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  • Swordsman 2013 Ending Spoilers & Dongfang Bubai Analysis

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    (Click to play what I feel is Dongfang Bubai’s song, Dong Zhen – The End)

    The ending everyone saw was that Dongfang Bubai saved Ren Ying Ying by swapping hearts with her. The one who carried this action out was The Divine Killing Doctor, Ping Yizhi. Dongfang Bubai asked Ping Yizhi to please bury her in the frozen lake and never to mention about this. Then, we saw Ren Ying Ying become revived again and lived a happy life with Linghu Chong. In the end, we saw that under the lake, Dongfang Bubai opened her eyes and smiled. – The end

    Those shipping Dongfang Bubai and Linghu Chong are probably raging and screaming mad, ranting about how dare this happen, she sacrificed without anyone knowing, and all that. Well, all it takes is some positive thinking and imagination to come up with a completely different interpretation. To all the Dongfang Bubai and Linghu Chong fans, this alternate ending may satisfy you!

    [I found this analysis on Weibo and translated it, so it's not my ideas - In fact, I'm still only up to episode 17 but I really wanted to now what happened at the end.]

    Is everyone not understanding why the Dongfang Bubai who supposedly died, opened her eyes? Here’s an explanation -

    Dongfang Bubai did not die in the first place!

    So, what was the true ending?

    1. Dongfang Bubai didn’t lose her heart, she just swapped it with Ren Ying Ying’s.

    2. San Shi Nao Shen Dan (the poison) is Dongfang Bubai’s own creation.

    Think about it, this is Dongfang Bubai’s own poison, do you really think she doesn’t know how to cure it? Yes, she did tell Ping Yizhi that there’s no antidote, the only way was to swap the heart. But, can you honestly believe her? She said it on purpose! Of course, doing that was for Linghu Chong, to let the man she truly loves live happily with Ren Ying Ying and forget about her completely. (Our Cult Leader is so noble! This is true love!)

    Very obviously, according to Miss Dongfang’s top stage of development, Ren Ying Ying was revived and married Linghu Chong, the two of them lived happily ever after. Dongfang will forever sleep under the water. No, this is what Ping Yizhi thinks, and those viewers who don’t know the truth.

    Actually, the antidote for the San Shi Nao Shen Dan Poison is in fact the water from the ice lake. (Or perhaps something else in the pond, whatever it is – Dongfang Bubai knows what it is!) The very last scene when she opened her eyes and smiled means this was all planned by her.

    Remember when Dongfang kept asking Ping Yizhi to place her body in the ice pond? Think about it now – Wouldn’t there be another significant meaning?

    So what about afterwards? What happens Next?

    This is what I think: Dongfang Bubai comes out of the lake, then silently protects and guards her beloved, Linghu Chong. She’d wipe anyone out without even leaving a trace for those who would try and harm him. If Linghu Chong lives happily, then Miss Dongfang will be happy as well.

    (Such selfless love, can’t stand this!)

    The following Ending is for those who want Dongfang Bubai with Linghu Chong:

    One day, Ren Ying Ying suddenly died somehow. Then, Linghu Chong was so very sad beyond imagination. At this point, Dongfang is watches him with heartache, seeing Linghu Chong this sad was as bad as a knife cutting into her. Then, Linghu Chong decided to drown in alcohol. Until one day, Linghu Chong came to the edge of the cliff, thinking about her and is in more pain than ever. He walked closer to the edge and jumped down. At this moment, Dongfang Bubai appeared and pulled him back while hugging him and screaming. Linghu Chong stares at her with a huge, shocked look.

    Then, she told him everything.

    At the end, Dongfang Bubai and Linghu Chong lived happily ever after.

    Photo Tribute to Dongfang Guniang (Miss Dongfang)

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  • optimus610 says

    2014-12-28 04:59:53

    An acquaintance told me that Yu Zheng’s revised/will revise the ending for Swordsman 2013. In the new ending RYY dies, DFBB flies away and LHC roams the martial realm. I’ve attached the links sent to me below. Curious if anyone else has heard anything about this?



  • hirobo2 says

    2014-12-16 08:59:49

    You know, compared to most ambiguous endings in anime (especially OVAs), like Elfen Lied, this ending is 10x more satisfying and better.

    I never thought DFBB received RYY’s heart in exchange. I thought that the doc took DFBB’s heart out and that was that. So, having DFBB open her in the lake and smiling now makes sense.

    In the Jet Li movie (Legend of Swordsman II), they called DFBB “Asia the Invincible”. Yu Zheng’s ending really made her seem immortal!

    • hirobo2 says

      2014-12-17 09:50:52

      Also, at the end of the duet at the frozen lake, RYY wept tears and suddenly see a flashback of DFBB kissing LHC, while DFBB opens her eyes and smiles under the lake.

      Since when did DFBB ever have that kind of prolonged smile? The only person who ever smiled that way was RYY. The scene tells me RYY and DFBB have switched bodies.

      Also, if you remember, LHC once started out walking with RYY disguised as “auntie” in an earlier episode. After LHC fainted and woke up, “auntie” had been swapped with DFBB. To me it seemed like a pretty foretelling omen…

  • dare says

    2014-12-10 03:12:42

    I know that she wasn’t die.
    comeback to LHC??

    I prefer she find another man, who treasure her more than LHC.

    this kind of guy are make me sick.

