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  • Swordsman 2013 – Episode 1-2 First Impressions

    (Damn, I don’t know if it’s 2013 or 2012 since I’ve called it 2012 for so long but it aired in 2013.)

    (Looks amazing, doesn’t he? Too bad he’s just a tease because he’s not in the first episode! What’d ya expect, him to rock up on the first episode? No, we leave the good stuff for later!)

    I will only be recapping the first couple of episodes to give people an idea of what I think of this show because I probably won’t have time to watch the entire series now, and I don’t want to be too invested with shows that aren’t English subbed because it drives me too crazy, especially if I’m crazy about it, I’m going to go mad because I can’t share it with more people.

    My first impressions:

    OMFG WOWWW A new Wuxia series, I’ve been waiting for this and so far, it has not disappointed me. It’s really awesome to watch and I’m already starting to be addicted to it.

    When I saw the first 15 minutes, I was actually very confused because I was being all “I’m gonna multitask and watch this while I do other stuff, watch me juggle! I’ve noticed a pattern with Jin Yong stories that there’s usually a long backstory in the beginning and this is no exception. However, I felt this was done quite well. Though, with all the new terms and sects and Chinese words I didn’t understand, I was a bit confused with who they were battling, so I went to rewatch the first 15 minutes again and it all started to make sense!

    What I really love about the series is how much amazingly bright colors it has, it’s not often that you come across a Wuxia series with such bright colors and I’m a fan of colors. When I can see brightness and colors, I get all happy and chipper. So, I have to say, this show has an excellent use of purple, green and such colors. CGI looks AMAAAAZINGGG! I know people always seem to complain about CGI but I honestly love this, the fight scenes are amazing and I love how there’s these cool special effects to spice things up! That’s another thing I really enjoyed so far!

    Actors – Oh man, so far they are brilliant, particularly Joe Cheng, who plays Dongfang Bubai. She’s extremely pretty and made it impossible for me to see Dongfang Bubai as a male. Oh dammit, must they always torture my senses? It’s like, damn she’s pretty but no, it’s a he. Wait, he’s handsome, but no, it’s clearly a she. Oh dear! I really love her elegance and she has that evil scheming look which is particularly fun to watch. I still treat him as a girl, even though this is not the case. With the actor – I swear some of them looks familiar, but I can’t think of where I may have seen them. Voice actors – Wow, absolutely amazing job with making this sound like a classic Wuxia Series. I love the voice dubbers, they just do such a fantastic job with bringing out the Wuxia feeling from this!

    Young Ren Ying Ying is quite cute, she actually saw Dongfang do something to her father, but I think everyone else is too scared to challenge that. Now, I just wanna see Wallace Huo’s character!

    Recap of the Storyline

    So I had to do some digging up the Wikipedia for the proper names of the cults and sects. So this is just what I understood, it may not be 100% correct, because I often do misunderstand things in shows. So let me start off by saying, OMFG Jin Yong’s stories is always so interesting, especially the battles between sects. It makes you think who’s good or evil, then you realize, no – they’re not all perfect. I think the most interesting thing is, there’s this self-proclaimed orthodox sect called Five Mountains Sword Sects Alliance, who views the Sun Moon Holy Cult as evil, or the demonic cult. So, they’re set on battling each other.

    Though, when you look at the people in the Five Mountain Sword Sect Alliance, some of them are seen as pretty cold and ruthless while others are very kind, yet at the same time, the Leader of the Sun Moon Holy Cult seems to have good points about him. So the “evil” everyone proclaims as demonic, are they really evil or just seen that way? As the orthodox sect, are they completely good?

    So the first episode starts with a great battle between the orthodox sects and the so called demonic cult, resulting in lots of death! Five Mountain Sword Sect Alliance were like – We gotta get our asses up the Black Woods Cliff to have all those bastards’ live, but damn – the cliff is way too difficult to get up there. The chief of the Mount Song Sect, Zuo Lengshan seems to be one of those close-minded people who can’t seem to distinguishing real good from evil because he’s set on calling the cult demonic, which one of the female disciples seem to be very against. However, her Senior kept telling her to just bear with it.

    Then, there’s this beautiful lady young lad by the name of Dongfang Bubai – he looks like a girl/played by a girl but is really a castrated guy. Anyway, he goes to this mountain and a super powerful looking guy called Ren Woxing is inside learning some kickass martial art. His wife then comes to send some food, and Dongfang Bubai is plotting something up his sleeve. He fakes the fact that their daughter was captured by the Mountain sect, who can’t even find their way up the cliff.

    Seriously, all those people who said Yuan Shan Shan didn’t look attractive or pretty enough for this role needs to get their eyes checked, she looked stunning and beautiful here.

    Woxing’s wife, which I completely forgot her name, goes down to search for them, she runs straight into the Mountain sect and they have a battle, but alas, she wasn’t strong enough to beat them and got caught. Though, I gotta say – I always love that big clash of energy when they begin battle. It’s so exciting, that I just want it to last for a long time. When I heard the wife sing, I almost thought it was the ending credits. I was like… WTF? It’s over already? HAHA! But, as she was singing, the same girl who was opposed to the Mount Song Sect chief earlier released her and set her free. (Wait, she’s not a bird, what am I even saying?!)

    The wife goes back but gets killed by Dongfang Bubai. ARGH Geez, the poor lady! She can’t have a moment of break, can she? At first, I thought she was the main character, but I was like… No way, she’s got a kid, she can’t be! I forgot that often, the same actress plays the daughter and the mother, which is a pretty cool idea! Anyway, Dongfang Bubai’s scheming some pretty evil things there, I wonder what his goals are with the secret killing, then blaming it on the Mountain Sect. Wow, I was surprised to see Woxing come out in such a rage upon finding that his wife is dead. He reminds me a bit of Huang Yaoshi that he looks to be cold but he really has emotions. Anyway, the wife’s dead and now, Woxing is out to seek revenge with the Mountain Sect.

    They meet down there and have this huge battle – Woxing vs Zuo Lengshan but both their martial arts were so powerful that they were pretty evenly matched. Now this was cool, because we saw some cool kickass looking attack. Woxing was practicing this badass looking technique called Star Sucking Great Skill, which sucks out the internal energy of someone. However, Zuo wasn’t exactly easy to be toyed with as he’s pretty powerful himself. The two realize that they’d just get really badly injured if they kept going, so stopped and Woxing said he’ll be back in a month to take revenge.

    Dongfang Bubai gets the daughter back but she’s injured too, Woxing tries to heal her with internal energy but at this crucial moment, Dongfang hit him on a spot and drove him into madness. Not kidding, he just went insane and started this killing spree. I KNOW WHY!! Dongfang Bubai wanted the position to be the cult leader, what’s why he planned this, at least that’s what I think! Now, he’s like crowned as the new leader with a whole new outfit. OOHHHH I see things are going to be spicy!

