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  • Swordsman 2013 – Episode 3-4 (5 in the TV Version) Recap

    AHHH OMG! I think I’m being more than addicted to this show, I’m TOTALLY CRAZY FOR IT! This show is freaking AMAZING! I haven’t enjoyed a series this much since Xuan Yuan Sword! Oh God, I am so crazy about it, particularly the story and characters are really starting to make me super curious and crazy about them. I think we’re really getting into the story now. I AM JUST SO HYPER!

    Great news, I also learned many more names too, like Yue Buqun is the Master, Yue Lingshan is his daughter, Little Junior.

    In the beginning, Linghu Chong’s Master Yue Buqun wanted him to go to to Qingcheng Sect to apologize because he offended two of the disciples in the previous episode when they came face to face with Dongfang Bubai, and despite putting up a semi fight about not going, he ended up going anyway. Poor Little Junior was so bored in the mountains that she needed a friend, and Linghu Chong, being the intelligent, yet hilarious person he is – totally said, he’d bring her lots of friends. At that point, I thought he was going to make some ghosts up or something.

    He ended up bringing this lantern that display a lot of lights to her. I love how she pouts in cuteness when she’s unhappy and such little things gets her totally excited. She really is like a little girl, so adorable! I find characters like that really sweet, because I can imagine myself being like this when I was younger. She just wants to play and have fun! I do really love how Linghu Chong really cares for her. I can’t tell quite yet if he treats her as a sister or love, but right now, it just feels like innocent love, such CUTENESS!!!!

    Linghu Chong sets off and with his Senior (or Junior?), but the dude from the Sect was all like, “Sorry – We’re not there! Please wait!” (Closes the door on him). HOW DAREZ THEM?! I BET THEY DELIBERATELY shut us out here! That was Linghu Chong’s thoughts, and I totally agree. The more I watch him, the more he’s reminding me of Hu Ge’s characters, and the more I think about it, I admire how well of an actor Wallace Huo is. Honestly this is the first role I’ve seen him so carefree and funny, and he does such an amazing job! I keep trying to picture Linghu Chong meeting Changqing, and think how the outcome would be.

    Just look at that adooooooooooooooooorable yawn!

    The more I watch him, the more he totally reminds me of Xiao Yu’er from Legendary Siblings, particularly the 2000 version – he’s so carefree, he loves to teach evil people a lesson in the most hilarious way, yet he’s extremely righteous.

    Anyway, he finds himself a giant swan (I almost thought they were condors for a moment) and rides across to look at what those Qingcheng Sect people were up to, and we saw the Master of the sect teaching or lecturing his son about how he wasn’t mastering the called Bixie Swordplay Manual properly. WOOOW, this is it! (At first, I thought it was just a technique, but after reading much about it, turns out this is a manual!)

    This part is very story focused and can get confusing for those who don’t know Chinese as much, like me. So, I did some digging up of information and will explain some moments of the story -

    The Bixie Swordplay Manual was a family heirloom of the Lin family, who runs the Fuwei Escort Agency in Fuzhou. This part was a big vague in my memmory, but the Lin family and Qingcheng Sect Leaders apparently had this martial art battle, which resulted in the Qingcheng Sect losing, he died early so they think perhaps he held grudges against losing. Now, the Master is training his son and others in Qingcheng Sect Lin’s Bixie Swordplay, to deal with the Lin’s. Okay, and the Lin’s are suppose to be a very righteous family, whose father had already retired. The son is now on a boat going somewhere, and Qingcheng Sect is planning on wiping the Lin family out.

    There’s probably more in the history of this but this is all I could remember.

    After Linghu Chong learned this, he was like: ASSHOLES! Let’s see how I teach you a lesson! So he pokes the bee nest and all of them crazy bugs went flying all over the place. As I expected, Linghu Chong himself got caught by Qingcheng Sect’s master, which he at first said he was a passerby, then one of the disciples recognized him.

    He intelligently pretended that the giant swan just took off with him and he didn’t meant to peek at them learning martial arts (which is a crime). He apologized, they accepted, all’s well – at least for now. One thing that always fascinates me is how they manage to speak with such politeness, even when I can tell they don’t actually agree inside. I can picture Linghu Chong cursing the old bastard in his mind, and I can picture the Master just thinking he’s this punk who likes to dig his nose into other people’s business who needs to be kicked (which he, um, does as Linghu Chong leaves)… But they manage to just say, “I’m sorry for offending” and “no problems at all, it was all a misunderstanding”.

    OMFG this all takes a month! I almost thought it was like a day’s time, but I guess back then, it takes so long to go down the mountain.

    To this point, the show has been nothing but intriguing, interesting, light hearted, entertaining, funny and enjoyable! Despite me finding some moments hard to understand, that’s got more to do with my Chinese understanding skills. I find this show very easy to follow and what I love most is just how fun it is, I just feel happy watching it, the characters are so bright and cheerful! The Smiling Proud Wanderer so fits the theme! I just hope it doesn’t get really sad because I love this so much!

    After Linghu Chong goes back, he tells his master about this and they set him on a new mission, which I actually don’t know remember what it was. Something about bringing something to someone or some kind of celebration? HAHA, I kind of need to rewatch that part to remind myself. But, Little Junior ain’t happy that he’s gonna go for another long time, so she’s sitting on a branch, questioning how it feels to die. (She isn’t really trying to, this was all a test to see what he’d do!) When Linghu Chong just stepped on the branch to try and save her, I really loved that moment, such cuteness. Of course, they were about to go back but the branch breaks. Turns out Little Junior has her own plans, she uses an umbrella to help them down the cliff safely.

    HEY THIS IS AMAZING, I always thought of using umbrellas as parachutes, but unfortunately I doubt they actually work the way in the shows. Damn! That would’ve been fun! I bet they had MAGICAL umbrellas, as opposed to regular, umbrellas. Speaking of umbrellas, they’d be perfect if they had holes in them. Anyway, back to the story as I’m going on a tangent now…

    Little Junior wanted them to elope, and WOW this was a heartwarming moment. They find this little injured bird, and I have to say, watching her pick the little bird up and putting it in the nest again made me smile so much, moments like this truly makes me smile, and feel the warmest. I love people being nice to little animals like that. I love how kind hearted Little Junior is! (I’m not used to calling her name yet so I’ll be calling her Little Junior till they actually mention her name more, since I kind of don’t remember it as much as I would like to!)