  • DFBB&LHC says

    2014-10-20 06:14:02

    DFBB did not actually die. In the beginning of the episode she mentioned about the skills in the sunflower manual and said that she would have to practise the resurrection skill and blooming skill for a few more years. When she exchanged hearts with RYY and went into the ice lake it was probably so the coldness could heal her internal energy as she carried out the skill. Would have loved to see her with LHC though. Real pity.

  • Mr.D says

    2014-10-14 03:35:45

    awesome DFBB, love her with the deadly Embroidery Needles weapon ^^, btw did you guys already tried the Online Game version of Swordsman? a must try oneeee, i try it once and attached to it till now -_-, full inside out details bout swordsman and eye melting gameplay graphic..check it out guys http://bit.ly/SwordsmanOnline hope you guys feel the same way like me LOL

  • KMStev says

    2014-07-09 03:34:32

    I wish later seri of Swordsman can change ending story to make LHC live with DFBB together !!!!

  • swordsman1 says

    2014-06-08 09:45:40

    I just finished watching the series. I’m not a purist of the novel, so I didn’t mind the changes in this version. Since it’s a tv show, all that matters to me was the entertainment factor and does it make sense. so yeah it somewhat succeeded, i was entertained and was interested in this NEW VERSION. Overall, i thought it was ok. It started good, then it lost some of its luster towards the end. However, I didn’t like the ending. I felt sad for the outcome of Dongfang Bubai. All the things she had done for her love, the unfairness from everyone towards her, and the misunderstandings she received is just too heart breaking. I’m one of the many people who prefers Dongfang Bubai ending up with Linghu Chong because they had a connection between them two. Either that or Linghu Chong ends with no one. i think those would had been better than the ending than what we saw, and here are my reasons.

    Ren YingYing loves and cares for LHC and marries him as we see in the series. DFBB started out as a ruthless demonic cult leader who later turns good and loves LHC too. RYY is an ok person. However, imo she was not so when we first meet her. My thought is she practically stole LHC from DFBB! For example, after freeing RYY father, her father offers LHC his daughter in marriage. LHC refuses and said “I already have someone in my heart.” RYY got upset after hearing it and knew he was referring to DFBB. Eventually she told her father that DFBB is being held at the temple because she knows her dad wants to kill DFBB, so off they went . She even told LHC all the things about DFBB trying to make her look .

    Another example is when RYY went back Black Wood Cliff to get inside info. before attacking/dethroning DFBB. There she is confronted by DFBB and was asked why you drew a picture of LHC. She answered something like “I like him and we were around each other the whole time while you were imprisoned at the temple. We are happy together.” RYY tricked DFBB causing her to believe they are becoming lovers, so DFBB went out and started massacring a lot of people. Another time before the showdown between LHC and DFBB, LHC and RYY holding hands together while running/escaping from Black Wood Cliff. DFBB saw it and probably thought it’s true that they are closed.

    You don’t mess with other people’s relationship; that’s despicable. RYY did just that; stealing LHC by using countless of schemes. Both LHC and DFBB had finally opened up their affections towards each other at the cave after the fight from snow wolves. That is when DFBB was becoming compassionate person. Who knows now what could have happen if they stay together. Maybe they would retired from the jianghu world and help LHC look for a care. Who knows. But, RYY’s jealousy and love for LHC broke them apart

    After DFBB fell off the cliff, everyone thought she had died. LHC and RYY feelings toward each other begins to grow. When DFBB finally comes back from nursing her injuries, she did not want to see LHC although she still really wanted to see him. I have a couple theories why she didn’t go reach out to LHC. 1. relationship with RYY was in place already, so she thinks LHC does not love her anymore. 2. she didn’t want to show her injured face to LHC because she fear LHC might think she is ugly. Ultimately, she gave up on her pursuit for her only love. I’m pretty sure LHC still loves but doesn’t want to admit it.

    As for LHC, he’s pretty . he doesn’t know who is good and who is . who is sincere and who is fake. They traveled, trained, drank, etc. for a long time. She transferred her own internal energy to save his ungrateful life twice. By doing that, she made herself weaker that cause her not being able to defend herself from LHC evil ex-master several times. All the things and sacrifices that DFBB did for him, and he still didn’t know if it is sincere. LHC, who is already a friend and already expressed feeling for her, didn’t even give her a chance to explain herself on why she killed all these people. From all the time they spent together, shouldn’t he know how she is by now. Yet his ex-master, who is more evil, gets by.

    So yeah, I didn’t like the ending. They made this NEW VERSION center around LHC and DFFB, giving them more screen time. My opinion, they should had made LHC and DFBB together in the end. That would had been better and made more sense because the amount of screen time they had together and the affection they portrayed. But, turned around and gave the ending to RYY who had smaller role with less connection with LHC. Anyways, I read a few postings that there were talks or rumors of a sequel. Does anyone know if it’s true?? Personally, I really like to see a continued sequel, so DFBB can get a proper ending. Too there’s no alternative ending. That would had been nice.


      2014-10-20 06:19:46

      DFBB did not die. In episode two she mentioned that in the sunflower manual contains a resurrection skill and a blooming skill which takes a few years for her to master. So i think when she swapped hearts with RYY she knows that she wouldn’t die due to that skill. When put into the ice lake the atmosphere will help her internal energy heal while she executes her resurrection. Really heart wrenching to see DFBB not end up with LHC.