    (Dangfang Bubai as the new Leader of the Sun Moon Holy Cult)

    Final Thoughts about the Episode

    Damn, I really wanted to see Wallace Huo in the first episode, but it makes sense he wouldn’t appear yet. I have to say, I simply love the special affects, even some of the poster makes me feel that this is like a adaptation of the Swordsman Online Game, which is amazing. Wuxia mixed with fantasy elements is like the greatest thing ever. I can’t wait to see where this is heading!

    AHHHH and I’m typing this as I’m watching the beginning of episode 2, this is seriously getting good, I absolutely adore the actress who plays Dongfan Bubai, and her voice actress. She just makes such an interesting character, by the way she speaks, especially when she declares Ren Ying Ying as Shenggu (some kind of title) for the cult, and she would be treated like the sect leader. I don’t know why, I just love that “evil” sort of look on her face!

    (Seriously, how could anyone see her him as a guy?!)

    Last thing, the part at the end when Dongfang Bubai was made the new Leader totally had a Naruto feeling because of the kickass “oooh” music they used! (Even the cult members look like ninjas!)

    Episode 2 Recap and Thoughts

    I find it really funny that in almost every show I watch, the first episode always confused me but episode 2 is like, so easy to understand in comparison!

    Now I get why Dongfang Bubai (by the way, his name means Invincible East just in case anyone is interested) made Ying Ying as Shenggu, she gave him the Sunflower Manual, a treasure of the Sun Moon Holy Cult, which only the Leader can have.

    There was a flashback scene of Woxing explaining to Yingying about the Sunflower Manual, the supreme martial arts that it contains, which means lots of people are probably going to want to seize it! Dammit, they need a copier so they can all photocopy the pages. Surely it’s what’s inside it that people want, not the external book, right? But then again – if everyone has a copy, they’d all be Jianghu martial art experts, and they’d need another manual to top that. Oh man, little Ying Ying is cute! I love how innocent she is, Sunflower Manual – is that a book about planting sunflowers? I would’ve thought so too if I was her!

    I really enjoyed seeing some interaction scenes between Yingying and her father, from the way they talk, I can see he was a very caring father, and treated her extremely well! And wow, as he was explaining, you could just see that beautiful colors of orange, gold, yellow that makes everything so amazing! I always emphasize on how much I love colors and this show does it so well!

    Oh man, Dongfang Bubai has dived 100% in his Sunflower Manual training and he’s gotten all these girls to dance with him and he finally decided to dress as a girl himself. Now, I can finally call him, her, right? ARGH this still confuses the heck out of me. No, she’s still a him, her. It, shim… I’m gonna have debates with myself until the end of time. Her red dress looks really pretty and even the poor man who went in there to see her was confused about how he really felt about Dongfang.

    Oh yes, yes! YES! We finally get to see some of the main characters now! AHHH I AM SO EXCITED! Oh God, I have to say – I’m LOVING THE ATMOSPHERE! It’s so light hearted and happy, the students of course, are driving the teacher into madness by playing tricks on him. This is reminding me of the school moments in Seven of the Sky! I am SO HAPPY they decided to implement some humor in this because this is what makes me truly enjoy a Wuxia series.

    ROFL, the students poked this random branch up the teacher’s nose. This is classic!

    I’m already loving Linghu Chong’s character, he seems so carefree! Since I never watched this before, I always thought he was a very serious character from the pictures I saw. This shows how awesome Wallace Huo is with humorous characters too. I love it when they play the light hearted songs in the background! Something that’s intriguing me. How come there’s only one female student? This is just like Seven of the Sky where Xiaoqi looked to be the only female out of the whole class of males. This is sooooo giving me those familiar feelings, which is really exciting.

    The moment when the teacher wakes up to find his class has went crazy was absolutely hilarious. He’s like: Zzzzzzzzz (suddenly wakes up) WTF? HOW DAREZ U!!??? WANT ME TO WHACK YOU WITH THE WHIP?!! IMMA GONNA TEACH YOU A LESSON!! (Rushes forward, students trip him and he falls) THIS IS NEVER GONNA END BETWEEN YOU AND ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now I’m a bit confused. Was there a big time skip? I kind of wish they wrote on the screen “20 Years Later” or something like that.

    I’m sure there was a time skip. A master was looking at the empty box which the Sunflower Manual used to be in, and apparently it was stolen by the Sun Moon Holy Cult. There were a few techniques/moves which he must pass down to all generations of the Mount Hua Sect which he imparted to a young dude. Oh and I just did a wiki and found out that Mount Hua Sect is the Linghu Chong’s sect. (One day, I’m gonna get the hang of the spelling of his name, I swear!) – Wow, all this was a flashback. The amount of flashbacks and time skips reminds me totally of Qin’s Moon Season 3 beginning! Looks like 10 years has passed since Dongfang Bubai had stolen the place.

    OH I GET IT NOW! The lady which came in telling him the Old Teacher wanted to quit was that same one who appeared in the first episode, that released Ren Ying Ying’s mother, her Senior was that young lad we saw just now that was imparted the Sunflower Manual skill. At least, I think this is the case. THIS IS ALL MAKING SENSE NOW! I love it when pieces come together and make sense.

    As I would have guessed, the Teacher could not stand all those mischievous students and demanded to quit, and for pissing off more than five teachers – All the students got a beating. I feel for them because who would want this old dude to just make you recite and copy words all day? That would be so boring. Poor students are just beaten the crap out of them. Oh dear! They even asked to rest for a few days and not go to the mountains, which of course – the Master was like, “You better go down the mountain or else!! – Keep on beating them!” But, I saw them wink at each other!

    OMFG THIS IS A GENIUS! GOD I LOVE THIS! Turns out this was all a trap. They were all wearing these pads that made them not feel the pain. No wonder their “Aiya” seems to be a bit fake before. I LOVE the funny ways they glance at each other, like they have everything planned. Now that they’re on the mountains and didn’t even get injured, they can spend the day just having fun.

    The moment when the two guys were talking about Linghu Chong getting married to his Junior totally made me realize something! He ends up with Ren Ying Ying, which means –

    OMFG I think I just made a Discovery on Romances!

    OMG, you know – Watching this just suddenly made me realize something. It seems that the pairings are never when the girl and guy grew up together or in the same sect. They always meet in the show, and have never seen each other beforehand. Just think: Huang Rong and Guo Jing met that way, whereas he never felt any romance for Hua Zheng. Then, there’s Ruohan who met Jianping, and he didn’t have feelings for his Junior Sister who grew up with him in the same sect. Then, there was also Love of the Millennium, where Xu Xian loved Bai Suzhen instead of her Junior, though they did have a history so the situation is kind of different. Even in Xuan Yuan Sword, Jingchou never had any romance with the Junior in Ghost Valley, whereas her personality was even a bit similar to Yu’er, yet he was with Yu’er at the end. I could go on because I think there are plenty more examples.

