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  • Swordsman 2013 – Episode 6-10 Recap

    Swordsman 2013 recaps from episode 6 to 10 from the TV version, which is much shorter than the DVD. Please note these will the the last episodes I’ll recap the entire thing of, mainly because I want to focus on analyzing the show and writing essays about it when I watch.

    Swordsman Episode 6 Recap

    I always feel like so many things happened as I’m watching. Firstly, I should split this episode into 4 major parts: 1 – Linghu Chong and Dongfang Bubai, 2 – Pingzhi, 3 – Tian Boguang and Little Junior (Yi Lin) from the Mount Heng Sect and finally 4 – Pingzhi and the Humpbacked.

    1) Remember last time, Linghu Chong was showing his amazing stealing wine technique and those dudes saw them on the roof and fired the arrows? THAT ENDING THERE WAS EVILZ cos it was making me sooo suspended for a whole day, and turns out Dongfang Bubai catches the arrow with one shot and just takes him and flies off. HAHAHAA, I was like… Oh. Why was I even worried?!!

    They go to an absolutely breathtakingly beautiful grassland with all these dandelion things floating in the sky and just sat there and talked. I love how Dongfang can’t help but smile when she’s with him. It’s interesting that throughout the series, she’s just been sitting there in her high position, so lonely, cruel and cold, and here – being with him just seems to make her happy. (I decided that since they never mentioned whether Dongfang Bubai is a male/female, I will say she until they confirm!) For some reason, I just really want those two to be a pair! Another thing that’s so freaking unqiue is HE LIKES THE LITTLE JUNIOR and think she’s the greatest. HOLY CRAP when have you EVER SEEN THAT happen? It’s usually always the girl who’s in love with the Senior and he doesn’t feel anything back. I LOVE this, it’s giving me the “FEELIN’S” as in feelings of awesome uniqueness.

    They actually talk about this place where they were punished to stand, and it’s interesting that they touched on exactly who was evil or good. Just because a Demon Cult is labelled as evil, that doesn’t mean everyone is evil, same as what they call the orthodox sect. Not everyone there is as good as they say, some may be just as evil. This reminds me of the concept many mythology based shows touch on, whether Demons should all be considered evil, or can some humans be worse?

    Dongfang borrowed this thing in Linghu Chong’s hair (I’m having troubles figuring out what it is – a bow? No way… Ummmmm… A hair tie? NO that sounds wrong. SOMETHING, a cloth. Material, thing. Piece. Thing. It’s long and you can use it to dance or make it hard into a sword. Wow, watching Dongfang do that sword move (like a dance) and the beautiful song in the background just made me all MELTY! What’s hilarious is, Linghu Chong was thought she looked like that girl he had met before, when Dongfang’s hair went out. YOU KNOW This reminds me of that scene in Seven of the Sky when Xiaoqi’s hair fell out and then, everyone was like “OMFG she’s a girl”. And I’m wondering, how come everyone suddenly knew she was a girl just because her hair tie fell out and revealed her long hair?

    I loved when Dongfang even started questioning herself, that she had been chasing after power and position for all her life, yet she’s unhappy, but Linghu Chong is just this fellow, and he’s so carefree and happy. Something she said really made me think: “Why was I born as Dongfang Bubai”. What does that mean? Was she born in a certain way that forced her to practice martial arts? Anyway, she leaves – and heads to the whole Washing Hands in Golden Basin deal that I don’t know too much about, and so was Linghu Chong. (I think they’re gonna bump into each other very soon!)

    2) Pingzhi is still on the escape and the poor guy is defenseless and I hope he still has some money! His situation reminds me A LOT of Yang Kang’s, just his parents are captured, and it feels like he’s going to be driven to take revenge and want power, though I don’t know what he’ll become, I can still see, he has a lot of good in him, perhaps more than Yang Kang did, but I am afraid that situations are just going to push him over the edge.

    Anyway, he finds the two evil disciples from the Qingcheng Sect and overheard something important: They did not come back to simply take revenge, but to steal that Bixie Manual. This was just an excuse, or part of the reason. This is going to be very darn complicated!

    He sneaks in the inn they go into and pretended to be the servant and attempted to burn their legs (I actually thought he was going to poison them!) and this started a chase, which lands him into this random person’s house and he hides in the latrine, which smells like SHIT – LITERALLY! The hilarious thing was, the husband and wife of the house had no idea that Pingzhi was hiding in their house, and when the two Qingcheng Sect disciples came and searched, the couple were all like, “WTF? Why would they target us?” The husband then accused the wife of cheating with the fellow, and the wife was so pissed that she got accused, she literally said, “Yes, so? I did cheat on you with that guy. He’s hiding in that latrine right now!” Um, can you guess what happens next? Pingzhi comes out of the latrine. The woman was stupefied. I can see her thinking: HOLY F**K, HOWWWW???!!!! Anyway, Pingzhi runs off and is very angry at himself for only being able to hide.