  • optimus610 says

    2014-04-20 11:56:25

    Just finished watching the series yesterday. Have to admit its the only series of this type that got my emotions to flare a lot. Breaks my heart to see how DFBB ended up. Though it does look like she is alive. To a special alternate ending wasn’t shot and made available in a dvd box set of the series.

    It really doesn’t seem right that DFBB and LHC ended up that way. Though it’s clear the love each has for the other. I might be going a little overboard but DFBB love might be the purest I’ve seen in Wuxia. Someone also mentioned that the director felt pressure to change his original ending. I don’t know if that is true but it does seem the breakup was forced. I mean how can like 80-85% of the series you build up the DFBB and LHC relationship then completely shatter it the rest of the series with no real justification for doing so.

    I have nothing against RYY but she didn’t seem to have the chemistry with LHC like DFBB did. It’s also funny how DFBB reminded me more of Holy Lady from Laughing in the wind then this versions Holy Lady.

    Oh well overall good series and is worthy to be recommended. Though for me Laughing in the wind was a bit better.

  • Gary says

    2014-04-14 06:16:54

    I have just finished watching the show. Feel so sad for DFBB. I hope there will be a sequel, but up until now, no one talks about. However, for me i feel like the last episode shows many open ended, i can list three points which may lead to a sequel:

    1. LHC defeated Lin Ping Zhi and abandoned his kung-fu. He is no more dangerous, so why LHC and RYY have to locked him down in prison, he could just leave him at Hua Shan. So the scene when LHC and RYY visited LPZ was curios, and he did mention about revenge. I think this is 1st open ended, if it’s not, why the director had to put it on the last epidose.

    2. LHC and RYY ended up together, but RYY cary DFBB heart, and she said that she somehow alway feel sad but don’t know why. From this point, LHC and RYY may live together, but it’s not kinda happy at all, not really happy. Moreover, this result shows that the director make LHC become an ungrateful person. This is so wrong in so many levels. Yin Jong’s hero can never be this way, it’s so disrespectful to him.

    3. DFBB opened her eyes and smiled. It just can be an abstract meaning that her heart besides LHC, so she is happy. I don’t think so. She is DFBB, how the hell she accept to lose to RYY :) ). As your guys opinions, she didn’t dead in the first place, the poison is over ect… I totally agree, remember when she went to the cave at Hua Shan, what master Feng Qing Yang said was somehow like an encouragement. I think she ordered to put her in frozen lake, it’s obviously in purpose, to keep her alive and can be awakening. That’s all of her plan, she will come back.

    Along with these 3 points, movie rating is high, nice response, so why not making a sequel? I know it’s difficult to have a sequel and even impossible, but i’m still looking forward to watching next season. And if there could be a sequel, it should clarify my 3 points. LHC and DFBB should get together, she deserves a happy life (even i no more like LHC) , LPZ want to revenge.

    • Joe says

      2014-08-03 01:15:16

      I just finished watching the series yesterday and I’m also a little disappointed with the ending.

      After reading your post, I do believe that there may be a sequel! Your points are very good and I thought of some more potential pointers to a sequel.

      1. They built up Tianbo guang’s story a bit more in this version than in the last. The director gave him a backstory which showed how he became the rapist he currently was but we see a transformation for him where he becomes completely in love with the nun. However, there wasn’t a resolution to this story.

      2. The other female pugilist (the one who received facial reconstruction from the divine doctor) who provided comedic relief also searched for love throughout the entire series but in this respect too, we never really see a conclusion. The guy (who’s name I don’t remember) just runs off and she chases him again. Another possible point of continuation for a potential sequel.

  • Gary says

    2014-04-14 04:24:04

    I have just finished the series last night. Feel so sad for DFBB. I tried to search on the internet to see is there any announcement for part 2, but it’s seem not to be continued, right? However, from the last episode, there are three points which i think may lead to a sequel.

    1. After LHC defeated Lin Ping Zhi and abandoned his martial art, he and Ying Ying locked him down in the place where YY’s father used to be. What is the point? LHC could leave him at Hua Shan, he is no more dangerous. Moreover, he is not main character, so why did the director had to make this scene, to mention about him. And what Lin Ping Zhi said at the last episode is really curios, he want to revenge everyone.
    2. LHC and RYY ended up together (it makes me mad). This result turned LHC into an ungrateful person. This is not acceptable, i know the director changed the story and ha did a good job (except LHC-DFBB could not get together), but making a Jin Yong’s Hero become that way is disrespect. Futhermore, LHC and RYY can live together but it does not mean that the can live happily. You can see clearly that RYY always feel sad and attracted by the frozen lake.So, not really happy at all.
    3. DFBB opened her eyes and smiled. As you guys opinions, i totally agree, she is not dead, the poison is over etc… And don’t forget what master Feng Qing Yang told her when she came to the cave, it’s somehow like an encouragement. She ordered to put her under frozen lake, it pretty makes sense, to keep her alive, i think so. And all these things are her plan.

    I know the movies is over and up until now, there is not a single news about any sequel. But logically, it should have one. Because, the rating was high, nice response, plus all three points i mention above. The director have to give LHC back as a gratitude perso , DFBB deserves a better life and live happily after all things she did to pay back her mistakes and her scarified for LHC, the revenge of Lin Ping Zhi. Despite, the sequel is perhaps impossible, i still hope and looking forward to watching next season.

  • DFBB says

    2014-04-13 11:22:33

    DFBB did not die. In the first place, Ping Yizhi swapped their hearts because DFBB is immune to the poison, so since the heart transplant was successful, of course the poison in the heart was neutralized as well.