    Notice how the guy never seems to like the girl that’s his junior/senior disciple and always seems to treat her as a sister, while he always seems to fall in love with the girl he meets for the first time in the series. Meanwhile, the girl from the same sect/hometown seems to always like the guy! I’m almost certain in Swordsman 2013, Linghu Chong gets together with Ren Ying Ying at the end, though I don’t know if his Junior likes him that way, but again – he never got with the girl in the same sect! Wow, that’s a trend I never noticed until now, it’s fascinating discovering these things!

    Anyway, so that discovery aside, let me get back to the story –

    Inside a brothel, Dongfang Bubai is in there dancing (luring people?). Wow, he hasn’t aged a day since the last we saw him! Hahahaha this is the first time I’ve seen this: A male is played by a female, and dresses as a female, and the others mistaken him as a female. This is totally opposite from normal where the female is dressed as a male and everyone is mistaken. Oh dear, the two guys ditched their little junior to go into a brothel. That’s just like something they’d do!

    Wow, Dongfang Bubai is luring men in, pretending to be Dongfang Bubai and then killing them. Harsh! I wonder why he’s doing that, for martial art practice? Well, he sure has fans who think he’s very pretty and won’t let him go, so they followed him outside, only to have Linghu Chong make fun of their sect, and they start this battle. Oh God, the best part was, they fought, Linghu Chong beat them, and then they threw a bomb, and suddenly a mysterious girl with a mask (she’s the little junior from before) comes and says that she’s Dongfang Bubai. I can only imagine what the real Dongfang Bubai, who was just standing there watching all this happening, is thinking. It’s like you go up to a person not knowing who they are and introduce yourself as their identity.

    OMFG I LOVE Linghu Chong, at least in this version – He freaking rocks. A smart talker, hyped, funny – He reminds me of characters Hu Ge has played. AHHH I’ve been waiting for Wallace Huo to act as a character like this, especially that he also likes wine!

    When the guys ripped off Little Junior’s mask, they were like, “Never imagined the great Dongfang Bubai is just a little girl – this is the best joke I’ve heard all day!” I nearly spat my food out with laughter, because Dongfang Bubai is in fact, like a little girl! (When I say little, I don’t mean a kid, but just a young girl!) Seems like Dongfang Bubai is intrigued by this Linghu Chong.

    Wow, Dongfang Bubai goes back and is greeted by her maid (AHH ZIWEI from the New My Fair Princess) and she poisoned her. This is kind of ironic because just before, the guys were with Dongfang in the brothel discussing about poisoning him. But for some reason, I don’t think it’s gonna be that easy to kill him. As I suspected, he just got rid of the poison straight away. This part is interesting. So Yuniang is the girl’s name and she was in love with a man who only wanted to use her, then kill her – and when forced by Dongfang Bubai to kill him, she chose to kill herself instead. Before she died, she said some interesting things about love, and I can see Dongfang Bubai has a soft side in him, he wanted to know what love was. This is starting to remind me of the complexities of Jin Yong’s villains!

    Great, the students brought all the stuff they’re suppose to buy down the mountains back, but they’ve offended this other sect! Crap! Oh and I can totally see my guess before was right. Little Junior seems to like Linghu Chong, so when he falls for the other girl, I can see a love triangle coming up! I really do like the Little Junior though, she’s quite adorable.

    It was so sweet seeing the two of them practice martial arts together. They honestly look like they could be a pair, but from that trailer, why do I get the feeling Little Junior’s gonna die?!

    Final Thoughts about This Episode:

    OMFG I think I’m getting way too invested in this show, despite the fact that I didn’t want to before it was subbed in English, but I can’t help it! There are just so many good things about it, the characters in particular are so fun, lively and just interesting to watch, particularly Linghu Chong. He reminds me a lot of Xiao Yu-er from Legendary Siblings. Very playful! The show, especially this episode, was filled with humorous moments, relaxing and just fits my taste exactly! I can totally see a lot of the complexity of the characters and plots. Still loving all the colors, and I’m looking forward to seeing an older Ren Yingying. I’m slowly becoming very addicted to this!

    Screenshots of the Episodes

    Sects have been fighting each other since the beginning of time.

    Would some kind person please tell me who she is? I want to know her name!

    He looks so badass in this pose! “I RULEZ THE WORLD!!!!”

    For once, she’s not a girl pretending to be a guy and nobody could tell, she’s actually a guy!

    Woxing screams when he discovers that his wife is dead.

    Don’t they look like kickass ninjas?

    (Dongfang Bubai is now the leader of the Sun Moon Holy Cult!)

    Ending Theme

    Wow, the black and white colors with the pink is simply beautiful, I love it so much!

    Dongfang Bubai dressed as a girl!

    AHH YES, about time we see Wallace Huo’s character.

    Oh man, the schools back then always looked so beautiful! But, what are they going to do when it rains?

    Three mischievous disciples plotting evil on how to get rid of their useless old teacher.

    Three days to play!!!!

    I see them hinting romance between Linghu Chong and Little Junior.

    Dongfang Bubai is in a brothel and it looks so beautiful!

    Little Junior isn’t happy because they just ditched her!

    Meanwhile, the two guys are inside!

    Dongfang Bubai acting as a girl, being chased by two men.

    Fake Dongfang Bubai rocks up in front of the real one. Haha!

    OMG, this girl was trying to poison him!

    Little Junior still isn’t happy. You better make her laugh, Linghu Chong.

    Love the way Linghu Chong looks as he’s talking to her!

    Little Junior and Big Senior practicing martial arts.

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  • SwordmansFans says

    2014-08-24 02:12:50

    A very nice film overall…But i thought that the main character was Lin Pingzhi and Yue Ling Shan because of their good chemistry, but it wasn’t. It was really disapponting for me.

  • Sandra says

    2014-02-04 04:07:41

    OMG, I stumbled across this review by sheer accident, and now I MUST find out how/where I can watch this. <3

  • yss!!! says

    2013-10-01 06:55:44

    I do not get why everyone hates YSS. She is beautiful and I dont see anything about her acting in Swordsman. I feel so for her. =( I hope she will gain fame.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-10-01 08:28:02

      YESSSS someone actually likes YSS, GOOOOD!!! I feel for her too.

  • Nathalia says

    2013-05-27 09:49:27

    do you have more picture of Ling Hu Chong and Ling San swords art please? thank you ^_^

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-05-27 12:54:17

      You may find more in the other recaps? I’m not sure if I have them. You can easily take a screenshot by downloading the video and save picture on media classic :D

    • Tomtom says

      2013-07-08 07:46:06

      There are subs on “Viki” if anyone’s looking to get into this.