    I was really surprised to see how well Ning Zhongze, who Linghu Chong calls as “Shimu” which means, Master/Mother… Treats him! She is so kind to him, like he’s her son, perhaps even nicer than that, because sometimes I’ve seen mothers who are more strict on their kids. She seems to always understand Linghu Chong and (seriously I need to make up a nickname for him, please someone, suggest me one!) goes easy on him, even when he’s being mischievous!

    Then, Linghu Chong really came up with a perfect plan to help Little Junior see why she shouldn’t elope with him, going against her parents’ wishes, by capturing the little bird from earlier. It made her realize that the parents would be worried for the bird. You can seriously see how she’s very understanding and kind from realizing this, she’s just a little girl at heart. She seem like she can get angry easily, but that’s all out of her cuteness, I just adore characters like her. I love how her relationship with Linghu Chong is so darn cute and INNOCENT!

    Anyway, Linghu Chong sets off (or has he?) to that new journey which I forgot what it was about…

    (Lin Pingzhi)

    Now, we see a random boat which looks absolutely beautiful! It’s the Lin boat, because it has the word, “Lin” written on it. Inside it, there’s this young chap who looks very curious and he opens up this thing (haha, yeah great description, I know) and looked as if there was this mummified skeleton inside it, and immediately, all the mechanics started to rumble, trying to take his life. OMFG DID THIS PART REMIND ME OF QIN’S MOON SEASON TWO OR WHAT! OMFG!! WOOOOW the moment when the saws drove close to him was so freaking like in Qin’s Moon when they went to the forbidden grounds of the Mohist School and if they do anything wrong, they get sawed just like this! Lin Pingzhi is the name of the guy, I should seriously learn all the names so I stop calling everyone Lin Son or that Master or Dude with the Sword. He’s absolutely determined to find out what’s in that forbidden room, even if he dies by the saws one day.

    Wow, when I first see him, I immediately thought: Yang Kang. The two still have big differences but just seeing him get angry at the beginning and being called Xiao Gong ye, which I think translates to something like Little Master totally me of how Yang Kang was called LITTLE PRINCE, which was too freaking adorable. I think there are still big differences, but it’s just nice to make a connection like that when I’m watching a show!

    Little Junior is somehow in the river spying on the Lin’s. It seems like Mt Hua Sect is pretty concerned about the Lin’s getting wiped out by Qingcheng Sect. She gets caught so had to pretend she knew no martial arts. I gotta say, I love the way she was jokingly mad at him for making her lose her pearls. When I saw him carry her on his back, I have a feeling there’s gonna be some kind of love story between the two! There, is this guy with a long beard that’s disguised as her father, the tea-stand owner, though I don’t think he’s the real father cos that guy looks nothing like Buqun.

    One o the problems whenever I watch a new series is, I can’t freaking tell the difference between the characters! ARGH this is gonna drive me to my early grave. I keep getting the Qingcheng Sect Master and Mt Hua people, and Lin people mixed up.

    Damn, those guys from the Qingcheng Sect came to destroy the tea stand and started to beat the crap out of Lin Pingzhi because he was angry that they were just bullying (as he thought) the weak, since Little Junior and her father were pretending to be civilians with no martial art skills. A big battle starts and whoa, those Qingcheng Sect people even know how to bend water, as it looks! Lin is getting the crap beaten out of him, and the episode ends. WHAT? NOW? NO WAY!!! DAMMIT ending at a cliffhanger is always such brilliant smartly evilz because it makes me so hooked/crazy!

    Looks like this story is going to be very complex, with many different sects and characters all with small arts. Wow, this is seriously reminding me of the epicness of Legend of the Condor Heroes!

    Recap of Episode 4

    Holy Freaking God, so many things happened in this episode, I don’t even know where to begin! Seriously, so many things. So many thoughts, questions and OMG, I am completely addicted!

    Firstly, remember at the end of the last episode, the Qingcheng Sect son came with a disciple to knock over the tea stand and give Lingshan a hard time (the guy playing her father was actually her SENIOR! HOLY CRAP did he look different with a mustache! I could not believe it) and Pingzhi started to fight with Qingcheng Sect? Well, he accidentally stabs the SON! (Though, I can’t believe he just died like that!) This is a terrible mistake, and reminds me of when they stabbed the Prime Minister’s son in Mischievous Princess and this was when the real hatred begins!

    (Lingshan and her SENIOR – Yeah, that bearded old man is her SENIOR! I was STOKED!)

    Something I really love is their focus on the characters, showing Pingzhi’s good and righteous side, to the point where we actually really sympathize and care about him. I know while I was watching, I already did not want him to die!

    Anyway, after this, I think you’d be able to guess what happened without me even revealing it. Now Qingcheng Sect’s Master (whose son just died) is surely going to come back for revenge, and possibly wipe the entire Lin family out. The attack begins much earlier than I thought, because Pingzhi arrives back to the boat and already at that time, two men on the boat already mysteriously died. WHOA this part made feel a chill down my spine, the way it’s done reminds me a lot of that mysterious feeling in Young Justice Bao, which totally makes me want to see what happens next.

    At the same time, Lin father and mother (who both seem like very nice people who finally gets a chance to retire from the world) tells Pingzhi all about the secret, which was the Bixie Swordplay Manual, which was what his family guarded. But, things turn for the worst when more men mysteriously die on the boat. HOLY CRAP! Qingcheng Sect’s attack has gone full scale! They weren’t kidding when they said they’d be back for revenge. Now, everyone on the boat has mysteriously died. The way they died probably gave me more goosebumps than anything, they were still standing in their position, but when you move them, they don’t respond, and they fall over. This is just like how people died in Young Justice Bao!

    AHHH I can’t believe it, Lin father was played by the father in Romance in the Rain, as well Bai Yunfei’s father in Mischievous Princess. It’s always nice to see a familiar face! I swear it’s been like, 10 years since I saw him. Why does he look like he hasn’t aged a single day? I swear he looks even younger than his Romance in the Rain days!!!