  • MagWise says

    2014-03-03 12:59:31

    that LHC’s love for RYY grew out of companionship. He recognises her as a good girl, acknowledges her love for him and her staying by his side to help him take care of injured Lingshan and all – in other words, he intentional accepted RYY, because she had the fortune of a NORMAL girl status. During this whole period, he was still thinking about DFBB, still bereaved from their sudden parting, still lost about how things between them turned out like that. Remember when he found out she was not dead in ep. 41, he ran to her room, yelled for her to come out to meet him and said,”I still cannot understand, why did you come to Huashan? Why did you get close to me? Did you have a motive? You killed so many people, was it really just to expand your power? I really did not expect that someone who supported me and walked by my side for so long, was different from who I think she is. Where are you? I want to hear your explanation. Really.”

    To me, I felt it’s so very clear that LHC will always feel sad over the abruptly-halted relationship with DFBB. He will always feel lost over the “whys”, the “what ifs”, because he truly loved her and there was chemistry between them. He will always wonder “why did it turn out like that?”, and hold disbelief and shock over the fact that she is DFBB. And it is unfortunate that he and DFBB never had the time for explanations, for renewed acceptance of each other. I mean, heck, RYY’s dad was a major kickass baddie, and LHC has qualms about that? (although he refused to join his sect, and maybe because they are not romantically involved so his reaction is more mild? Lol..)

    At the end of the day, LHC just did not have the courage to pursue his love for DFBB. He went for the normal substitute love/companionship that he saw/found in RYY. I’m actually kinda disappointed in him for that. Every time, he just watched DFBB float away from him with something like helplessness and wishful-ness in his eyes.

    I mean, I know the script can’t deviate too much the original novel, but heck, why can’t the director come out and just say, “I am making an alternate version of Swordsman” right from the start and give us a story with a proper ending?

  • dramafan14 says

    2014-02-04 03:03:28

    I just finished watching the series. Wow, the power of Dongfan’s love for LHC took my breath again.. her sacrifice was so moving, it’s been two days that i finished series and there is still this ache in my heart.

    I have a couple of questions for fellow fans out there:

    1. Did LHC love her? Did he love Dongfan more than Ren Yin Yin?
    2. It was difficult for him to admit his love for Dongfan given his commitment to Yin Yin, the tension between good/evil, and his inability to accept her as a killer…. but when she asked him “did you ever love me?” why couldn’t him at least nod or admit that he once did or still does? At the edge of the cliff, he said “Ms. DF will always be in my heart” but that isn’t the same as admitting that he loves her. So do you guys think that the love was mutual? Or it once was at some point, but it faded on LHC’s end because of misunderstandings and growing love for Yin Yin? It’s just so hard to accept that LHC no longer loved DF strongly towards the end….because they had such poignant interactions.
    3. Wil there be a TV sequel to this show?

    • Dongfang Bubai Fan says

      2014-02-06 08:09:14

      1. LHC loves his little sister Lingshan the most. RYY was a consolation prize because DFBB refused to see him while he was in the room at the nunnery.
      2. Originally it was suppose to be LHC & DFBB ending up as a pair. The director Yu Zheng after getting much bombardment from The novel fans butchered his own work by destroying the relationship btw DFBB & LHC. The dude who played LHC was also reluctant to end up with DFBB bcoz she is his ex real life girl.
      3. Wil there be a TV sequel to this show? No bcoz Dongfang Guniang is dead

    • MagWise says

      2014-03-03 12:50:20

      I found this website when I was 15 episodes into Swordsman and was really getting into it. Of course, I was prepared for spoilers when I started reading the comments – they made me more curious instead and I was in a prepped frame of mind when watching to detect more subtle meanings underlying the show or a character’s behaviour.

      Finally finished watching ep. 42 last night, and I was so so so sad that I just had to come back here to share what I think on some key points (this is going to be a lengthy piece):-

      1) Did LHC love Dongfan? Did he love her more than Ren Yin Yin?

      My take, after reading all opinions even before watching the end, and finally getting to watch it myself, is this — LHC definitely loved her more than Ren Yin Yin.

      Put it this way, Lingshan was his first love, his childhood sweetheart. LHC has the capacity for loving freely (a good and thing), because of his open character, suave perspective towards life and death. He values kinship. Hence, he liked/loved Lingshan despite the fact that we, the audience can see that she’s really quite spoiled, very girlish and not womanly at all. She was the first female that he spent a long time with in his life, and being non-judgemental, non-selective and all-compassing guy that he is, he accepted her with all his heart. Their relationship is all the more poignant because like LHC said in later part when he saved Lingshan, that his time at Huashan was the best parts of his life where he/they were the most carefree and innocent, not exposed to the existence of and betrayal. But he also recognises later that it is no longer love he felt for Lingshan, although he will always care very much about her because they spent 10-20 years of their life together. He treats her truly as a sister, a childhood friend.

      Then comes Dongfang Bu Bai. The director truly deserves a knock on the head for having her appear and lead the show from the beginning, then having her disappear for almost half the series!! That was where Ren Ying Ying had the chance to come in. What did I say about LHC’s character earlier? That he has a capacity for loving freely (a good and thing) and that he values kinship? If you look at it, DFBB and RYY pretty much come into his life the same way – out of nowhere, one as Brother Dong, one as Granny. They both gave him help, and had a period of time to interact with him, be by his side. But the difference lies in the impression DFBB made on LHC vs RYY. She trained with him, they drank, fought others and laughed together. With her, he was truly himself. She was female, but yet has a sense of tomboyish-ness and suaveness that clicked with LHC’s character.

