I actually do think I’ve heard of it before, Realization would be the best for that I think which I shall change shortly. Thanks for that!!!

  • Remco says

    2013-03-22 12:00:14

    HAhaahahhaah loll. okay ill start with seven of the ski first :D
    watching 2 series at the same time is confusing :\
    but alright lemme watch this and listening to ur words it must be great haha

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-22 04:29:53

      LOLLLLL awesome!!! that sounds amazing, I am really excited. But just know that my reasons for liking a show is usually always because a show has a lot of meaningful messages, but I think SOTS is pretty funny in the first 12 episodes. Sometimes it feels like two entirely different shows once it gets to the middle HAHA. AWESOMEeE THANKS for asking though! Can’t wait to hear about what you enjoyed!

  • Remco says

    2013-03-20 05:27:41

    i still cant wacht swordsman because of no subs soo. i’m gonna choose between 7th of the ski or Legend of the Condor Heroes which one do you prefer?

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-21 04:27:15

      OHHHH MY GOD this is the hardest choice ever, Seven of the Sky is special to me, like, it’s the one and only show that i love with all my heart and soul and is the best story I have ever seen, but that’s because I love inspirational things and i love beautiful love stories like that, a lot of others may prefer a good action story, so I actually don’t like comparing the two because theya re WAY too different, the only similarity being that the main leads are the same but that shouldn’t really be a reason to compare them I think, but anyway, I would ALWAYS choose Seven of the Sky, because it means the world to me, that show is too special to me that i literally cannot even handle talking to people who don’t like it (as much) – that’s how crazy I am, HAHAHA… so perhaps you can just take a look at both or watch two together LOL!! (but treat them different like they’re oranges and rice HAHA)

  • sky says

    2013-03-20 02:27:00

    So I couldnt help but notice the song from episode 5 isnt here

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-20 04:00:08

      OHH the song? Do you know which song is it from Ep 5 cos I don’t actually remember. Sadly they didn’t release all the songs as I hoped, like I really wanted the instrumental to Dong Zhen – The End. Still searching for that LOL!

    • WuxiaRocks says

      2013-03-20 09:03:31

      Actually the song from episode 05 is here. It’s the one by Dong Zhen.


      Sorry I’ve been busy with work, so I haven’t stop by here and post as much as I could. :( But I’ll still be checking around.

      Also, thank you very much for this OST! Though I have it already it’s still great that you put it up for others. You rock! Thanks a bunch! :)

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-21 04:30:50

      OH PHEW I’m glad it’s there. I found it on another site and inserted it as extra, it wasn’t actually inculded in the OST for some reason ><
      OMG I AM SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU HERE!! I’ve been SOOOOO busy myself with going all around Brisbane HAHAHAA !!
      you’re welcome about the OST! I always love to stuff a lot of songs in the OST, esp ones that aren’t included in the official one.

  • Remco says

    2013-03-19 07:22:59

    nope i’m wrong again XD
    Da Mo Yao is starting filming on the 20th of February, at XiangShan. LOL, XiangShan even included a fanmade DMY-HuHuoShi poster in the weibo.

    and maybeee!! wallace huo will participate but i’m not sure i hope u can look for more ;D

  • Remco says

    2013-03-19 07:16:13

    Oh hahah i already checked it
    it starts filming in may

    Hu ge Liu Shi Shi, Eddie Peng it must be a awesome upcoming serie.
    maybe u can make a page of this serie just to give information about it. ;D

  • Remco says

    2013-03-19 07:05:27

    the subbing is not going so fast. :\ still only 70 percent on episode 4
    btw i finished xuan yuan sword rift of the sky. i was suprised that this was really a happy ending. the headroll players didn’t die only their memory was removed but when they saw each other again that would be a new begin. oh and do you know anthing about this serie “Da Mo Yao” ?

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-20 03:54:39

      OMG I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL about XYS ending, I was so surprised too cos I thought it was going to be REALLY tragic but it ended up being so much happier/more hopeful than I thought, so I was happy there. I didn’t want everyone to die ><
      No news about DMY yet, I don’t know if it passed SARFT yet, some say it did, some say it didn’t, so I’m wondering if it did or not. I hope we at least get t osee a trailer soon cos the outfits look sooo gorgeous!
      OHHH damn that’s slow with subbing. I wonder if the English Wallace Huo site is still subbing episodes as they were releasing eps as well.

  • Kindreix Sage Lee says

    2013-03-18 03:32:32

    You don’t know how much I love you =]

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-18 04:57:55

      AWW REALLY? I hope this OST was what you were looking for. Always LOVE helping people find songs they wanted!!!

  • Koua xiong says

    2013-03-16 06:09:54

    OMG thanks been looking all over to get the ost for this series.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-17 03:39:50

      YAY SO HAPPY this OST was able to help you!! Hopefully it had the songs you wanted, I really wanted to find the instrumental to Dong Zheng’s song but couldn’t sadly but if I ever do, I’ll surely be adding it here.

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