    Then, he decided to buy a bunch of bombs to die together with those Qingcheng Sect disciples, he put it on his back to make him look like a humpback (which has complications later on) but as he was about to bomb them, he thought: Wait, maybe I shouldn’t die… If I did, what about my parents?

    THEN, a carriage comes and some guy in there just takes him and leaves. Well, they sure saved him on time, but they only took him because those guys were after a young humpback and they thought he was the humpback from the bomb tied up on his body! OH DEAR, I could see this mistake turning into something pretty big. I feel sorry for Pingzhi, being chased by everyone and he didn’t do anything wrong. This is something really important, I feel that’s done extremely well in Wuxia series like Jin Yong’s, is showing how events can really change a person. Such as, if Pingzhi didn’t have the bastards trying to kill his family, I bet he would not even be thinking about revenge. Now, I can totally see that he MAY let revenge take over him. I hope not, but I’m afraid…

    3) The little junior from Mount Heng Sect called Yi Lin (the one who was forced into the marriage in the last episode) was on the way to that Washing Hands in Golden Basin thing too (Wow, that event looks to be HUGE! Everyone’s going there!!) but she doesn’t really know where to go and some dude with a mask stood there and pretended to be her master, to lure her into an inn. GUESS WHO? YEP, that’s the crazy Tian Boguang, who even though he does some pretty horrible things, has a story on his own, which explains why he became this way.

    Anyway, I can really see that Tian isn’t really the kind of evil guy without a conscience. Yes, the things he does is considered bad, but he’s not evil, if you know what I mean. Anyway, it wasn’t long before Yi Lin sees through his disguise and this was when they actually had somewhat of a conversation! Tian got really angry because he can’t read women’s minds. He tells his story –

    So a long time ago, he met a girl who he loved, and the girl is one of those “I want this, I want that, gold is my LIFE, I MARRY GOLD, JEWELERIES” kind of person, and unfortunately the poor dude had no idea, and did all these things to bring her happiness, including stealing gold yuanbao and necklaces just to make her happy. He’d even let her ride him, and on the day he came with the betrothal gifts, he saw that she was getting MARRIED… TO SOMEONE ELSE! Oh man, that pain! He was completely overwhelmed with shock, why? He asks. One of the ladies explained that when she said “No, she didn’t want to marry him”, she really meant yes, because the other guy also asked her hand and she said no, but when he forced it, she agreed. This gave Tian the message that when women said no, they meant yes. Oh crap. This is how he got onto his train of “I’ll snatch all the girls and make the marry me, and if they say no – it means yes…”

    I actually really feel sorry for the guy, he was very misguided and just met the wrong people. Oh man, this is what I love about shows like this, I always sympathize with people who do bad things, because they’re given a past and history, shown why they do that. It just makes me want him to learn what’s good and be good in the future. I have to say, the actor is amazing because here, he’s so funny and crazy while in Bu Bu Jing Xin, he was more angry and evil looking. He’s really brilliant!

    I can see the little junior from Mount Heng was really sympathetic too, but he’s still got that, “You’re gonna do what I tell you or else” attitude, and forces her to the inn to eat meat and drink wine, which erm, priests like her weren’t suppose to do.

    4) Now we’re back to Pingzhi, who was still on that carriage with some men who mistook him as a humpback. Firstly, I am now wondering – Who are these new men?

    They arrive in some temple and one of them, which I think he called himself the Black Leopard, was threatning to kill Mu Gaofeng’s grandson if he didn’t appear, which heid himself as a statue. From what I understood, Mu Gaofeng stole items from Hei Fengzhai, and killed one of the brothers of that gang. Oh crap, Mu is powerful and looks quite evil. Who is he? Why do I have a feeling that Black Leopard isn’t evil? ARGH this is going to drive me insane. New characters!!! AHHH!!! So I tried to look up information about Mu Gaofeng and this is what I got -

    Mu Gaofeng is a notorious hunchbacked bandit from the north and one of the people seeking the Lin family’s Bixie Swordplay Manual. He tries to force Lin Pingzhi to be his student and tortures Lin’s parents to death. His hunchback is actually a sack containing poison gas, which when torn, will release the gas and blind everyone around it. He is slain by Lin Pingzhi in revenge but Lin is also blinded by the poison gas.

    CRAP! This is bad, because Pingzhi is all admiring his skill and wants to pay Mu as his teacher!

    One of the things he said that I find may brainwash him is how he kept going on about how it was a dog eat dog world, either you die, or I die. This even goes against Pingzhi’s original beliefs, that a hero should have a broad heart and not kill others. You can see what kind of person Mu is because he just threw those bombs that Pingzhi had towards the Black Leopard. God knows if they’re even alive or not. Pingzhi is going to be very misguided if he studies under him.

    For some reason, Mu Gaofeng reminds me of a turtle demon!

    Swordsman Episode 7 Recap

    AHH THIS EPISODE! OMFG every time I finish an episode, I get this urge to watch more!!