    Meanwhile, the Senior of Mt Hua Sect is spying on them (at first, I thought he may have killed them, but then again, I wasn’t sure who he was because I can’t really tell the difference between a lot of the characters yet), but he goes back to tell his Junior, Lingshan – who is set on saving Pingzhi. See, Lingshan is such a great character, she’s just so righteous!

    Lin family realizes it was time to escape, so they set some bombs to blow up the boat and dive away. Though, they were easily caught when they used a random woman and put a mask on her, pretending she was the Lin wife, which lured Pingzhi to make an appearance. Wow, what a poisonous, evil way, to pretend that you’ve got the wife hostage, where it was really a random woman, and then whipping her, then setting a trap to kill her. I am really happy that the wife wasn’t captured though, as the wife being captured to lure out the others are a common theme going on, and this is awesome they didn’t use the wife as bait. I always love seeing when the males and females get caught together, instead of the female being taken hostage.

    Anyway, now that the Lin family are all caught, it was fully up to Little Junior Lingshan and her Senior to save them. They pretend to be magicians in a cave when Qingcheng Sect made their way in. They were like, “I”m gonna do a magic trick by putting him into this box and make him disappear!” Haha, I can’t believe the Qingcheng Sect men agreed to it. Now, they’ve escaped and are running for their lives. Too bad that they planted some kind of thousand miles perfume to track them. (I was expecting dogs like in Return of the Pearl Princess, haha!)

    At the end, Lingshan split up with Pingzhi to lure the men away, and just as she was about to face all those bad guys, her father shows up! PHEW! Oh man, what a relief. I was getting SOOO NERVOUS! The father says for them to go back, and join Linghu Chong on that celebration thingo that I have no idea what it’s about, while he searches for Pingzhi and looks for

    (Love the interactions between Lingshan and Pingzhi)

    You know what I love? This all started out on Mt. Hua’s point of view, that it was Little Junior following her senior to check out what’s going on with the Lin’s and suddenly, the Lin story has become so involved that we literally (at least I do) am crazy to know what happened to them as now that we’ve seen the Lin family and how good they are, we care about them and not wish them harm. Though I do have a feeling both the father and mother are going to doe. I love that these characters are complex in a way that when you started the series, you’d probably expect Dongfang Bubai to be the main villain, or that Moon Sun cult, but now, you see multiple sides to her/him too, and there’s a whole new perspective with the Bixie Manual and the fight between Qingcheng Sect and Lin family.

    Oh, and before I forget, I should explain that Qingcheng Sect’s former master was called Changqing Zi (Haha, Changqing!!!) and lost to the Lin family because of the manual, and apparently, he was like really angry about it and died early cos he got so pissed that he lost.

    Also, I find it so interesting that Dongfang Bubai is thinking about love and questioning about why Yu’niang died and betrayed her for that man. Poor Dongfang, she look so puzzled, like there was something in life she wasn’t understanding. At the same time, I can see her having a love story with Linghu Chong, though I have no idea how that would turn out. Because of her questions, I simply can’t see her as evil, I just really want to see more of this character.

    Anyway, news says that Liu Zhengfeng of the Mount Heng Sect is going to wash his hands with a golden bowl, which means he’s going to retreat from the Jianghu! But he’s meeting Elder Qu (who I have no idea who he is) and those two have some deep bond of friendship and often secretly meets up to play flute and zither. From what Dongfang Bubai said, those two are in opposite positions who wouldn’t normally friends. There’s some kind of collaboration going on between them! I think this has Dongfang so interested that she’s going to join in the fun to see what it’s all about.

    OMG the next part is sooo freaking classic! There was a little junior carving on a statue, who fell and was caught by this dude called Tian Boguang (OMG I knew they’d get the 9th Prince from Bu Bu Jing Xin to play a bad guy again – Only this time, he’s not really evil but he’s bad in such a crazy and hilarious way that he may as well be a comedic character!) who’s this “I’m gonna marry all the hot girls I can collect” kind of person. He forced her into marriage, and luckily was seen by Linghu Chong. Ah, so that’s where he was going, to Mount Heng Sect. It must have to do with the golden bowl retreating Jianghu thing! Linghu Chong came up with the most brilliant plan to save her, that was to pretend he was the bride. OMFG this was SOOOOOOOOOOO DAMN HILARIOUS I nearly died laughing, because this is the very first time I saw Wallace Huo as the BRIDE, marrying a DUDE! How freaking classic is this.

    (Linghu Chong: Am I beautiful?)

    Dongfang Bubai also rocks up at the same spot. I love how these people keep bumping into each other. Anyway, I was surprised that I don’t think Linghu Chong’s martial arts are that powerful yet because he nearly got beaten to the pulp by this Tian Boguang, who was just insane about his hot girl. At least, he had a conscience and admitted his mistake when he saw how determined Linghu Chong was on saving her, and he just backed away. I guess he really didn’t want to kill people. I think this guy doesn’t look “evil” if you know what I mean, more like, a crazy, greedy guy.

    (The following is from the end of Episode 5, TV Version)

    Yeah, they did all these different cuts and versions, and since I’m watching the TV version on youtube, I thought I may as well recap the end of Episode 5, which is only about 10 minutes more than where I left off.

    Aw, it looks like Dongfang Bubai already has some kind of admiration towards Linghu Chong. I love the way she talks (a huge credit would go to her voice actress too), especially when she said, “Did you turn silly from all the beatings? I’m a man! Can’t you tell the difference between genders?!” That was said so beautifully! Then, I can’t believe it, but Dongfang actually CARRIED HIM on the back to see a doctor, who stitched up his wound and it was so sweet when Dongfang was getting pissed off at the doctor for using too much strength and she didn’t want to see him in pain. OMFG the tools he used look like those DENTISTRY TOOLS! I really can see already that Dongfang seems to have a big, soft spot, especially for handsome and honorable guys like Linghu Chong. Dongfang even sang a song (which sounded beautiful) for him to ease the pain. I really never thought she’d show this side of her. It makes me want to know what happens to her in the end! (Someone who’s reading this, spoil me – Does she die?)