  • funnmes says

    2013-05-20 08:59:53

    I think everyone has their own beauty, why does people always gotta judge?.. Like saying this person that person, the girl the boy is /handsome…they don’t have the qualities to be playing/doing this and that…c’mon! Can you shut up?!!!! Gezzes! At least she or he does show off themselves, or put on pounds of make up. Acting is acting where you have the acting skills and Good scripts looks don’t always matters otherwise if it do matter to you check out the people that do “adult” movies, they pretty hot and another place is where the car models are, they sexy. Everyone is of the same, stop judging. we got our own beauty, we can’t look alike right, if only you wanna look like someone else. Yes I’m referring to the people who always got negatives to point out at someone.. Like yuan Shan Shan ,, did some people say she isn’t a beauty?. I think she’s alright, she’s not that . An average Chinese beauty. Obviously..

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-05-20 09:59:26

      This is everything I have ever thought, and believed in!! It’s really really amazing that someone else feels the same.
      ABSOLUTELY 10000% spot on about judging, that everyone has their own beauty! I think judging beauty is just very shallow for people to do and acting really should be about acting skills.
      I really love what you said there. Thanks for sharing that!!!

  • Blinded says

    2013-05-04 03:27:22

    I speak from Novel side (where DFBB is a weirdo) when it comes to identifying the villains:

    DFBB wile an antagonist is not actually a villain. The villains of Smiling Proud Wanderer are Yue Buqun the hypocritical selfish @$#^%%!! and Mr.Zuo. They are even more deceitful and underhanded than DFBB himself and far more selfish in pursuit of their desires. At least DFBB cared for someone else (as creepy as I found the whole deal).

    Irony that the Righteous Sects produced more villainous antagonists than the so called Demon Sect.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-05-04 04:39:08

      Yes you’re very right, I totally agree that YBQ is the hypcritcal selfish #$#@!!! I don’t think anyone in the world has made me so mad, like he did >< lol
      To me, even Zuo didn’t piss me off with his blatant evilness. but yes, so very true, I think that was perheaps the intention of the story to make it ironic that the righteous sects became more villanious than the so-called evil ones.

  • Blinded says

    2013-05-03 01:34:07

    She is? Well, no wonder she was so pleased with herself when she was given the “Divine art of Sunflower Manual”. But it’s kinda against my theory as to why only a eunuch can learn this technique. Also it will explain why her initial “Brother Dongfang” clothings kinda covered her neck at bit more than necessary.

    I actually prefer the Drag-queen Dongfang better (waaay more creepy than mere vicious and cunning). As for strong females… sure they series lack females with strong skills at arms, but the only characters I never wanted to chock at some point of the story were Mr.Mu, Heroine Ning, and Yingying (though I do forgive LWC for the amount of love he holds for his Little Martial Sister. It suggests that LWC is not some fickle trash to change heart at a frown or for a wink, and once he gives his heart (or word), he actually means it. That’s something any guy should try and emulate).

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-05-04 01:40:52

      Haha, perhaps I would get a better idea if I had seen her as a drag queen but I really like this version cos it’s like the only one I’ve seen ROFL!
      I don’t really know much about the eunuchs and learning certain techniques so that part has always confused me a little.
      Oh yes you’re totally right about LHC showing that he’s not a fickle trash, so I think it’s good we saw that side of him.
      I’m curious, who did you think was the biggest villain in the story?

  • Blinded says

    2013-05-03 04:59:08

    What I want to ask is if Dongfang was a man to start with here? The lack of Adam’s apple (which they could make one with some latex), and actress’s obvious female features were kinda hard to ignore.

    Also in the Novel, Dongfang is described as a weirdo drag-queen, (and considerably so). Dognfang was rather jealous of Yinying for being born female and his lover Yang Lianting as a big, burly fellow with beard to match. I’d say I prefer 2001′s Dongfang (though as a character, not as something to look at).

    And there’s this bit about Ren himself “entrusting” Sunflower Manual to Dognfang, as a way to keep him busy and possibly harm him while Ren himself was fixing his Essence Absorbing skill’s drawbacks. Ironically enough if Dongfang had not imprisoned him, Ren could not have fixed his skill and would have died on his own.

    But who cares… actually seeing some of those events (Zuo Vs Ren round one) happen actually worth having a pretty Dongfang and Not-Bald nuns.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-05-03 12:47:46

      Ohhh when I first saw the show, I wasn’t really sure about it but Dongfang Bubai is a full female in this version.
      I think it’s really interestingly awesome that DFBB is a female here cos I like the idea of this all powerful woman who most people fear.
      Though I have to say it was hard to tell at first. But there was a flashback where it showed that she was a woman but in order to be powerful, she was willing to be a man. I guess for her, it’s just dressing and acting like a man.
      Wow yeah so true that his own powers may have killed him if he wasn’t imprisoned.
      One interesting thing I noticed was, Ren and RYY never found out DFBB killed the mother, I wonder what they would’ve done if they did find out.

  • d.unknownman says

    2013-04-02 12:09:36

    i love this wuxia love story i. i had been fans of jin yong wuxia work include some adaption to film and Tv series. this time this show WOW me i speechless . The Smiling, Proud Wanderer 2013 is the best than the 2001 adaption. Yes, this show has dramatic twist from original story, it focus much about the life Dongfang Bu Bai. so i accept it. i think those who complaint about this show is the worst must watch again and again,

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-04-02 07:32:31

      I TOTALLY agree that this is an AWESOME adaptation, I don’t like reading all the complaints about it, I LOVE the love story as well and Dongfang Bubai’s character is REALLY amazing to watch and I LOVE it a lot!
      YEAH! People who complain bitterly really need to just be more open minded!!!

  • zeroxia says

    2013-03-12 09:19:52

    Man are you Chinse? How can you understand those Chinse dialogs? I don’t think there are any English subtitles available.

    By the way, I’d like to put a spoiler here:

    This Dongfang Bubai is indeed a girl, not a self-castrated man. Though it’s obvious from the appearance of HER. And it is this change to the original novel and the performance by Joe Chen that makes this series a hit in China.

    And to the “Wuxia” stuff, most people agree that this is more like romance drama faked as a Wuxia series…

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-12 09:48:05

      YEP I sure am Chinese, though I do have a bit of difficulties understanding certain dialogues like when they’re talking about sects, factions and such, those language seems to be more technical, but on the whole i generally understand it pretty well! :D
      THANKS SO MUCH for pointing that out, yes when I first saw that I totally didn’t know if she was a girl/guy but then I saw it explain in one of the later episodes.
      HAHAHA ya romance show in wuxia, though I still think it has a lot of Wuxia stuff like it has brought up quite a lot of interesting themes in Wuxia that I haven’t thought of, like who’s the real evil ones, the struggles/fights, and stuff like that is very interesting and I’ve l earned a lot from it already. Right now I’m currently up to EP 22.