    1) The Turtle Demon Humpback decided to tag along with Pingzhi because he felt that if Qingcheng Sect is after his parents, there had to be some good reason. Wow, he just looks like one of those life-sucking demons who only want to kill and gain power! Anyway, this is looking pretty bad for Pingzhi. I can see him heading down a very dark path! He was even willing to call him Grandfather and kowtow three times…

    2) The next part is mostly about Linghu Chong bonding with his new friend, Tian Boguang and (why does his name remind me of Long Guangbiao from Seven of the Sky? HAHA). Let’s rewind a bit. Firstly, we meet a new character – he looks kind of semi old, but I wouldn’t really think he’s THAT old yet. He gets splashed with fish water, and just shrugs it off, then gets refused in the inn when they thought he smelled too bad or didn’t have money.

    Luckily, Linghu Chong came at the same time and offered to pay for him. It’s funny that the manager immediately changed his entire face when someone offered so much money for him!

    This sort-of-elderly guy made me SUPER curious, because I had no idea who he was, he just observed and watched, and ate. I love how he just orders beef and wine, with a couple of vegetable dishes. This is so the Jianghu menu, the first thing a traveling wanderer or hero orders. HAHAHA!!!

    (Found out that the Elder’s name is Qu Yang)

    Linghu Chong spots Tian Boguang forcing little junior nun, Yi Lin to drink wine. As a nun, she wasn’t suppose to, and Linghu Chong once again came in to join the fun. You know, this totally reminds me of the “Ai cou re nao Love to Join the Fun/hao guan xian shi Butting into other people’s business” duo from The Righteous Guards. Oh man, those characters are always so cool and hilarious, that they always stick their noses into people’s business, especially to help someone in need.

    Linghu Chong made up a heap of excuses how he should just ditch the nun because nuns would make him be down in luck forever, and I love how even though those two are against each other, you can see Tian Boguang really admires Linghu Chong, and even respects him as a friend. They were even about to compete drinking wine, when some random dude from one of the sects from the Five Mountain Alliance rocks up to try and kill Tian Boguang. HOLY SHIT he’s so darn powerful, you wouldn’t think someone like him would be that strong, he’s seriously pretty good fighter. He beats the random dude and he gets so pissed off that Linghu Chong was drinking with a punk like that, tarnishing the Five Mountain Alliance name.

    Then, Tian Boguang and Linghu Chong decided to play a new game. They’d fight while sitting, and the first person whose butt leaves the chair would lose. Ouch, Linghu Chong gets beaten up pretty badly but in the end, he won because the chair was like, glued to his butt. OMG this reminds me of Li Gexiao doing that rope trick in Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei, and you know, this fits so freaking well because it’s also Wallace Huo! I love how they make little hilarious references like that. So clever!

    One of the most hilarious things ever was they just totally TRASHED the freaking inn, with chairs kicked to the side, tables broken in parts, the side of the war was all destroyed, and they just leave. And the manager has completely disappeared. I nearly died laughing because it reminded me a Jianghu rule which I read, that taverns and inns were made to be destroyed. SO FREAKING TRUE! Just like that grand piano and grandfather clock in Charmed is made to be smashed into a million pieces each time the demon attacks.

    I also love that during all the fight, that Elder guy was just sitting on the chair, not moving, not worried at all! I do wonder, where DID that inn keeper go? I bet the people just freaked out and run away. Perhaps the inn keeper also escaped?

    The hilarious thing was, the loser had to pay respects to Yi Lin as Master, so Tian Boguang just ran away. OH CRAP, the next thing was NOT GOOD AT ALL! Those bastards from Qingcheng Sect just had to be there. It’s hilarious, I often wonder if the places in those times are limited because familiar people bump into each other so easily! It’s like, they are all walking around the same street. It’s so cool and funny at the same time. Anyway, what am I doing? Trying to make a serious scene funny? This is a serious moment! Time to get serious!!!!!

    The Qingcheng Sect disciples beat up Linghu Chong even more… Poor guy, he gets injured so much! And Linghu Chong used what I thought, was a Huang Rong method to stop him. He was yelling out to Yi Lin, “So before I die, let me just tell you the location of the manual…” and those two guys, much like Ouyang Feng, was crazy about that manual and stopped what they were doing. This gave Linghu Chong an excellent chance to stab one of them, thus killing them. Wow, I swear people die pretty easily here. Sometimes I’ve seen characters take many more stabs and they manage to survive. Perhaps he’s hitting them on the vital spots? Or maybe Qingcheng Sect disciples just die easily…

    The other tries to chase after them but that Elder eating the beef from before shoots out a rock to trip him. I LOVE how in these shows, rocks and leaves are SO POWERFUL when used by someone with good martial art skills. It can be enough to cause a serious injury!

    Linghu Chong and Yi Lin escape for a while before both of them collapse and faint… (And this is how Linghu Chong Died!) JUST KIDDING! Haha, did I scare you?