    I FOUND OUT A BIIIG SECRET! I think Linghu Chong loves his Little Junior. THIS IS SO FREAKING COOL for once it’s him who loves the junior and not the junior who loves him and have an unrequited love. It just feels so fresh to see this!

    The next moment was classic. Linghu Chong’s secret weapon to ease pain: WINE! Ahh, I see the hint of Li Gexiao in there, and Jing Ke (Qin’s Moon) too! Both LOVE and can’t live without wine. Oh boy, they’re all so similar in that way. Anyway, he has this amazing method of drinking wine without buying it, stealing OR ROBBING! You must be thinking: HOW ON EARTH? Here’s the ingenious plan. Get on the roof, get rid of those tile (I can’t believe you can go through the roof by just removing a couple of tiles back then! It must be so unsafe!) and get this super long bamboo and suck the wine from a distance. WOW I need to use this method to rob enjoy my next lot of wine.

    But unfortunately, some bad people came in wanting to pour water (to dilute the wine?) in those wine jugs, and while Linghu Chong was pretending to be the Wine Immortal (ROFL!!), they quickly caught them and was about to shoot the arrows. OH CRAP!!!!!!! (Episode ends)

    I have to say, watching those light hearted moments like Linghu Chong drinking wine is just so amazing, makes me remember why I love shows like this, with great morals, complex characters, comedy, beautiful costumes and simply fun and relaxing to watch.

    Screenshots from the Episodes:

    Doesn’t this look like dentist equipment?

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  • herogone says

    2013-07-24 10:00:49

    can anyone tell me the nursery rhymes that Dongfang Bubai sang to Linghu Chong?
    please tell me

  • KS says

    2013-04-26 10:45:39

    OMG Lin’s father’s saliva is everywhere when he talked!

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-04-26 10:58:43

      LOL!!! I haven’t even noticed that XD

  • bjharm says

    2013-03-09 06:23:04

    sorry can not answer as I get told I am a bot type in such and such, but what the replay never makes it though ..:-)

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-09 09:39:34

      OHH I ended up taking it out of the spam box so it did went through and replied that :D Don’t worry if it goes into the spam box, I will always check that!

  • troilus says

    2013-03-07 01:58:46

    This show is very different from the original story written by Jin Yong, but it’s very entertaining in its own way, that portraits Linghuchong to be more flexible, laid back and carefree in his characteristics, with Wallace Hou to be a good choice of cast. I think that, I have known too well the story line from just reading it and watching the previous version which are all well performed, but this version makes a refreshment and brings new atmosphere. I would love to find out how this manipulation would remain flawless but still adds up to what the orginal lacked, for instance the prolonged expected fight between Feng QingYang and Dongfang Bubai which never happened in the original’s, and is it Ren Yingying or Dongfang Bubai to end up with Linghu Chong and collaboratively play the “Xiao Ao Jiang Hu” song…

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-07 11:46:29

      I’m REALLY REALLY happy that you still enjoy it, despite that it’s different from the story! We need more people like you wh can be open minded and can accept changes like this, because I too really find it entertaining and enjoyable, though I’ve never seen any other version or read the novel, I just see it as its own show and so far it has been really awesome and enjoyable! I’m loving the characters a lot, though I’m only up to episode 20. Have you finished it yet?
      OMG YESS I agree, I really enjoy Wallace Huo in here, and I think I’ve got a new fav female character as well, with DFBB! OMG and the song is cool! I never knew the show was based on a song called that before.
      Anyway, I just find myself learning a lot watching this show so I am so grateful for it!

  • Anonymous says

    2013-03-07 12:59:38

    this show is very different from the Original novel written by Louis Cha, but it’s very entertaining in its own way. would love to see how the director manipulates the plot leaving without any flaws

  • bjharm says

    2013-03-06 05:50:33

    I was just think you must have loved Mischievous Princess if you into cute and innocent as not many can match Jang Nara’s little lobster in that area, then you mention the Prime Minister’s son in Mischievous Princess getting staps {was an arrow} did you notice that the older guy explaining about the empty box and sword skill that had to be passed on was the Prime Minister from MP? As for the ending the last episode is out now so you can go see for yourself how the he/she turns out..

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-06 09:36:56

      YES I DIDD!! I absolutely adored that show to death, but it’s kind of sad I haven’t written a lot about that, which I really want to cos it’s such an awesome show that I feel like I’m doing it injustice by not writing about it but also as I haven’t watched it for a while, I really need a set topic to write about that!
      But OMFG ARE YOU SERIOUS? he was the prime minister from MP? OMFG I TOTALLLYYYYYYYYY didn’t see that!! I need to rewatch this part. I have to see the Prime Minister play a good character, otherwise I’ll forever think he’s evil LOL!
      I saw some of the end already but I don’t quite understand it since I’m only up to 19 LOLOLL!!! But it is nice to see what happens in the end so I don’t actually get badly surprised by unforeseen deaths.

    • bjharm says

      2013-03-07 08:08:56

      The Prime Minister also had the same role kind of in the spin off from MP, that Jang Nara made a year or so
      It not as cute as MP the laughs more slapstick and a lot darker as well, but well recieved in China, though not to the degree MP was of course.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-07 09:02:21

      OHHH wow, wait do you mean the prime minister is in the spin off of MP or in Swordsman? Or in both?
      WOOOW I never knew Unruly Qiao was already finished with subbing. Though I haven’t had a chance to watch that yet, I only saw the first episode and thought it was really funny as well.
      I heard they were making a MP sequel, did they cancel it or something?