      Was he this way with RYY? Probably he may do things like couple-training with her or whatever after they got married, but like what another commentator Dongfang Bubai Fan says, RYY is really a consolation prize.

      Watching the later half of the show with knowledge of the ending in my mind, it became very clear to me that LHC’s love for RYY grew out of companionship. He recognises her as a good girl, acknowledges her love for him and her staying by his side to help him take care of injured Lingshan and all – in other words, he intentional accepted RYY, because she had the fortune of a NORMAL girl status. During this whole period, he was still thinking about DFBB, still bereaved from their sudden parting, still lost about how things between them turned out like that. Remember when he found out she was not dead in ep. 41, he ran to her room, yelled for her to come out to meet him and said,”I still cannot understand, why did you come to Huashan? Why did you get close to me? Did you have a motive? You killed so many people, was it really just to expand your power? I really did not expect that someone who supported me and walked by my side for so long, was different from who I think she is. Where are you? I want to hear your explanation. Really.”

      To me, I felt it’s so very clear that LHC will always feel sad over the abruptly-halted relationship with DFBB. He will always feel lost over the “whys”, the “what ifs”, because he truly loved her and there was chemistry between them. He will always wonder “why did it turn out like that?”, and hold disbelief and shock over the fact that she is DFBB. And it is unfortunate that he and DFBB never had the time for explanations, for renewed acceptance of each other. I mean, heck, RYY’s dad was a major kickass baddie, and LHC has qualms about that? (although he refused to join his sect, and maybe because they are not romantically involved so his reaction is more mild? Lol..)

      At the end of the day, LHC just did not have the courage to pursue his love for DFBB. He went for the normal substitute love/companionship that he saw/found in RYY. I’m actually kinda disappointed in him for that. Every time, he just watched DFBB float away from him with something like helplessness in his eyes.

      I mean, I know the script can’t deviate too much the original novel, but heck, why can’t the director come out and just say, “I am making an alternate version of Swordsman” right from the start and give us a story with a proper ending?

  • Matt says

    2014-01-23 01:43:38

    Just finished watching it. WOW! Great story!!!!:) I felt sorry for DFBB though, sad for her not being together with LHC. I think at the end, LHC should have said at least a ‘SORRY’ for the misunderstanding since she confessed it, but guessed not. I think I like this ending better than the real one. I mean, for DFBB, at least she did some good deeds there saving 3 lives, LHC’s YingYing’s and including herself.
    Do you think there will be a sequel to this movie? Idk if you’ve read this or not but check it out
    It would be awesome to have one, don’t you agree? :) )

    • franny_fo says

      2014-03-17 07:56:34

      LOL i wrote that for fuun didnt realise ppl would really read it. shld i continue it?

    • MystX says

      2014-08-10 11:19:03

      Please I hope that fanfiction continues with a happy ending for LHC and DFBB together.

  • Malyza says

    2014-01-08 04:18:08

    I wish this drama will have part 2. I want Dongfang Bubai become a good lady and end up be together with Linghu Chong. Just kill Ren Ying Ying. I the writer who broke Dongfang Bubai and Linghu Chong. I believe that this drama will get more love if Dongfang Bubai and Linghu Chong be together till the end of the drama. I’m still sad about the ending. Honestly, I can’t accept the face that Linghu Chong forgot Dongfang Bubai and married with Ren Ying Ying. If this drama want Dongfang Bubai dead, they should make Linghu Chong alone at the end. I want he keeps his hear for Dongfang Bubai only one. That’s true love!!

  • Malyza says

    2014-01-08 04:01:02

    I’m a fan of this drama. I was so sad about the ending cuz Dongfang Bubai and Linghu Chong didn’t up end be together :( I the writer!!!!!!! I just love this couple. They are my Taiwanese idol.

  • PD says

    2014-01-04 09:05:01

    Just finished watching this series and absolutely loved it. I was torn between rooting for Ying Ying vs. DFBB. The last scene between DFBB and Luchong was quite good, lots of emotion there. I think it was great that DFBB was able to make one last sacrifice out of her love for Luchong. Thought the ending was unnecessary i.e. Ying Ying having a flashback of DFBB’s kiss as well as DFBB opening her eyes (don’t like the idea that she might have somehow survived). It would been better if at the end, Luchong and Ying Ying play the duet with zither/flute while the camera zooms in on DFBB smiling with her eyes closed.

    But all-in-all, a fantastic series!

  • JackDevil says

    2013-10-04 06:56:24

    Well, finally I watched last episode this series.
    There should be 1article more: Novel vs Adaptation(this one).

    Storylines is pretty well rewritted. I really like this version(specially ending). Ofcourse screenwritter must keep atleast basic from JY´s novel.
    bs we all though DFBB(by novel) should be man(born), who is castrated for his martial arts. But in this version, DFBB is born as a girl, who disguise as a man.
    Is was pretty hard for me accept it. And took me really over 1/2 show to take it.
    Althought RWX(RYY father) still considered DFBB as a male not a female

    For me:
    JY´s novel is about politics among sects, sometimes is mirroring nearly about fighting in political parties. Not just about love´s story. Love story is just background for ppl which way they prefer choose? Love,right,evil,friendship atc.