    3) The next part, we see the Elder Qu Yang before that was eating and sitting there watching coming back to Sun Moon Holy Cult to greet Dongfang Bubai dragging this thing that carried a person who was lying down. OHHHH So he works for the Sun Moon Holy Cult!! Okay, the next part explains everything about that Washing Hands in Golden Basin Ceremony they talked about earlier. Firstly, let me refresh everyone’s memory. Remember how they were talking about Liu Zhengfeng wanting to wash his hands in a Golden Basin to quit everything to do with Jianghu? And that there was an elder called Qu Yang who was secret meeting with him to exchange and play music together, thus making everyone think those two are colluding and perhaps betraying their sect, since one was in the Sun Moon Cult and the other was from Mount Heng Sect. The guy here, the one we just saw, IS the one that’s meeting up with Liu Zhengfeng in secret to exchange pointers on music!!!!!

    So of course, Dongfang Bubai thinks he may be betraying the sect, so questions him about why he’s friends with someone from the Mount Heng Sect, and this is the story -

    Many years ago, for some reason, he somehow winded up being in the forbidden room of the Mount Heng Sect, and was trapped. He passed through some laser beams but still rang the bell, and alerted Liu Zhengfeng. He hid on the roof, hoping that Liu Zhengfeng wouldn’t find him, but his flute fell on the ground. When Liu Zhengfeng saw the flute, immediately alerted a guy who was coming in to ask him about the alarm, that it was just him playing music with the bells. SO, LIU ZHENGFENT JUST SAVED HIM because he saw the flute. When the other guy left, Elder Qu Yang came down and thanked him, and asked Liu Zhengfeng why he saved him. It turned out that Liu Zhengfeng had a huge passion for music and believed that someone who would play music from the rare flute he had could not be a bad person.

    From then on, the two became good friends, even good brothers, just through their love for music. They went out into this beautiful place, got a few strings, and made a zither from a rock. Now this is what I call creativity! They played music together and realized that they both didn’t care that they were “suppose to be enemies”, they just enjoyed each other’s company. I love moments like this when two people from opposing sects just make friends with each other through a common interest. That really inspires me a lot! From the look of Qu Yang, he seems like a very good person, and so was Liu Zhengfeng. They both didn’t want to be involved with all the hatred and enmity of the Jianghu.

    At least this story convinced Dongfang Bubai that they weren’t colluding, but he still wouldn’t let the poor guy just retire from being in the sect. I felt so sorry for him! I seriously wanted him and Liu Zhengfeng to just go off and forever enjoy each other’s music. WHY IS THIS FEELING ALMOST LIKE A FORBIDDEN LOVE?! (Of course, they’re not in love, but the situation reminds me of it!)

    Dongfang Bubai agrees that if he returns with her and never set foot outside the cult, she’d let him leave. After putting up somewhat of an argument, he resigned to it, and gave him some time to finish off some personal matters first. I think Dongfang Bubai has already changed. I think if it was the beginning, she would’ve just killed him and not cared about any of that. She really seems to understand more about friendship and love now. Before she let Elder Qu Yang go, she spotted that person lying there, and it was Linghu Chong! OMFG, Dongfang Bubai immediately got into a panic and started to yell at him not to die! OMG, I think even the Elder was shocked at how Dongfang was reacting, completely not like herself.

    Something that continues to amaze and impress me is when Dongfang Bubai faces someone like the Elder, her expressions are always very cold, distant, cruel and heartless, yet the moment she sees Linghu Chong injured, she changes completely and you can see that overwhelming love, worry, determination and all kinds of emotions inside her that you’d never imagine her having. This actress (and voice actress) is simply astounding. I can’t find the right words to say it, I love watching this character’s every scene, to see just how complex of a character Dongfang Bubai is.

    Swordsman Episode 8 Recap

    OMFG I can’t believe Dongfang Bubai would use her internal energy to keep Linghu Chong alive! I always really find her thoughts fascinating, that she’s questioning herself, why is she making such a sacrifice for a small punk like him? Does she still want to be the ruler of the Jianghu?

    One of the funny things I’ve noticed is, whenever the woman is in a guy’s outfit, they’re not afraid of having scenes where she’s holding him in a way that you normally think of women doing, whereas if she was really a man, I don’t think they’d make those scenes that way. I’ve seen this done for Treasure Venture and The Mischievous Princess as well.

    (If she was really a man, or played by a male actor, I don’t think they’d make the scene like this!)

    So, why does Dongfang Bubai like Linghu Chong so much? I think I may have the answer.

    I bet that everyone Dongfang Bubai has ever encountered are mostly about themselves. They want power, fame, name, and such. They have never really shown concern for others, at least not to Dongfang Bubai, in a visible way that she could see. The first time she met him, he stood out for her. Even though we know that Dongfang Bubai was so powerful that she’d easily be able to kill those Qingcheng Sect disciples who were lusting after her, but it was Linghu Chong who stood out to help her. I think that itself would’ve given her a huge surprise. She’d be wondering: Could it be possible that someone in this world actually cares about me to want to help me when they don’t know me?