  • bjharm says

    2013-03-03 04:37:15

    have to say from the reading up on the characters it going to be the classic Wuxia ending, that is the females get killed or kill themselves while the males walk over the dead bodies on the way to be heroic and noble and of course alone someplace up a mountain or cave.
    Have to love Joe Cheng though. one of the best of the TW actors, sad that her other mainland drama that had some kind link to the monkey king legends never took off and got subbed. I not sure I watch this one through, I just these kind of endings, it often seems to me misery for miserys sake rather than anything else and you get to the end of 40 or 50 episodes and …WTF…all that and this is the ending..worse kind feeling.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-03 09:16:50

      I KNOW how you feel!! Actually I think part of the ending just came out so I’m going to go spoil myself once it comes out. I LOVE Joe Cheng so much as well! She’s honestly one of the greatest actresses I’ve seen in a long time and this is the very first show I’ve ever seen of her and I’m a HUGE fan already and want her to be in more shows now, cos she really made this show stood out and I have been drawn to her character from the moment I saw it!
      Same here, I those kind of tragic endings as well, the only time I like it is when it really really makes sense but I guess positive thinking is what we need to do when it comes to sad endings, like I often come up with my own version afterwards so I feel better about it!

  • Inez says

    2013-02-11 07:01:55

    This series is AMAZING! I cant waitt for the new episodes! And the main guy is soo hot (“;

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-11 07:59:08

      YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY IT’S WONDERFUL to see someone who loves the show, YESSS I really know what you mean, the guy is just AMAZING!! He does the role sooo freaking well! So happy to hear from another positive fan!!!

  • Shakespeare says

    2013-02-10 07:27:48

    yes unfortunately Little Junior…lost her life in the novel…may be not here
    so i hope she is still alive ^^…
    Make u life …a Perfect World …^^

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-10 07:42:56

      That’s sooo sad that she lost her life, I thought so because i saw in the trailer, Linghu Chong was yelling out her name as if she died, so I had a feeling she may have died in the show :’(
      She will be remembered, I’m sure. I love her cute personality!!
      I LOVE your username, Perfect World. That itself is SOO PERFECT!!

  • Shakespeare says

    2013-02-10 06:56:52

    it’s better u watch yourself..it’s no good to know all the story @ the link i gave u is always the same…there are people who are open mind and other who are against this adaptaion… ^^
    make u own opinion is the Best ^^…
    there are a thousand way to read @ understand a book…but for some people…what they have seen is Only the Truth…
    here : http://www.jaynestars.com/features/hot-gossip/the-many-criticisms-of-yu-zhengs-swordman/#comment-203164

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-10 07:22:38

      OHH HAHAA I like knowing spoilers, because I like to prepare for what’s going to happen if a character is going to die, so please do tell me if Yang Rong is going to die :O I neeeed to know!
      OMG oh yes i LOVE LOVE LOVE what you commented on Jaynestars, you said it perfectly! I could not have said it better, I LOVEEE that you’re defending the show, GOOD ON YOU!! We need more people like you in the world!!

    • lnkira says

      2013-02-11 01:23:53

      LOL most ppl i noe hates spoiler

      from what i see the ppl who dun like the series are those that really liked the original novel n cant stop themselves from comparing it to the novel
      the thing is a novel is a novel its really difficult to convert a novel completely to a tv series due to budget limits really life restrictions
      these ppl shld really stop comparing the tv series to the novel n just enjoy the tv series
      just take it as a different story as the novel
      its not like not following the novel will make the tv series not interesting at all
      i haven watch it yet but it seems interesting enuff for me alr XD

      though im still hoping someone can do a series that brings the novel to real like disregarding the amt of eps it will take T-T
      at least make it to like 90% accurate

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-11 07:58:27

      AHAHAHA yes I know what you mean, I don’t know why I’ve always loved spoilers, perhaps the concept of not knowing kills me too much LOL!
      I always need to know deaths cos I don’t like to be surprised. I can handle it well/better if I know they were going to die before I watch it, or that a show has sad ending. Otherwise, it would be the most depressing thing ever, haha
      But yeah, I kind of find it sad that too many people won’t watch it for what it is but keep comparing them to old versions. If I was one of those comparers, I think I’d just rather not watch it because I don’t see just comparing TV shows as something fun.
      I think so far it’s awesome that people here are generally very positive about the show, which is awesome!!!
      For someone like me who has not read the novel or seen any other versions, it’s a real experience cos I myself don’t like comparing the differences. To me, that’s the wrong reason to watch a show, watching a show should be about having fun and enjoying it :D

  • kimster says

    2013-02-10 06:54:25

    for those who want to watch the 2001 adaptation, just download it here:

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-10 07:20:31

      AWESOME, thank you for sharing the info :D DDD

  • Shakespeare says

    2013-02-10 06:41:10

    Yang Rong…is little junior ^^
    Blue Phoenis here is Lü Jiarong as Lan Fenghuang…(i have not see her yet)
    The plot is almost like the adaptation 2001 …so easy to understand
    here another great link ^^

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-10 06:45:12

      OHHHHHHHHHHH LITTLE JUNIOR is called YANG RONG! OMGGG That’s such a cute name! I love her so far, sooo very cute and bubbly, haha.
      Does she fall in love with Linghu Chong? Is she going to die? :O ARGH so many questions
      OH :O THANKS SO MUCH for the link! I shall have a look at that soon!!! :D DDD

  • Shakespeare says

    2013-02-10 05:52:56

    There are also great chemistry between the actor Linghu, Yilin , Dongfang Bubai , and also a great personality @ fun Han Dong as Tian Boguang (fighting scene in the Tavern…he has lots of aura and his personality is whimsical, fun..)
    Yue Lingshan…is perfect in Yang Rong …she can be full of life …then very full of melancoly…in one second …

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-10 05:58:09

      OMG WOOOW this is exciting!! BTW are you able to understand the series without subtitles? I never asked, do you understand Chinese?
      WOW who is Yang Rong? BTW What’s the girl who plays “Xiao shimei?” I don’t really know her name yet, she’s adorable! Oh and who is Blue Phoenix? I don’t think I saw a pic of her yet :O

  • Shakespeare says

    2013-02-10 05:14:59

    For me Dongfang Bubai is nor really a “villain”, just the new leader of MoOn Su sect…yes like Ouyang Ke, her personality is complex …and when she kill …she has her owns reasons…

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-10 05:27:38

      WOOOW that’s so amazing to hear that her personality is complex! I can already tell from the first two eps, esp the way she was looking at Yu’niang when she stabbed herself. I can see she definitively has emotions, but doesn’t understand them. I love characters like that, part of my reason for loving to know why characters act the way they do!

  • sam says

    2013-02-10 02:24:28

    Please can anybody tell me where can i watch this drama with english subs…please…..