    This adaptation is more about: love and who is better hypocrite or intrique. For me DFBB wins in any fields(love,intrique n manipulations) in this adaptation. Her heart is beside LHC till the end. n RYY is just empty shell, which she can manipulate anytime. Ofc it just heart transplanst but is more symbolical than just replacing heart.

    Anyway DFBB is only one who really die for LHC. Deside just only by this adaptation:love toward to LHC: DFBB>RYY>YL>YLS.
    Firstly RYY just using LHC to free her father n fell inlove with LHC. DFBB met LHC by accident, they met because of destiny. She sacrifice more for LHC than RYY. She can even change herself for him.

    • KungfuPanda says

      2013-12-13 01:06:35

      I am expecting that Ling Hu Chong would tell DFBB that he alwiz love her but he can’t accept her due to her previous crime and his commitment to RYY. They should have an unforgettable romantic moment together. Ling Hu Chong should commit suicide by jumping to lake after knowing DFBB’s sacrifice after RYY leave him.

    • Fan says

      2013-12-13 04:14:18

      LHC did admit he loved DFBB. He nodded when she asked. They shared a gentle kiss. Love is about sacrifice.

  • fran says

    2013-09-21 10:06:39

    They should soooo create a sequal whr dongfang bubai ends up with linghu chong

  • AfanOfDFBBLHC says

    2013-07-25 09:22:04

    I can’t believe the writer did this to me. T___T I shipped DFBB and LHC so badly. Why the writer is so cruel to my DFBB ?

    Well, I am only up to eps 25, but I couldn’t wait to see how the ending would look like so I jumped to the finale episode. My heart has been stolen away by DFBB and LHC, after knowing the ending How am I supposed to finish the rest episodes ? T____T

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-07-25 11:21:51

      I know how you feel, i am really sad for DFBB as well but the ending made sense for her to sacrifice. I think if that didnt happen to her, her character probably wouldn’t have made such an impact, so in a way, it’s precisely this ending that made us really really appreciate her! :)

    • Reena says

      2013-07-26 02:11:48

      Yes she did sacrifice but in a way she still won in the end, if you look at it at a bright side. Thought i saw something DFBB said about ‘This woman you love, her heart is mine’ so in the end her heart will always be with LHC. She didnt exactly needed him to be by her side physically. Her name is after all Dongfang Bubai which also means Unbeatable East, thus in the end she would still end up to be winner :)

    • AfanOfDFBBLHC says

      2013-07-27 12:09:17

      I agree with you both. The one thing I know DFBB has won my heart. Her character is indeed special, although the title itself ‘Swordsman’ tells that the main character is a swordsman which is LHC but DFBB stole the show and my heart as well, thus I used to anticipate her appearance in each episode of the show.
      Although her character is a bit cruel and merciless but I can’t her because I know she’s only a woman who wants to be strong enough to protect herself from any harm. I just found her awesome and respected her even more.
      So to summarize, for me DFBB is the main character, she marks a special spot in my heart. The ending itself makes me appreciate her and remember her existence.

    • AfanOfDFBBLHC says

      2013-07-27 12:18:15

      correction *I can’t her

    • asia says

      2013-08-06 04:43:41

      can you send me a link where i can watch the bride with white hair 2012 and swordsman 2013?

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-08-06 11:17:18

      I don’t think it’s really available or finished subbing. Try looking for Viki.

  • Alucard says

    2013-07-03 11:42:26

    Hello fellows!

    I do love to know, that is there any continuation for this?
    Like season 2 or something?
    It is very sad to see DongFang Bubai to became like this at the end.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-07-03 09:46:28

      I don’t think there will be a season 2 cos this is based on the original novel which was its own story, i think her ending like that is justified and what made her really special, so we just have to imagine our own endings for her :D A lot of characters end up this way, it takes some positive thoughts and soon you will come up with a perfect ending for them!

    • Dongfang Xue says

      2013-07-03 11:25:08

      Yes there would be a season 2 too where DFBB resurface from the frozen lake and meets a new lover and truly retires from the jiang hu living a simple reclusive life…one where she has been longing for :)

      The ending in my fan fiction and translation will have a different ending though :D the ending that most of you would like to see.

      @ Reena thanks for letting everyone know about it over here.

    • Alucard says

      2013-07-08 05:57:03

      Ah..thanks a lot!

      so do you know or approx, the date of unleash?

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-07-08 06:00:48

      Sorry but date for what to be unleashed? I forgot>< LOL

    • Alucard says

      2013-07-09 09:01:37

      The release of Swordsman season 2 date?

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-07-09 09:11:12

      Oh, it actually doesn’t exist.

    • Alucard says

      2013-07-09 09:19:41

      so DongFang Xue is just typing false informations?

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-07-09 12:34:08

      I really have not heard anything about a sequel, all I know is Joe Chen just did a promo for the Swordsman online game as DFBB.

    • Alucard says

      2013-07-11 08:48:36

      I see…that’s disappointing..
      Thank you very much!

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-07-12 12:05:23

      Yes I know what you mean, I wanted a sequel too!

    • Xiao Ao Wanderer says

      2013-07-22 03:34:23

      ‘Alucard says
      2013-07-09 09:19:41
      so DongFang Xue is just typing false informations?’

      Please don’t make any accusations here. I did hear that there is a possibility of season 2 due to the great response of the current version but nothing confirmed yet. I saw it on some short news clip too.