    Later when she meets him again, he’s giving his life up to save someone else. She even asked: Was the girl he saved her kin or lover? He said no, he did it out of a kind heart. I think the concept of kindness is such a shock to Dongfang Bubai that she literally is drawn to that kind of action, perhaps she had never received it ever in her life, so she grew very cold to others, but the one person who has shown her the good side of a human, is that one person she will give up her own life to save him.

    Though, I know Dongfang Bubai still wants to attend the Washing Hands in Golden Basin Ceremony for Liu Zhengfeng, so she makes Elder Qu Yang give him internal skills, to keep him from going to the ceremony too. To her it was killing two birds with a stone. 1) Linghu Chong would be saved and 2) Qu Yang would not be causing trouble for her, since he’s not suppose to be friends with Liu Zhengfeng.

    Meanwhile, uh-oh… Things don’t look so hot outside, because Mount Heng Sect’s Elder has come out to look for little junior Yi Lin, but worst thing was, those evil murderous bastards of Qingcheng Sect makes up a lie about how Linghu Chong stole Yi Lin and killed his disciple, now there’s this huge misunderstanding that Linghu Chong is the bad guy. Dammit I really can’t stand those Qingcheng Sect disciples. They always go around being so arrogant, do whatever they please, kill people and then, when their disciples get killed, they act as if they’re the greatest victims in the world. ARGH;alskdfjdf!! If they just sit in their ass on a seat and not go off killing people, perhaps nobody would be killing their fellow disciples! Bastards!!!

    Okay, now that everyone has arrived in this manor, and is preparing for the Washing Hands in Golden Basin Ceremony (for Liu Zhengfeng to quit Jianghu), the Qingcheng Sect people, Mount Heng people and even that dude from earlier who fought with Tian Boguang and misunderstood that Linghu Chong was helping him are all blaming things on poor old Linghu Chong, making it look like he was in cahoots with Tian Boguang, then took little junior Yi Lin as hostage, and then killed one of the Qingcheng Sect disciples. Oh man, things aren’t looking good for Linghu Chong at all, and the poor guy is still there, nearly dead!

    But, thank God that Yi Lin actually came back just in time. She was in a panic as she thought Linghu Chong was dead, and finally, she was able to tell the TRUTH! THANK GOD FOR THAT! Cos I was gonna flip if everyone was against Linghu Chong, wanting him dead. I’m glad at least the Elder Nun of Mount Heng Sect admits that they’ve wrongly accused Linghu Chong.

    I have to say, Qu Yang is one hell of a great person. He feels that Linghu Chong would be just like him and Liu Zhengfeng, someone who just wants to lead a carefree life and not be invovled with all the killing. I just realized that the song Qu Yang and Liu Zhengfeng were playing was called “Xiao Ao Jiang Hu”, which is the show name! Well, I think it translates to The Smiling Proud Wanderer, but it can also be translated as, like laughing in the wind or Smiling and Carefree in the Jianghu.

    Linghu Chong wakes up and is very grateful that Qu Yang (Qu means song, by the way!) has offered so much of his internal energy to him. At this point, it’s only his internal energy that’s keeping Linghu Chong alive. Without it continuing, he’d be dead soon. He mentions that he’d be in regret forever if he left him and let Linghu Chong die, but if he stayed and his friend got killed, he’d be in regret as well. Damn, it’s a no win situation for him. Of course, I knew Linghu Chong would urge him to leave, because he was dying anyway. He didn’t want the Elder to be regretful. Becasue of that, Qu Yang felt that this punk was worthy of 50-60% of his internal energy! WHOA, seriously, I love it when those two are just bonding the way he and Liu Zhengfeng was, without caring about sects and sides, they are friends because they believe in the same things, and are both very kind people!

    Linghu Chong with his powerful internal energy would mean that his own internal energy might fight with it, so it would be painful for him. I wonder if this is gonna make him powerful! Oohh this is reminding me of when Leader transferred his internal energy to Tianming and when the Yin and Yang School were chasing them, Tianming’s body was in great pain because of the internal energy.

    Meanwhile, Pingzhi is still trying to save his parents, and he disguised himself as a servant and dropped those APPLES when he overheard them. CRAP! ARGH now, everyone’s pissed off that he’d been spying on them. Poor Pingzhi, if only his parents weren’t held hostage!

    Swordsman Episode 9 Recap

    Wow this episode was so short in the TV version because they had 20 minutes of recaps. I think that’s a record. And here I thought 8 minutes of recaps is a lot. Obviously it has not met its match yet! This episode was mainly a chase! So, let me get started.