    • bjharm says

      2013-03-08 12:05:33

      lol yes sorry, in Swordman he so far only one scene, the sunflower manual was stolen from his sect and all they have is that empty box, he was showing the box and sword skills though very weak as they only like the first page of the manuel but can lead to more powerful ones if they can understand the ‘secret’ behind it. He in Unruly more a main role, not quite the Prime Minister though a powerful member of the government, like MP though he uses his daughter for his own power and is second fiddle guy to the head eunuch. The channel over at viikki is mine, though all i did it put up the video for the real workers behind it the subbers and segmenters, sadly all I had at the time was low quality RM files, there some very HQ ones around now.
      The drama is funny but also quite dark at times, so if you do watch it be warned, it may have many of the same elements ie crossed dressing heroine but the story is quite different..but dosnt JN make just the cutest guy and somehow even though she now 32 can easily pass as a 20 year old in wearing male costume..lol

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-08 12:17:26

      OHHHH :O I have to see it again then. (Just saw it) HOLY THATS HIMMM!! WHOA he doesn’t look different at all. I’m so surprised I totally missed that. Probably because his face was darkened and I wasn’t paying too much attention! I kind of wish he play a bigger role. BTW it’s funny but the guy who plays SituJing’s father actually played a SUPER VILLAINOUS character in Legendary Siblings so for the longest time, I saw him as EXTREME evil, then seeing him play Situ Qingyun just totally and completely changed my mind because he was such a nice, funny guy there.
      WHOA it is? That’s AMAZING that you did the channel!!! I wish there was a way to make hardsubs so people can enjoy it HQ downloaded but sadly I think it would take a very long time.
      WOW well done on it, i’m just so happy all the videos there are subbed!
      I did hear that it can be quite dark. I heard it had a sad ending, did it?

    • bjharm says

      2013-03-08 03:30:45

      Unruly had an open end ending rather than a sad one though there are sad events towards the end. lol and you did it again. the actor who played little lobsters foster father the General was …. in unruly as well! as the head doctor and indeed so was little lobsters maid {Jang Nara real life cousin} though this time she the female second lead maid.
      Ow as for MP 2 yes Jang Nara was to do it after she had finished with Race Course with Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu and her real life father. Racecourse acually was being made while she was still working on Unruly, but the promotional value of having her and her father acting as father and daughter was more than the production could resist, so they shot all the scene she wasnt in first until she was free, she was a secondary character and only did it so she could have the experiance of acting with her father. As for MP2 well if you know the history you know it rather a cursed production, always in the offering but always getting put back and on hold, and so it was again. Instead Jang Nara returned to Korea to make Baby Faced Beauty there, it was reported that an ‘unnamed drama’ would be put on hold to allow her to return to korea, she also had a chinese music album due out around the same time and that was also put on hold untill she had finished with BFB and she flew back to start promotion of her new album, and nothing on the drama.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-08 09:24:28

      WOOOOW amazing they got so many of the actors back, it would’ve been perfect if they could get Alec Su back too! Then it would feel like a sequel!
      Oh right, it was on hold, I thought perhaps something like that happened, it’s a pity because I think that would be AMAZING! I really want to see her back as the mischievous Little Lobster! That was just so classic!
      So how is she doing with her Chinese? I heard that she was able to actually speak more now?
      The last movie/show I saw of her I think was the modern one with Jimmy Lin. I really want her to do more fun ancient ones, cos I miss them sooo much haha. When I am used to seeing a character being mischievous, bubbly and fun like STJ, that’s usually all I ever want them to be in cos those types of characters are my favorites!

    • bjharm says

      2013-03-08 07:29:36

      The film she made with Jimmy Lin was Flying With You, it had a big budget for a chinese film, as it was linked to the China/Korea normal relations event 20 years I think, indeed so was MP, so Jang Nara was the natural pick, as she by far the most well known Korean working in China, indeed the producer said it was written with her in mind. Jang Nara has been a cultural ambassador for years, even though it earns her a lot of antis from both countries. Yes she acted in Chinese for the film, indeed she acted in chinese for Racecourse as well, but ended up dubbed in that I believe, in Flying With You she took the extra step of taking her Chinese Teacher with her as they made the film, and got past the accent troubles by writing in that she was ‘brought up’ in Korea lol. But she not in any way fluent, she said chinese is just so hard to learn and it not as if she can spare hours a day every day to learn. She has big trouble with local accents but can normally if she has time, work out what the other person is saying, but that no good for acting or doing an interview with, so she acting in Korean once again for Red Kiln. Most actors are voice dubbed anyway as the Chinese often skip on sound when filming to speed production along and the sounds including voice is then done in studio either by the actor but normally by a voice actor. Red Kiln has 30 episodes but they will finish it in under 8 weeks! Jimmy Lin visited the set of Red Kiln and there now rumors Jang Nara well be guest acting in his on going drama City Hunter, though I think it was more to do with Jang Nara birthday.
      Yes Jang Nara really fun in those comedy roles, she naturally playful anyway, but she also has more than her share of anti fans, and one of the things they use to attack her is that she always plays the same sort of roles, so she been looking more and more as she put her singing in the background to act in more ‘challenging’ roles, Singer in Iron Mask was one such role, very dark not a laugh to be seen. Indeed she won awards two years running for her acting in Korea now with Baby Faced Beauty and School 2013, plus a best actress in a non chinese film for Sky and Ocean in China, so she very much concentrating on her acting with singing in second place.
      They maybe a chance of at lest soft subs for unruly though it only one person as far as I known that doing it, so do not know how long it may take! They working off the sub over at Viikkii, anyway I call that very much a maybe. Ow Iron Masked Singer also one of my channel at Viikkii but as it dark and serious it never got off the ground, but you can see 11 episodes with subs, enough to get an idea of what it is about, it is 1920′s or there abouts as a setting.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-08 07:36:03

      DARN IT I really those anti-fans, what is wrong with them?! I wish they would stop saying that because I really want her to be in more funny roles, and now those comments would make her feel that she had to take on different kinds of roles when she was awesome that! Do you know why she gets anti-fans?
      Wow thanks for explaining all of that about the film and show, as well as taking chinese. I never knew that before and it’s really interesting to learn those things.
      She’s very dedicated to take Chinese and learn a whole new language. I would find that so challenging!
      Ohhh softsub is great and easily can be done but it’s much easier if the videos are in one part. Is there any possibility to make it so that the video is one part? I can probably work on softsubs if it’s that.
      I actually saw a tutorial a while back on how to softsub from Viki but I think Unruly doesn’t have a good quality RAW that I’ve found yet. My version is the RMVB. did you also upload your video to youtube and link it from the viki?