      Dongfang Xue, are you the same person who is working on the adapted translation of Swordsman 2013 on http://newsmilingproudwanderer.blogspot.com/
      if u are, i love this alternative version of the story. Will LPZ and RYY end up together? YLS is probably gonna die right? Looking forward to more

  • DongFabubai Lover says

    2013-06-25 02:24:11

    i want to see dong fa bu bai with lingu chong…be together

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-06-25 07:00:21

      YEAH that would be nice to see as an alternate ending!

    • Dongfang Guniang Fan says

      2013-06-26 11:29:02

      Yes i like the New State of Divinity fiction! Finished reading chapter 8! Exciting climax for sure. Cant wait to read chapter 9.

    • Dongfang Guniang Fan says

      2013-06-26 11:30:55

      Finished reading chapter 8…climax is getting exciting. I like this alternate version for sure! Hoping that chapter 9 will be up soon :)

    • 东方白 says

      2013-06-26 11:37:48

      Looking at the story progression of the fan faction i’m certain that LHC and DFBB are set to be together. Climax of the story is building up for sure. Nice alternative version!

    • il son min says

      2013-08-25 12:03:14

      this is a great movie… but at the end of this movie i want to see dongfang buba with Linghu Chong, because Dongfang buba can change from her mind from (like kill someone without reason when she want to ) because the love Linghu Chong to her she can change to be a good ones. and one more things i see is… she has never lie someone to u to get her love.

  • Reena says

    2013-06-09 11:27:55

    A good friend of mine and also a big fan of the Swordsman 2012 has taken the time and effort to translate and adapt this wonder series. You can see the details here http://www.thenewstateofdivinity.blogspot.com/ Lastly, Chen Qiao En is the best Dongfang Bu Bai that i’ve seen! Hoping that there will be a new Swordsman Series coming up soon with a better ending for Linghu Chong and Dongfang Bu Bai!

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-06-10 06:48:13

      OH WOOWOWWW THAT IS AMAZING! Is that the translation of the novel or the series?
      THANK YOU SO SO SOOO much for sharing, I really look forward to reading those!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Reena says

      2013-06-16 10:59:49

      Sapphiresky it is the translation and adaptation of the series. I’m reading chapter 4 now. Wish the plot of the series was similar too haha!

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-06-17 12:32:37

      Wait, who’s the translator again? Wow that’s really cool you’re reading up to chapter 4 now!!!

    • Reena says

      2013-06-17 01:54:23

      The translator is a very good friend of mine who is so inlove with the series :D hope you enjoy the adaptation and translation like i am

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-06-17 11:04:20

      OH EXCELLENT I will be reading it in detail when I get a chance, THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing, once again :D It’s always so good to see people doing fan translations!!

    • Reena says

      2013-06-17 09:53:45

      The translator is a good friend of mine. Hope you’ enjoy reading it :)

    • Dongfang Wu Que says

      2013-06-17 10:43:31

      Reena i just started reading chapter 1 of the blog. Hoping for a better ending :)

    • XOJH fan says

      2013-06-18 08:09:13

      I finished reading the first 5 chapters in http://www.thenewstateofdivinity.blogspot.com. The plot in this fan fiction has definitely changed from the original XOJH. DFBB is a total female here, and it is stated her biological brother is Hua Shan’s 3rd apprentice, Cheong Mo Kuet….Isn’t this borrowing the character of Cheung Mou Kei (Zhang Wu Ji) from HSDS? And Ren Yingying, is stated as the biological sister of Linghu Chung….The author is definitely going for an alternative ending. Looks like LHC will end up with DFBB and RYY with CMK…Anyway a good enjoyable read, with a very refreshing alternative version.

    • Reena says

      2013-07-01 11:36:01

      Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing well and enjoying life. Just a quick update for those who are following my friend’s New State of Divinity fiction, there has been some alterations. His girlfriend has decided to take over and revamp the whole blog. She is using the exact characters of the story with no additional ones but the story line is definitely going to be different from certain angels. If you are interested plesase go to the new blog page @ http://newsmilingproudwanderer.blogspot.com/ feel free to comment on her blog as all views are appreciated. Take care!

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-07-02 07:33:04

      OH PHEW thank god the site is still up I was worried that it was going to be taken off or something. I REALLY appreciate you posting the new link!!

    • Reena says

      2013-07-02 09:47:09

      sapphiresky you’re very welcome. i’m glad my friend is carrying on with the translation and adapting it to a different version too. just finished reading chapter 2. Ying Ying is now DFBB’s sister hehehehe. Looks like Ying Ying has a crush on LPZ too guess the sisters wont be fighting over LHC anymore :D

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-07-03 09:43:51

      Ohhh wow that’s awesome that you’re reading it as well! I take a while to get through things when it comes to reading so it may take me a bit longer but it will be relaly interesting to see how YY and LPZ end up!!

  • Zhang` says

    2013-05-08 06:16:03

    Actually, the plot for DFBB and LHC in this series, more like Bai Fa Mo Nu Zhuan? anyone watch it? so much misunderstanding between them. so sad :(

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-05-08 01:15:43

      WOW really? I kind of sneaked a little at the ending of White Haried Demoness and it looks almost happy even though I heard it was a sad ending, that’s really tragic >_<

    • Fan says

      2013-05-27 03:09:06

      The misunderstanding is there but not the same as the “the bride with white hair.”