    After Lin Pingzhi was caught spying, the Turtle Demon Goddammit I need to remember his name, Mu Gaofeng came out to help Pingzhi and during a messy fight, that Qingcheng Sect disciple was beaten up and someone had put this picture of a turtle on it. OH this is brilliant! Turtle is like a curse word in China that can mean bastard or a lot worse. So anyway, a mysterious woman’s voice came along with all these swarms of bee or some kind of buzzy insect and takes Yi Lin, the little junior.

    (OMG, it almost looks like those two are frolicking in the air!)

    Here I was, breaking my head thinking: WHOTF could it be with a woman’s voice, and of all people, I forgot Dongfang Bubai! She takes Yi Lin back to try and save Linghu Chong, since she has this miraculous pill that can bring the almost dead back to life. Seriously Yi Lin is freaking adorable! An I love how she was refusing because she was going along Buddha’s teachings that it had to be a good person. Then, when she entered and saw a man on the bed, she totally freaked out and started the Amitabha chant. I think I’ve seen hilarious characters like that before.

    ARHG;aslkdfj CRAP!! I KNEW PINGZHI would reveal to that old demon Mu Gaofeng that his family owns the Bixie Swordplay Manual! Now Mu is totally gonna act like he’s helping him, just to get the book for himself. Pingzhi is too naive that he doesn’t realize so many people of the Jianghu is like that. Damn, it’s gonna be such a tragic fate awaiting for him, I can just see it.

    Meanwhile, everyone’s on a search and they landed in the brothel which Dongfang Bubai was at. Good thing Linghu Chong was saved by Elder Qu Yang earlier so he’s not gonna die, yet! They also bump into Tian Boguang, who was having a nice drink with the lady.

    OH MAN the most hilarious thing was, when the Mount Heng Sect Elder Nun came looking for Yi Lin, Tian Boguang used the most golden tactic to escape and divert her away. The Tian Boguang Flirtatious Fight Style and Method of Escape, and at the crucial moment when the nun’s about to kick your ass, TAKE OFF YOUR PANTS! I swear, she will freak out, and close her eyes and then, it’s the most perfect chance to escape.

    So whilst Tian Boguang and the Nun is fighting, Qingcheng Sect’s Yu Canghai rocks up and finds Linghu Chong drinking wine alone. Pingzhi shows up at the same time and they start a fight, and the episode ends when Mu Gaofeng steps in to help Pingzhi fight Yu Canghai. I always find it fascinating when evil people are fighting evil people, because for the first time, I wouldn’t be so nervous about who’s gonna win, because it would be better if they both lost, haha!

    Swordsman Episode 10 Recap

    Whoa, things are getting a lot more intense now! I HAVE BAD FEELINGS about what might happen to some of these characters!

    Pingzhi interferes and fights head on with Yu Canghai, with the evil Mu helping out (not really though…) and here, Pingzhi FINALLY realized this old guy is really evil, because the two were fighting and just stuck poor Pingzhi in the middle with both powers going straight into him. Neither one of them would let go of him, despite the fact that he’s nearly dying! I’m glad Pingzhi finally recognized the evilness in Mu Gaofeng, and ditched him! Though I have a feeling he’d be back! Since Yue Buqun pulled Pingzhi down before he was killed, now Pingzhi has a new Master!

    When they both had Pingzhi int he middle with the powers, it totally looked like they were passing some kind of internal energy to him. DAMN, wish that was kind of true, or not…

    Now, everyone’s there, except that they still couldn’t find Linghu Chong. This is going to cause some huge misunderstanding, as Yue Buqun doesn’t look too happy about it. DARN IT, I had to go read spoilers, because I kind of know what he’s up to.

    Meanwhile, the Qingcheng Sect disciple in the brothel who was looking over Linghu Chong got knocked down by Dongfang Bubai, then they escaped through a secret passage into this safe area. Dongfang Bubai leaves Yi Lin with him. Yi Lin applies some medicine on him and for some reason, while she was looking at him, his face turned into a wolf. OMFG THAT NEARLY FREAKED THE SHIT out ofme. I think I almost fell over when I was watching cos I totally was not expecting that. Turns out it was because Yi Lin’s master is one of those women who thinks all men are evil (I bet she had a bad experience!). Yi Lin’s innocence and questioning if that’s true reminds me a little of Guo Jing, sooo cute!

    I think she’s in LOVE with Linghu Chong, because when he mentioned how awesome his little junior was, Yi Lin got all jealous and pissed off and automatically doesn’t like it, and feel that she can’t be compared to her. POOR GIRL!!! She must be so confused! The part where she starts chanting Amitabha in a Panic was so freaking hilarious, and I KNEW IT! It eventually drove Linghu Chong mad. He first chanted along with her, then was like, “stop the chanting, you’re giving me a headache!” Hahahaha.

    Yu Canghai is plotting evilz again, he decided to stay at the Liu’s and keep an eye out for Yue Buqun, and orders the men to take the parents back and beat them more to get them to confess where the manual is. For some reason I thought they’d be dead but obviously I was wrong – they want the manual! With all the stuff happening, I almost forgot about the Washing Hands Ceremony.