    • bjharm says

      2013-03-09 01:41:18

      Hi , yes my help to the vikki channel was in uploading the videos to stream the sub over. I used youtube for all over them Unruly, Iron Masked Singer and Good Morning Shanghai [comdey/romance] Sadly all are the low Quailty RM format. There is some very HQ video out for Unruly, DVD rip at a guess, it came to 50gig plus in the torrent I found. Some of the crew from my Unruly vikkii channel did play with the idea of replacing the LQ video with the HQ but it was just too much to do and the risk of ruining the seg/sub already completed so we gave up on the idea. The person that I mentioned asked me if they could use the subbing from vikki to make soft subs, using the HQ video for timing. Techically you not suppost to make soft sub off vikki sub but as everyone seemed to be doing it anyway, I told them to go ahead and good luck! I have not heard back but I can imagine it would be a long job retiming the subs, anyway they said once they done they post up at http://www.asiatorrents.com. There is one link one epiosde version of Unruly on youtube though but think made from the RM version i would think, let me see if i can find it
      users channel
      I would not be suprised if you heard or know them as they as you can see are also into ancient chinese dramas
      Sadly the bigger name you are the more anti you get. It just seems the way the world works.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-09 09:38:58

      Ohhhhh wow I haven’t been able to find the HQ version of Unruly but if I find it, I’ll definitely download it. Unfortunately, Asiatorrents don’t work for me because I’ve got no account and they don’t share it to outside people and I am banned from making accounts cos it’s invites only, I think.
      Ohhh yeah I agree, I think it hsould be fine to make soft subs from viki if proper credit is given, because it’s just sharing the show to more people. A lot of people like to have the show downloaded so they don’t have to worry about the site/videos going down one day. That’s probably my main reason for wanting to make softsubs because you never know with youtube, things can get taken down any day with all the crazy copyright rules.
      OHHH so are you actually the channel manager on VIKI for unruly?
      I don’t know if it’s possible to link the videos to a 1 part video?
      Yes you’re right that the more fans you get, the more famous someone is, the more haters, which is really depressing. I wish those people would just ignore her if they don’t like her, rather than going around saying what they do. It’s just so selfish of them. I’ve always been against those type of people, there’s just no need for them to do those things.
      WOW I totally had no idea she was so big in Korea.
      BTW do you know what made the director of Mischievous Princess choose her to be the lead? I’m so glad he did!
      Oh can I ask a huge favor, let’s continue our convo here: http://www.wuxiaedge.com/watch-online-the-mischievous-princess/ I think people who are watching MP may be interested to read this!

    • bjharm says

      2013-03-09 06:21:18

      lalalaiTzME you may even know the name as they have a channel on youtube to do with ancinet chinese drama. It RM but unlike mine not split. :-) I kept getting timing out uploading anything much bigger than 50 meg with youtube, the only thing I did was make the black box bigger on the bottom so the sub would stand out more.
      The person who wanted to do soft sub siad they would retime to fit the 770 HQ version, though I not heard back from them for a while. They said they would post them up at http://www.asiatorrents.com and let me know. As far as I know it solo so could take a long time.
      Jang Nara had anti pretty much since her debut, many do not understand just how big she was in Korea in the early 2000′s it was a Jang Nara craze, she made over 30 CV and endorcments in one year alone two TV drama number one hit songs top awards for her singing and acting and live concerts..and yes she ended up in hospital more than once from over work and lack of sleep. We have a saying here i sure you have something the same, we call it the Tall Poppy syndrome. The poppy taller than all the rest..and thus attacked beacuse of it. I could go on on how and why she decided to pretty much drop everything in korea and start pretty much from the begining again in China, but it would take too long..:-)

  • yue says

    2013-02-19 06:24:49

    I know what you mean! I find myself really enjoying this series mainly because I haven’t watched any XAJH adaptations… not that this version is truly faithful to the novel lol. I ran across a few JY purist/die-hard fans who could only criticize this version and I felt like they’re missing out on the good stuff.

    Speaking of TBG, not sure if you’ve seen this gif lol,.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-19 06:29:09

      HOLY WHOA that reminds me of the whole dub vs sub debate where purists English dubs cos it’s not original where I appreciate them so much cos I don’t read subs fast and need the dubs badly. For the situation here, I think it’s a pity because these people are missing out, I just think that if they are so die-hard fans of the original, they should just block out all remakes and ignore them, because there are so many good stuff about the series that I’m enjoying.
      OMGGG we share something in common cos I have NEVER seen any other versions or the novel, so it’s truly a new experience.
      OMGGGG OMG OMG TBG gif, I LOVE that so much! Actually, I was totally inspired by that GIF to make the thing about his fighting style, hahahahaa. He is just SO hilarious!!!!! I LOVE that technique of his so much. If I lived in the Jianghu world, I’d be using it, totally!

  • Shakespeare says

    2013-02-15 06:53:54

    Joe Chen ^^

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-15 07:42:50

      AWESOME! I just joined :D I hope she acts in more ancient series. I LOVEEEEE her acting so much.

  • Shakespeare says

    2013-02-15 11:41:04

    Blue Phoenix in ep 24 ^^
    Lv Jia Rong as Lan Feng Huang

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-15 11:47:06

      HAHHAA blue phoenix, what a great name, it totally makes me think of White Phoenix from Qin’s Moon!!!!

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-15 11:43:28

      OMFG THESE GIFS and pics are AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! i saved HEAPS of them, thank you!!!!!!!!!!
      I just love the gifs, omg and I was looking for those DFBB pics as she was dancing in the night.

  • yue says

    2013-02-14 11:25:41

    This series is amazing! Think I’m going to be shipping DFBB/LHC though lol XD Even though its only a few episodes on, I feel like the scenes are memorable and the ost is great!

    Ep2 is also out, subbed by chenguang :)

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-14 11:37:53

      I KNOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW OMFG I FEEL THE SAME! AHH i am also shipping DFBB/LHC now, they are just SO GREAT together already. I LOVE how she’s always smiling when she’s with him. I’ve never seen that side of her before. AHH yesss, I just LOVE this show too, OMG I really can’t wait to see more. I do go through it a bit slower than I’d like to cos it takes a long time to write about it.
      OH YES I saw that, I am so excited Chenguang is subbing it, I just hope there will be a complete version somewhere so people can enjoy this series :D DDD

    • yue says

      2013-02-15 02:04:10

      IKR!! DFBB is so human around LHC, and the vibes they give off adds to the chemistry a lot! Like the time YLS asked him about the girl and LHC claimed he didn’t even see…. yet later we find him stunned and recalling DFBB after she did some swordplay moves. I also crack up every time LHC puts his hand on DFBB and her first reaction is to hit him lol. Good stuff ;D

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-15 09:54:36

      OH YESSSSS I was soo surprised to see just how human he was, and I LOVE it when LHC was offering his wine and she just took it with this big smile. I really want them to be together now, haha.
      OMG and he had that VERYYY long stare at her when her hair fell out. THAT WAS SO COOL!
      Those two seriously have great chemistry. I can see her changing alot for him!