  • Shakespeare says

    2013-02-10 12:02:35

    The videos is not from me..I find on youtube…Yes it’s great that Dongfang Bubai is a female…since beginning in this adaptation..she is full of charisma…and she plays a lots with her eyes…she is full of elegance @ grace…and dangerous ^^…

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-10 12:05:13

      YES I KNOWW!! I’m absolutely fascinated with Dongfang Bubai the most, I just LOVE that elegance, graceful feeling she gives, as well as that danger. I always have to say, Jin Yong makes amazingly complex villains, that you really appreciate! Just like Ouyang Ke, he’s never a simple villain, he’s very multilayered. I love it when I really love watching the villains, and DFBB is definitely one of them I really enjoy watching, and Joe Chen is just such a BRILLIANT actress who nails her role perfectly!

  • Shakespeare says

    2013-02-10 11:52:47

    yes most of picture I have made myself with photoshop cs6…sometimes each episode I have captured 600 screens …then select one or 2 ^^…

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-10 11:57:39

      WOWW your photoshop skills are AMAZING, I just adoooore those pics you put up!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOWWW that’s SO AMAZING how many screenshots you took! WOW AWESOMEEE
      Where do you download the videos? I’m getting the 540p MKV version from d-addicts.
      I just LOVE seeing your photoshop rendering pics so much. Keep making them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shakespeare says

    2013-02-10 11:42:49

    here a surprise : ^^

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-10 11:47:47

      did you make it yourself? ITS SO AMAZING!!! You combined all the characters in one pic, THAT IS BEAUTIFUL! THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing htis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Heroes of Hope says

    2013-02-10 06:23:33

    I saw most of the trailer and the fight for the Bixie Manual is going to violent and full of scheming.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-10 09:38:05

      Wow I usually don’t watch the trailer because I find that most trailers try and spoil the ending LOL and some of them try and tell too much story in the trailer that it becomes a bit confusing, which then tricks me…. I think it’s really exciting to watch a show without knowing much about it just to be excited, but yeah wow, I haven’t even seen the Bixie Manual yet, only the Sunflower one.

  • Shakespeare says

    2013-02-10 06:11:56

    If i’m not wrong Dongfang Bubai is a female in this version…but when she go out…sometimes she changes her look…^^

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-10 09:35:18

      OH WOOOW Dongfang Bubai is a female? That’s really cool!!! I still am not sure if she’s a girl or guy, ahhahahahaa. But I have to say, it really is so fun having her there because I LOVE watching her. It’s also cool that a female (or someone who looks like a female) is a villain in the show. That always makes it so exciting.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-09 08:43:27

      AHH THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! I joined THEMM!!! AHH that’s so cool there are these awesome fanpages for the actors. I used to make about 100 pages with different shows, haha. I still do for new ones if I can :D
      Oh btw this is Wuxia Edge’s facebook :D http://www.facebook.com/wuxiaedge

  • lnkira says

    2013-02-08 07:43:20

    Ya in the original novel linghu chong is a very carefree easgoing person who will even make friends with ppl from the unorthodox sects
    he sees ppl as they were instead of where they from like the rest of the orthodox sects
    He is mostly unbound by tradition n just doing things the way he likes
    Also he is much of an alcoholic

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-08 07:46:32

      OH WOOOOW i was SOOO HAPPY to find that he was so carefree and easy going cos from all the pictures I saw, he looked serious in almost all of them so I thought he was a serious type of character, so seeing him all hyper just BLEw me away!!!!!!! It was SOOO cool! I love how he pisses the guys off so much LOL!!!
      wow he’s like such a cool hero!

    • lnkira says

      2013-02-08 07:56:49

      Ya i was really surprised at the photoshoots too
      Im glad they didnt change much of linghu chong personality XD
      Cos i really like linghu chong character
      Strong sense of justice yet hes a prankster
      Hes like li xiaoyao with really strong martial arts from the beginning
      I also like the way he doesnt blindly follow tradition n what other ppl says
      hes always doing things as he like which is very difficult in the ancient times as theres alot of rules n tradition to follow

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-08 08:01:29

      OH YESSS same here I absolutely ADORE Linghu Chong’s character too! I TOTALLY never expected him to have that kind of personality! If I knew his personaliyt was like this, I would’ve been 10000000x more hyper before it aired because I LOVE those kinds of characters who are just, yet prankster. Those always make the show so interesting and exciting
      Now, I REALLY want to see more of what happened. If you know the story, can you PLEASE tell me is this a happy ending? Who dies? HAHA I nnneeeeeeedddd to know now cos I already really love the characters.

    • lnkira says

      2013-02-08 08:25:50

      If the series does not deviate too much from the novel
      Its a mostly happy ending
      Some of the main characters met with a sad end though

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-08 09:25:40

      OH PHEWWW thank god that it’s going to be mostly happy ending! I always feel that I gotta make sure if the ending is sad or not cos if it’s sad, I need a long time to prepare.
      It’s good that most Jin Yong series seem to have happy ending with a few sad moments. With everything else, I’m always prepared for the saddest possible ending lol

  • Officina says

    2013-02-08 06:38:54

    I’m glad you have undestand what I mean lol
    I never wrote so much in english XD

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-08 06:50:59

      What you wrote was brilliant and very well explained!! It totally makes sense and I hope Yuzheng promotes his actresses better!

  • Officina says

    2013-02-08 05:55:36

    Well actually I agree with what you say, sometimes people are just hating on a actor or actress even without a reason and that thing piss me off a lot. It’s like they everyone but their favorite actor or actress and I found that attitude pretty childish.
    I personally think yuan shan shan is ok as actress. Actually I saw every shows with her lol so you can understand why i’m starting to feel bored to see her. She’s an average actress and even though I didn’t find her exceptional beautiful, I didn’t deny she’s good looking.
    The matter is YuZheng just didn’t know how to promote an actress. She’s under his company so i undestand that he want to promote her as much as possible, but promoting an actress, he definetly need a strategy.
    Why yuan shan shan has gained more haters than lovers meanwhile everyone love liu shishi and huge?
    Bring liu shishi as example, she is has the look, but since she went out from a dancing school she lacked of acting skills. What’s the first impression she gave to you? I think that she’s a docile woman. So what kind of roles she gained at the beginning? SUPPORT ROLES, BUT that FIT her appearence extremely well. In this way people started to accept her little by little, and didn’t argue her acting skill cos she’s just a support role, and when tangren thought her skills had improve enough they gave her a major role in bubujingxin. At beginning many people were against her as the main role, cos some of them didn’t find her attractive enough, others find her acting skills too low. But she proved to that people that they were wrong and she gained a large fandom as result.
    Huge was far more lucky!
    But in both case if you think of it their roles fit them really well, Huge just have that nonchalance aura that emboded xiao yao very well.