    FINALLY, we see a scene of the guy we’ve been hearing so much about, Liu Zhengfeng. He has a really sweet moment with his wife. Those falling purple petals looked so beautiful! Wow, his story makes my bone chill, he talks about how he was always ordered around and was never happy, because he simply didn’t want to be involved with all the Jianghu enmities. He just wants to live a carefree life! Unfortunately, I think the Zuo dude we saw from episode 1 (which I forgot which sect he was from) ain’t gonna let him off that easily!

    On the day of the Washing Hands in Golden Basin Ceremony, HE WAS SO CLOSE, DAMMIT! Why couldn’t he just get those hands of his into that darn bowl in time? The evil disciples just had to stop him. I WANT HIM TO GET HIS FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were holding his wife and son hostage, and I think are gonna stop him from washing his hands at all cost.

    Screenshots of the Episodes:

    5 people like this post.
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  • Yollo says

    2013-03-18 07:44:47

    When is the next recap, I’m loving it.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-19 04:31:49

      SO HAPPYYY you enjoyed the recap. The next lot is done a bit differently, like it’s a short summary of the main events with my thoughts at the bottom, so that it saved a bit of time when I was writing. That should come out when I have watched a bit more episodes, haha!!!

  • Younten says

    2013-03-17 03:45:58

    Donfang Bubai is so amazing i really love she what ever act in this series…………… just love she very much….

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-17 03:36:08

      OH HECK YESSS she acts SO FREAKING AAMAAAZINg! she just has that wonderful aura/charisma that totally made me love the character since the moment I saw her! Knowin her fate makes me sooo sad but I want to think she was able to live happily!

  • Victor Don says

    2013-03-12 04:41:12

    Your recaps are just incredible! They make me wanna re-watch those episodes, even though I just watched the whole series last week. And it feels so good to find that DongFangGuNiang is loved by people from everywhere, even outside China.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-12 09:40:05

      AWW THANK YOU SO VERY MUUUCH! I always get so happy hearing that cos I’m never sure if people enjoy reading them or not HAHAA!
      OMG YESS she definitely is loved by others outside of China! I even wrote up (or started) an article about why Dongfang bubai is so awesome and loved, which I will post it when I finish more of the series!
      I will try and do more if I can, so far because of time limits, I’ve done a “spoiler main events” article but I do plan on analyzing more of the show when I see more :D THANK YOU AGAIN it really is so wonderful hearing that! OMG do you live in China?

    • Victor Don says

      2013-03-13 07:39:11

      Yes, I’m a Chinese otaku who loves DFBB so much that one day he decided to google for evidence of “DFBB’s charisma has prevailed on Earth”…. That’s how I found your blog :D Actually I did post the link of your recaps on a Chinese forum and people think your articles are great and you are cute!
      I’m so glad to know you started an article about DFBB. Can’t wait to read it!

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-13 08:56:33

      OMG that’s SO EXCITING TO HEAR!!!!!! I really am excited you posted a link on the Chinese forums! I wonder if they will understand what I’ve said. I’ve always really wanted to share my writing/site with more people in China but I can’t seem to figure out how to do it because I’m not really good at writing in Chinese. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
      SO REALLY happy you love DFBB so much, I do as well! She’s such an exceptional character, I have not been such a big fan of a character for ages!
      It’s soooo hard knowing what will happen to her, or knowing her ending. I want her to be happy in the series.

  • wayne lee says

    2013-03-11 11:28:19

    hey dude, how can u stop recapping at epi 10? Dongfang bubai’s story is gonna come out. I like ur comments:D

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-11 12:33:23

      AWW THATS VERY sweet of you!!! I’m so happy you enjoy reading them! Don’t worry I will do more articles about it, I definitely will write a huge summary of what I thought with Dongfang Bubai’s story when i see more. In fact, I already started an article about her and why she’s so loved :D So i will definitely be writing more about her!!!

  • Koua xiong says

    2013-03-05 01:01:48

    I guess your right this is not the first time a series ending has disappoint me.. Both Chinese paladin and fairy from wonderland..

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-05 01:05:30

      OH btw I’ve decided to give Fairy from Wonderland a new name: Seven of the sky, I hope you can support the new name because the old name is REALLY as in it’s misleading to males (some people won’t watch cos of fairy and wonderland together, read more about it here: http://www.wuxiaedge.com/name-change-fairy-wonderland-seven-sky/) but yes those two are some of my fav series with the most depressing endings I’ve seen that I literally made up what happens afterwards to satisfy myself… But Seven of the Sky has an ending that truly made sense, it was about appreciating the time we have together, so I don’t mind when endings really show an important message.

    • dazang says

      2013-03-08 10:27:44

      . this series made me feel exite on whats the story behind it .. could you upload the english subtitle of it hehe .. it could do on youtube hehe..