    • yue says

      2013-02-18 10:59:41

      Yeah lol.. I don’t blame him staring though; she is beautiful!

      On a side note, I heard rumors that Chen Ciao (LPZ actor) might be selected as Yang Guo in a later adaptation of ROCH… I haven’t seen any other XAJH’s but I feel like he and YLS are doing a good job so far. Makes me understand why LHC loves his younger martial sister.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-18 11:08:38

      OHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSS TOTALLY TRUE! OMG you know what I was thinking? i was just magicking how hilarious it would be of DFBB was played by a guy, and him starring into his eyes, hahahaha!! But I am so happy that DFBB has such a big part cos I just LOVE watching her scenes.
      I was just up to the part where she was using her internal energy to heal him. Wow, she changes into a completely different person when she sees him! I was even theorizing the reason why she really likes him. It’s so much fun!!
      OHH YESSS OMG I just heard about the new ROCH adaptation and I’m estatic! I want it to be like Swordsman cos it’s SO EXCITING and colorful!!!
      WHOA OMFG Cheng Xiao is Pingzhi? I never knew that, I was just about to ask you who he was ROFLFLFF OMG WOW he is a great actor and I can TOTALLY see him as Yang Guo. I heard that Zhang Ting’s gonna be Huang Rong and OMFG that’s one of the greatest news ever cos I LOVEEE her acting, esp in Chalice Fairy, I can totally see her as HR.
      YES I KNOWWW! I really think YLS is doing a great job too and I too can see!

    • yue says

      2013-02-18 11:01:14

      I meant Chen Xiao * autocorrect XD

    • yue says

      2013-02-19 04:23:39

      That would be messed up…having another guy swordplay/’dance’ would a little too much lol. Anyways, what theories did you come up with? XD I felt like she was just amused and curious about his character/actions, mainly as to why LHC kept putting himself in danger for her/others’ sake… seems like she was slowly drawn to that.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-19 04:45:26

      OMG I kind of wish they played less a week so we can really discuss it and theorize, because soon the show’s gonna be over and we’ll all know the ending. DAMN!
      But yes hahahhahaha I think it would be sooo crazily messed up if there was another guy doing the dance. I would find it just too hilarious. Where are you up to? I Just finished Ep 9 of the TV version and half of it was recaps LOL! Though it’s good for me cos it means I can spend more time recapping.
      I have to ask, will it be okay if we just focus on what we like instead of not like? I honestly don’t like getting into anything to do with “not liking” because people these days generally don’t even really give reasons, or the reasons is something particularly biased like they’re looking, or whatever it is. Those type of comments make me EXTREMELY depressed, and ruins my day when I hear them, because I really really love them to death and I would rather not focus on them if you don’t like them. It just feels like people who talk about what they don’t like is doing it without a purpose, because what does it even do besides makes the person like it feel miserable? At least to me, it feels rather pointless to talk about what we don’t like. I just think that sometimes, it’s not worth it to focus on negatives, appreciating each person/actor for what they can do is the most important, and I can say, those two CAN ACT extremely well.
      I seriously LOVE THEM TO FREAKING DEATH, they are my two most favorite, adored, important actors in my ENTIRE LIFE. They were the ones who motivated me to do this site, they, plus Huang Yiqing are seriously some of the greatest and talented people I have ever seen, and I honestly can’t even begin to comprehend why people wouldn’t like them, unless I’m given some kind of reason, and something not biased, like you don’t like them cos everyone else does, or they’re not attractive. If people say they can’t act, then I would want to know why, because to me, they can. They’re so freaking amazing at delivering emotions, have some of the greatest chemistry I have ever seen.
      Their shows truly inspired me in many ways (I mean both of them), and I just find it a pity that people feel that way about them, because I honestly love EVERYTHING about them, even their personality is just so funny, sweet and kind.
      So I ask, PLEASE, if you truly don’t like something, either spend time to analyze why, or simply not mention it, because I really don’t see the point of just saying, you didn’t like it, because that just makes those who love it feel miserable, just like, I’m sure you’d want people to at least give you a reason if they didn’t like your most beloved show/people in the world.
      They are seriously EVERYTHING, and I mean, EVERYTHING! I would not be here at all, without them. So, even if you have your reasons not to like them, know that the show they were in, inspired a lot of people, and made them happy. After all, why should we focus so much on not liking things? Feels like a waste of energy not to appreciate things in life. Just like this Swordsman show, I go around reading SO MANY PEOPLE talk about how it is and it’s HONESTLY so depressing, where I simply don’t want to read it from any other site, because people just spend so much energy hating it, that I don’t understand why.

    • yue says

      2013-02-19 05:57:33

      I understand where you’re coming from–and sorry if that might’ve ruined your day. That wasn’t my intention. All actors and actresses are talented in their own ways and people will always notice different points, which they have their own reasons for ofc. I myself would never want to watch a series and be biased from the get-go because I know i’ll start to miss out a lot. And yes, I agree its more enjoyable to focus on likes over dislikes.

      I am up to ep15 :)

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-19 06:03:46

      THANK YOU SO MUCH for understanding, it is REALLY nice of you to say that, cos some people don’t really understand and will fight about it, so I really really truly appreciate this!! :D
      And yessss, positives is always SO VERY AWESOME because here, I’ve noticed most people who comment on the Swordsman eps are actually fans who enjoy it, which makes me happy, whereas I was reading comments on Jayne Stars article about the criticisms and I’d say 70% people there are negative, so yeah, it’s been so fun just to talk about the good stuff of this show :D
      OH WOOOW I wish I was up to 15, I just saw Tian Boguang’s technique of how to escape the Nun and I have to say, it’s a total masterpiece. I might make an article soon about the things SWordsman 2013 has taught you to do, with these cool things like How make a zither with stones LOL!