    Now let’s analyse Yuan ShanShan. As I said before she’s good looking (just ignore what haters say) but if I said that her beauty is different from liu shi shi’s type or tang yan’s you will agree to me. She didn’t gave me the impression to be a docile or cute woman but more the outgoing type, vigorous and strong. So I think Gong 2′s role really fit her. I think what YuZheng hoped was that she would became famous with a sigle serie (like huge with chinese paladin) but unfortunately, gong 2 was just an average show so yuan shan shan didn’t gain the fame he hoped.
    Now failing his first attempt, what yuzheng have needed to do was not to insert her in his EVERY SHOW AS THE MAIN CHARACTER BUT chose the best role and the best show to her, let people to accept a newbie little by little, let her gain fans little by little, like how tangren had done with liushishi, but NO! He just insert her randomly in every show (didn’t care if the show is good or not) as the main charas, for example in the woman of the king, her appearence just didn’t fit to be YUJI. In the common immaginary YuJi is a docile girl, a little submissive, a woman of her time but with a strong will, But YSS just dind’t give you that feel, and she can’t even use her acting skill to hide her lacks (like how sunli have done in her zheng huang role, she was too old to embody a 17 years old girl but she was so skillful in acting that people really didn’t perceives the gap or didn’t even care!), cos even thought she’s not in acting, she need more experience.
    This is why many people start to unlike her. Plus we have some of the most genius statement from YuZheng like “If she will never gain success then she will always my show’s female lead..:” well you know this sort of attitude just help her to gain more dislike… YuZheng just didn’t now how to promote an actress full stopXD.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-08 06:18:37

      OMG I LOVE reading your analysis here, this is the type of thing I really love reading and you’re absolutely right, promoting a new actor definitely requires a lot of strategy!
      That’s exactly how I felt about Liu Shi Shi in the beginning – a very docile woman, and that was the sort of roles she got, I think it was before she was probably confident in her own acting abilities, and you’re right that it was absolutely a good idea to give her the smaller roles so she can get used to acting, and then I notice she slowly got bigger roles, like Yan Sanniang was starting to get a bigger role than before, and Ruoxi was probably the biggest one she’s gotten, that required almost every moment on screen. I also like that she now gets to try all these different kinds of roles that we see her different kind of acting abilities.
      And that’s very true that he should stick her in roles that fit her. Though I haven’t seen much, I do agree there are some roles that fit an actress a bit more than others, though when their acting improve by a lot, that’s when they should try out all different types of roles, because they need to be convincing in the role.
      So yes, I think unless the actor really has the skill to become any role, they should start off with ones that they are better at. It’s a pity that Yuzheng didn’t seem to promote her the right way. Let’s hope that he learns a bit from it and does it better in the future.

    • lnkira says

      2013-02-08 06:39:32

      fandoms are always like that especially hardcore fans
      they will try to put everyone except their idols down
      it shows really well in the k-pop industry
      i have seen lots of really delusional fans
      they just on idols thats not their idol

      ya i think they r pushing yuan shan shan abit too hard from what u all r saying (not familar with yuan shan shan) LOL
      its not uncommon to start with small roles to slowly build up ur acting skills even really famous stars started with minor roles
      if the main role is lacking in acting skills, the whole show will go down
      YuZheng’s strategy is soo weird

      Talking about Hu Ge, i rmb reading it somewhere that his management company was really against Hu Ge starring in ancient chinese series & wuxia series etc in the beginning.
      they nvr tot he will make it big in those series cos they feel he look too “modern” to be in it LOL
      but when chinese paladin came out, “BAAM!!” everyone likes him

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-08 06:49:59

      OMG yeah, I those kind of fans who put everyone down except their idols. It just makes me think that they’re selfish brats who makes themselves feel good by saying things about others :O
      AHHH YESSS there was an interview I read that they Blacklisted Hu Ge in all ancient series because they didn’t think he had the right look, or something. But for some reason, a spider demon from Chinese Paladin trying out the role was saying how much he looked like Li Xiaoyao so they took a huge chance. That was SOOOOO funny when I heard that>_<

  • Shakespeare says

    2013-02-08 03:45:27

    new extended trailer all sub in english ^^
    also I have put new pictures on ancientchinese.net ^^

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-08 03:47:56

      AHH YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY NEW SUB! I kind of wish they released the entire show with English subs!!!
      THANKS SO MUCH! Do you know where I can download the trailer?
      THANK YOU for putting the pics on ancientchinese.net I always ADORE seeing the new pics!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Shakespeare says

      2013-02-08 03:50:31

      Sorry i don’t know how to download from youtube…i try with program..but doesn’t work…may be u can ask the person who put the trailer directly ^^

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-08 04:01:46

      Ohhh that’s okay I will figure it out somehow! Thanks so much for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I’m just starting to watch the 2nd ep and recapped a lot already LOL!

  • loveyoubebe says

    2013-02-08 03:22:40

    I love the colors!!! It was very beautiful, especially the branches. Like the pink, purple, and all those colors. The girl that played the role of the boy, she’s very beautiful and looks awesome in that role!! Thank you for posting such an awesome article!!

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-08 03:48:45

      OH YESSSS!!!! I agree there, I am sooooooo happy you enjoy the colors too! I love it when shows are so bright and colorful like a rainbow!!!! :D I’m sooo glad you enjoyed the article!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shakespeare says

    2013-02-08 12:56:18

    Sapphiresky you don’t need to know previous show …to love a new version…sometimes review of ancient show is only opinions @ view of a person….there are a thousand way to see a show @ to like or dislike it ^^…

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-08 01:15:37

      Oh yesss!!! I totally agree there. I’m loving this a lot! I tend to not want to read reviews of other people before watching because often, I find that I don’t feel the same way at all, especially when people complain about certain things, I usually find them really awesome.

  • Shakespeare says

    2013-02-08 11:51:59

    Here a link if u want to know more about previous version…

    It’s a great challenge to make a remake with new innovations @ this Version is Great…the scenery is amazing…the light perfect…and the leads chars (what i have seen) play a role very well…

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-08 12:18:21

      THANK YOU sooo much for the URL! I will be checking that out. It’s a good thing I’ve never seen previous versions of this show so it will be a whole new experience. YEAHH!!! I TOTALLY agree, I think they made this version absolutely brilliantly! The beautiful colors have totally won me over! YOU ARE RIGHTT the charcters are so brilliant, GOD I Love this Dongfang Bubai, she’s such a BRILLIANT actress!!!!