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-08 01:05:28

      Ohhh I don’t have the english subs here but you can watch it on Viki if you’d like :)
      Subbing is still in progress though, but hope you enjoy!!!!!!

  • Koua xiong says

    2013-03-05 12:47:35

    I know but I don’t want to imagine it I was really hoping that Lhc and dfbb would end up together… Anyway still love it though really hoping they have an alternate ending would be GREAT..:)

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-05 12:50:47

      Unfortunately that’s just a sad reality with endings, none of my all time fav shows have the ending I truly want, it usually ends up a bit sad like this so I’ve just learned to imagine and think positively, otherwise I’d be feeling way too sad about it. I guess that’s how I’ve just really trained myself to come up with endings on their own.
      But so excited you still love it, same here!!!

  • koua xiong says

    2013-03-05 03:00:45

    I’ve just realized that theirs two different version to this series a dvd cut and a tv cut.. is there a difference between those two at all.? because if they don’t then SPOILER ALERT I the ending then love it don’t like how it end. so angry now.

  • koua xiong says

    2013-03-03 04:26:58

    Yup watching this series now.. love it too.. one question for you guy in this series is dong fangbu bai a legit girl? because I perfer her to be a girl instead .. :)

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-03 04:28:01

      YES!! She’s actually a girl, they confirmed it around Eps 13-15. THANK GOD cos I was having a hard time imagining it was a guy played by a girl HAHA! I AM SOOO HAPPPYYYY to hear that you’re loving it :D YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • texture says

    2013-03-02 08:47:46

    much thanks to all!

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-02 09:28:27

      Thank YOU for that!!! Are you watching it at the moment as well? :D Nice to see you here!

  • koua says

    2013-03-02 07:18:03

    are ya serious about teaching I’m up for learning if ya teach.. I took Chinese class for a year during high school and been watching Wuxia series with english sub for a long time now.. I’m watching this now and only understand bits and part of it.. would really like to be able to understand everything.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-02 07:27:54

      OHHH since I was planning on doing audio post, I might even consider trying to teach people that way, but I don’t think I’m that sure on how to teach, I have written up small posts with explaining some words or pics with words but I don’t think that will be enough for people to understand, but I think teaching people Chinese will definitely be a super fun/challenging thing to do! I just gotta figure out the best way to do it through the shows so people who learn it are learning to understand them. THANKS SO MUCH for being interested :D knowing people like you are interested makes me super motivated!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Remco says

    2013-02-26 06:40:47

    hahaha yea. i also learned some words in chinese but its never enough to understand it butits a beginning ;p haha one day ill speak chinese !

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-26 07:18:25

      OMG YES I know what you mean, it’s so hard to learn enough to understand a show, I think the biggest problem is they speak way too fast for people who has just learned a few words.
      I’ll still try the best I could to teach what I can :D BTW is there any particular words you want to learn most?

  • Remco says

    2013-02-26 05:55:17

    I think its difficult to teach people chinese over the internet. but i’m willing to try if u want to teach us that would be great imo :) . thankyou ill enjoy it !!

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-26 06:16:21

      OMG YES I totally agree, I tried learning a new language once and it was SOOO hard I gave up like 2 days after haha. I think it takes constant persistence.
      But if I were to learn, I’d want to learn through the shows ! But I’m still figuring out the best way to teach it, haha. Perhaps looking at pics to remember words is how kids learn and that may be more effective.

  • remco says

    2013-02-26 05:47:07

    OH jealous me :( ahah but its okay i’m first finishing Qing Shi Huang Fei ( with wallace huo ) i really enjoy this serie so ican wait for swordsman i got all the time haha =D

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-26 05:48:52

      Awww, I really wish people were all able to understand Chinese! I was even thinking of setting up some chinese lessons for peope perhaps :D But it’s a tough thing to keep up. Perhaps I will make some pictures with words to help people learn certain things!
      GOOD LUCK with watching QSHF too :D Yes, there’s lots of time left. I LOVE seeing Wallace play such a carefree character. He is such an AMAZING actor that I can’t help but really laugh with him during the funny scenes in the show.

  • Remco says

    2013-02-26 05:27:54

    The 3rd episode is only subbed for 50 % in english :)

    i watched the first 2 episodes and i understand the beginning. in my opinion wallace huo has a great personality in this serie :D i like it
    cant wait to watch more

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-26 05:34:09

      Awww, I AM JUST SO HAPPY that you’re enjoying it! Same here, I’m really loving it as well and unfortuately it seems to be taking a while for them to sub. I hope they won’t be giving up the project. BTW you can also watch it here:
      I think the first 3 eps are done but I’m not sure if that’s an ongoing project. I hope one person will sub it till the end!
      I’m up to episode 12 now :D Still really enjoying it!

  • starfish says

    2013-02-23 02:59:07

    this drama looks so good. thnks for capping this. i’m just so sad that this drama isnt subbed.


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