  • Shakespeare says

    2013-02-14 07:42:16

    here episode 1 sub
    this is version TV not dvd ^^

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-14 04:35:18

      WOW AWESOME, thanks for that!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shakespeare says

    2013-02-14 02:28:08

    Ep 2 sub english

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-14 03:08:50

      OMG AMAZINGGG!!! WOOWOWW that’s fast! I really hope one group will stick to the end of subbing :O
      Thanks sooooooooooooo much for it. WOW how do you find these?

  • lnkira says

    2013-02-13 03:06:00

    Omg ur watching it so fast alr at ep 4
    I haven had the time to start watching yet :[
    ps vita’s disgaea 3 & the korean drama jeon woo chi is taking up too much of my time OTL

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-13 08:49:06

      OHhh hahahhaa I watch it during my 1 hour walk on my ipad because I find other than that, it’s very hard to squeeze in time to watch as I’m always sooo busy on the internet LOLLLL
      I discovered that is like the perfect way to watch new things, as usually with me, I love rewatching old shows cos I can usually do other stuff while I’m watching LOL!!! But the internetttt is too distracting, haha.

    • lnkira says

      2013-02-15 10:39:55

      finally caught up with Jeon Woo Chi
      im starting on Swordsman now
      but y is the 1st ep only 19mins O.o

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-15 11:03:26

      OH YESSS so odd that they cut the episode to 18 mins :O Maybe that’s why they’re airing three a day? Because they’re a lot shorter?

    • lnkira says

      2013-02-15 11:51:38

      but then ep 2 is 44mins ep 3 & 4 is 36mins ep 5 is 43mins ep 6 is 34mins
      thats like so weird the fluaction is so big O.O

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-15 11:55:13

      OMG YEAHH!!! AHH that reminds me when XYS first aired, it was 1 hr long, later on it became shorter and shorter. Eps were like 33 mins long at the most. I have noo idea why tv stations do that. Perhaps they put a lot of ads?

    • lnkira says

      2013-02-15 12:02:12

      oh really?
      i watched the online ver so its like 38-40+mins each eps
      btw i finished the first 4 ep of swordsman alr XD

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-15 12:19:22

      YAYYY!! WOOOOW you’re fast!!! :D
      Ohh yeah, most of it was 38 mins cos they’d put like a 7 minute recap in the beginning which I sometimes cut out, as well as the opening/ending song.

    • lnkira says

      2013-02-17 07:59:39

      yay i watched till ep 14 alr
      so im watching this ver
      which is really weird cos the amt of previous ep recap in each ep difers so much O.o
      like in ep 9, 15mins out of 37 is recap thats like half of the ep is alr shown in the previous ep
      and ep 8 is only 22mins
      i have the feeling im being scammed here

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-17 09:03:31

      AHH I KNOW exactly how you feel, but I think you just have to treat it that tv stations just like to do that for commercial sake, so if you really don’t like watching it like that, try watching the DVD version which is the proper length of 45 mins!
      I prefer watching the TV version as there’s less to recap , since if I watch too many things happening, I tend to forget the events and recapping becomes hard.
      but yes ARHGHGHG what’s with them putting like 15 mins of recaps?!?!! They really think people can’t remember what happened a day ago?
      But yeah a lot of different versions are on youtube and the dvd one shouldn’t have that.

  • loveyoubebe says

    2013-02-12 07:41:26

    Thank you!!! I’m sure I would be able to understand after learning Chinese. And yes, totally, he looks SO freaking beautiful!!! LMAO!!! I saw the “moving” picture you posted. He looks so funny!! That is also like the only series I saw him acting like that!!! Like in most of his series, he acts serious and all the other “not fun” actions/emotions. I do kind of wish Hu Ge got this role. :( But then, watching Wallace Huo like this is FUNNY!!!

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-12 08:34:18

      HAHAHHAHAHAAH I KNOWWW ROFL i nearly died laughing when he asked if he looked “BEAUTIFUL” LOLOL and then blew that kiss, the guy was like, WTF?!!??!?!?! WHERE’S MY LADY???! haha.
      YES SO TRUUEEE!! I agree there, same here, I saw his series and he was all the very serious characters that aren’t humorous, so it was such a cool thing to know he’s great at comedies too. SAME, I kept thinking about Hu Ge in the role and how amazing he would have been here too cos I totally could imagine Hu Ge being Linghu Chong. I hope he gets a role like this sooon cos I MISS HIS ANCIENT SERIESSS already haha.

    • loveyoubebe says

      2013-02-12 10:12:42

      IKR!!! I’m already missing him!! Even though I look through Hu Ge’s pictures like everyday!!! I just love him, like when he’s all goofy and funny!! He should make more films like that!

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-12 10:14:53

      SO TRUE!!! I’m dying for the next one. He should seriously play Jing Ke, I feel that character was made for him. Check these out:
      Jing Ke is also a very humorous character, he’d be SOOO PERFECT!!! The guy even LOOKS like him!

  • loveyoubebe says

    2013-02-12 07:07:35

    LOL!!! Looks SO adorable and cute!!! Did you watch this with subs? Or was it already subbed? I want to watch this, but I don’t know any Chinese. Do you know how I could watch it? Thank you. And I totally LOVE this post, Wallace Huo looks so FUNNY!!!

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-12 07:23:14

      OMG I REALLY wish you could see it, I just know you’ll like Wallace’s character, he is soo funny and LOVES to teach people a lesson (the guys), and very lively! I’ve never seen him play a role like this before, so it’s soo fascinating and refreshing :D DDD I simply LOVE the moment when he was pretending to be the bride and blew the guy a kiss, freaking him out completely, hahahaha!!
      I saw this without subs because I still understand substantial mandarin to be able to get most of it, but I suggest you follow the viki channel closely – http://www.viki.com/channels/7074-state-of-divinity/videos
      I’m pretty sure that members are working on the subs for this as ep 1 is now at 28%, though I’m not sure how long it would take, but this is the only place I can think of with english subs for now.

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