  • Officina says

    2013-02-08 11:05:28

    OMMMGGGGGGGGG already out???? I have been expected this for sooooooooo looooooonnnnnnngggggggggg. Need to watch…BUT ARGHHHH I must studyyyyy arggghhhhh!!!!!!!
    Anyway the problem of people hating on yuan shan shan is not that she’s enough but she’s like in EVERY YuZheng’s production as the MAIN role and people LIKE ME is bored to watch her ._. I started from really like her in gong 2 and being really excited to discover her and wallace huo in this production to her again? in In love with power to Yuashanshan enough! in her role as YuJi in The women of king. Expecially because i think many of her role didn’t really fit her! Btw this is just my opinion lol… oh my gawd hope to not see her in a eventually qin’s moon’s tv adaption….not even in a small role!!!XD

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-08 02:06:37

      Well, Yuan Shan Shan being in every YuZheng production is pretty much the same as Liu Shi Shi being in every Tangren production, or Hu Ge for that matter, which people seem not to mind. But, if you look at certain articles (eg on Jayne Stars), people do say she’s not attractive enough. I got so sick and tired of people saying that I even made an article to argue against these people but right now, it’s under Draft and will be posted later because I queue up my posts. I personally think she’s pretty, I haven’t seen her in a lot of shows so I can’t judge her acting yet, but if people don’t want her to be in every production, I would like for them to give good explanations about it. Does YSS need to improve her acting? If so – how and where? Comments like she doesn’t fit a role always seem vague to me because nothing is really explained. How doesn’t she fit?
      I’m really big on finding reasoning, so I always like to know why. So often, people will just be mean to an actress because they’re not good looking enough, or characters because they’re too stupid, which is something that bothers me a lot (and pisses me off a great deal) because those things aren’t something we can control! Stupid characters represent reality, that not everyone is born smart. Some people aren’t gifted to know and understand things as well as others, and when I see people being cruel and mean about looks (, ugly, etc) or stupidity or even looking down on something because it’s too different (gay people), that just makes me so mad, because yes – it’s built in for us to determine beauty and ugliness, to fear the unknown, but that doesn’t give us the right to act it out! Just like, just because we’re angry, doesn’t give us the right to hit someone… Which is why I always when people pick on actors for their looks or bash characters cos they’re stupid.
      But honestly, I just believe that if someone should critique something, they should always give good reasons to back up their argument, otherwise it would only do two things 1) Encourage others who feel the same to act that way and 2) Piss off the fans because fans feel as if something they like is being attacked.

  • Shakespeare says

    2013-02-08 05:29:58

    Yi Lin…is the lead female monk (after) in your last black and white colors picture…

    Would some kind person please tell me who she is? I want to know her name!…
    Right She is the wife of Yue Bu Qun and …not Yi Lin mother…first i thought but no…^^

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-08 09:22:36

      WOOW AWESOME!! I’m hoping to see more of this and learn more about the character.
      I gotta say, it is absolutely AMAZING to watch this, I spent so long just reading through wiki a couple of days ago and learning about new characters, sects, cults and martial arts. WOW it felt so good, I haven’t had a chance to do that in a while!!

  • JohnD says

    2013-02-07 08:28:44

    Looks good enough, but I just can’t get excited by yet another Jin Yong adaptation. There are so many other wuxia writers out their whose work is long overdue for a series, yet we just get the same Jin Yong stories over and over again. It’s no wonder wuxia as a genre is practically dead; you can only rehash the same thing so many times before a lot of people lose interest.

    Still, I’ll probably give this a watch once a few more episodes have been aired.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-07 09:06:28

      I know what you mean, I often wonder why they’re remaking so many shows when they could be making some fresh new ones, because Jin Yong stories have been remade time and time again. I guess they want to make it up to the new generation’s interests, but I agree there, I guess they’re probably afraid to try something new. I really do want them to make some new ones, like there’s one in particular I’m interested in called Ting Xue Lou, and I’ve never heard anything about it, which is a shame.

    • The Heroes of Hope says

      2013-02-07 10:39:05

      I agree it’s a shame that they are relying too much on the old stuff. I like wuxia as much as the next guy but, I think they should try getting some new stuff for people to watch. Doing this a lot just makes China appear like it can’t let go of past success.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-07 11:03:37

      Yeahhh dammit, they neeed to make NEW wuxia from the new novelists! I wanna see a lot of the awesome ones I’ve been hearing about!
      I hope that maybe next year or even later this year, they will make more very unique Wuxia. Though I know they are making an exciting one I haven’t heard of called Xian Xia Jian/Immortal Sword Hero, which I’m really really eager/excited about.

    • JohnD says

      2013-02-08 03:56:34

      I can see the economics of it, though. Jin Yong is safe, they know he will sell. Another author’s work might not because it isn’t as well-known. That’s why Hollywood keeps on with all these remakes and films set in already-famous franchises, such as the superhero movies that are seemingly never-ending.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-08 09:21:03

      Yeah, I agree. It’s kind of sad that it becomes the whole making money thing but then again, if it doesn’t sell – it will be because they spent all this time filming and paying actors. I wonder if there are some very famous authors besides Jin Yong and Gu Long in China right now that writes Wuxia? Unfortunately I can’t really keep up with books because I can’t actually read them, so I’ve got no idea what new ones are out there.

  • kimster says

    2013-02-07 07:06:55

    in response to “Would some kind person please tell me who she is? I want to know her name!”, her name is Yang Ming Na. She plays Ning Zhong Ze who is the wife of Yue Bu Qun, mother of Yue Ling Shan and teacher of Linghu Chong.

    More info can be found here:


    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-07 07:11:19

      AHHH YESSS THANK YOUUUUU for letting me know!! WOOOOW she’s Linghu Chong’s teacher? That’s AMAZING! I would’ve never guessed. At first, I thought she was a villager or something that will get killed, haha!!
      For some reason I kept thinking that she looked familiar, yet I haven’t heard of the actor’s name before.
      Thanks so much for all the info!!!! :D

  • Remco says

    2013-02-07 05:33:44

    Damn this looks really good :3 i wish i could understand it :\

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-07 05:51:48

      Aww I know how you feeel!! Even I had so much trouble understanding, I was thinking “OMFG How the heck would I translate this>_<” I guess the first episodes are always difficult cos they talk a lot about the sects and history of it.

  • Shakespeare says

    2013-02-07 05:10:48

    Would some kind person please tell me who she is? I want to know her name!…
    I don’t know her name…but she seems may be to be the mother of Yi Lin…^^ (but Yi Lin don’t know…)

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-07 05:19:19

      Ohhhh wow, who is Yi Lin? I haven’t heard of her yet. I think she’s an important character because I saw posters of her and her Senior in the promo pics!

  • lnkira says

    2013-02-07 05:09:36

    wow thats ALOT different from what i remembered how the story were supposed to go
    about backstory, Jin Yong always write A LOT of back story then slowly pull in to the main character
    the swordsman was actually one of those with lesser backstory
    thats y im surprised wallace huo didnt appear in the first ep cos from what i rmb he appear fairly early in the story

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-02-07 05:16:48

      OH YESSS! I noticed Jin Yong style has a lot of backstory! But yes, I was surprised he didn’t appear either, though I caught glimpse of him appearing in the 2nd episode. I really want this to be subbed so more people can see it!
      Though I have never seen any previous versions, so I’m not really sure how the story is, how did the other ones start?

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