      “Swordman” is more on the verge of missing to meet up with one another in a scene and leading up to farther trouble. While “the bride with white hair” is more misunderstanding between characters so there is trouble etc.

      LWC and DFBB is pretty clear on terms of who they are and where their moral compass lies.

  • Zhang says

    2013-05-05 12:50:20

    from my point of view, DFBB might not be that old, We dont know the age different between LHC with YLS, they might few years different, not to say with YL. let say DFBB is 12 years older then YL, when YL was 4 (she was hide in the basket), DFBB age is only 16, and how we know how much age different between YL and LHC? YL much much younger than LHC. All story never shown that when YBC picked LHC at what age. This is the inconsistent of the story line, when they try to make YL as DFBB little sisters.
    -. Not try to ruin your all happy ending, but can heart transplant be transfer with live donor? well, hope that Ping Yizhi is God-like doctor, so he can do that, otherwise, DFBB has no chance.
    - Also, one other matter worth mentioning, about LHC n DFBB, they will never be together, as to remember, in original story (JY version), it is LHC who fall for DFBB because he tought she is a woman, but he is NOT a woman from the 1st place, but in this adaptation, the writer is making him as her, so if the writer want another ending, the title should not be Xiao Ao Jiang Hu anymore :) just my 2 cents.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-05-05 08:09:24

      That’s really really interesting too. Though I am curious to know what age she was when Yingying was about 8 years old in the beginning of the series. Since she didn’t look any different, it felt as if she never aged, but I often see people being together who are 20 years age difference. 10 years is even more common, so yes, that’s extremely interesting to think about.
      Wow so in the original, LHC fell in love with DFBB?
      I’m curious to know what happened there, all I know was DFBB there was a man.

    • Blinded says

      2013-05-06 12:14:26

      Actually in JY’s Smiling Proud Wanderer Dongfang Bubai is more like a legendary bogeyman that lurks around. The only time LHC (and readers) actually meet the First Swordsman of Jianghu is when he and his companions come to kill him (needless to say DFBB beats the out of the four sword wielding masters with a single sewing needle and is defeated only because Yingying attacks YLT to break Dogfang’s concentration).

      LHC’s thoughts on DFBB are more on the line of “Eww, this is so gross and embarrassing… a weathered old man painting himself and wearing flowery dress of a young lady”.

      So no, in original LHC has no attraction whatsoever to DFBB and neither does DFBB who only heard of LHC’s causing waves in Jianghu through YLT.

      I don’t know what version of Smiling Proud Wanderer you’ve read but the version (the third edition) I read was kinda clear about it.

    • Zhang says

      2013-05-06 10:48:46

      Well, my , actually i mixed up my memory with some of the movie, in one of the movie, i think Swordsman (Briggete Lin and Jet Li star on it), it mention that LHC mistaken DFBB for girl, and he fell for her, but I just check from the original story (got collection of few JY books), they never met, up until RWX, RYY, XWT and LHC go to HMY to confront DFBB, but correct me if i am wrong. :)

    • Zhang says

      2013-05-06 10:50:58

      Blinded, yup you are right, i messed up with some of the movie version. and yup, blinded is right that DFBB much2 older, maybe as old as RWX.

    • Fan says

      2013-05-27 03:03:16

      We know that YLS is younger then LWC due to him addressing her as xiao xi mui, young young sister peer. So he should be 4 to 6 years older because their is xiao* before xi mui.

      xi mui means young peer, xiao means young or small. That means YLS should be at least a good number of years younger then LWC since they are from the same generation.

      That means DFBB is older then LWC but their gap should be not that far apart. Estimation would be 5 to 10 years at most. The possibility of 10 year gap is very small though.

  • Blinded says

    2013-05-04 03:55:44

    @ Fan:

    1) You are right. at that point I was not aware that this DFBB is actually a woman and not the original Drag-Queen (and very weird!) Dongfang. far less creepy the way this 2013 version is.

    I should adjust my analysis to the facts of 2013 series.

    2&3) I absolutely did not appreciate the Spoiler there….

    True on the ranking/honorific thing. Though I guesses DFBB’s age based on Novel (where he is sworn and bosom brother of an old man of 50s and 60s), and not the TV show, which clearly is very different from the original fiction. And I really don’t want to be warned of these differences before seeing them and gaping in shock on my own.


    I agree with your analysis of Dongfang in Brothel scene. She usually pretends to be Brother DFBB and is treated as such by her followers, so these moments of “deception” are her very rare moments of letting go without spilling her secrets.


    I’ve some theories as to way (at least in Novel) only a eunuch could learn this skill which are basically revolving around the fact that Sunflower Manual for all its brilliance is rather easy to learn but at the same time nobody besides a eunuch could create such a thing: the Qi manipulations of this technique are simply too suicidal and harmful for a normal person to consider and they would die before getting past the very first step.

    The inventor, who both have a deep understanding of Qi manipulation and a very unique position for a master-hand martial artist, realized this opportunity and attempted something naturally impossible and the result was Sunflower Manual.

    The impossibility has something to do with Cold and Hot chi. From 2001 series it appears that Sunflower Manula creates a Hot/male chi while increases the Cold/female chi of the user and causes them to become more feminine (if not in body then in mentality).

    After all I know of Eunuchs who are not half as mentally female as DFBB (novel) and one can concludes DFBB’s mentality was caused by the skill he was practicing.

  • Blinded says

    2013-05-03 01:34:30

    Well… there ARE some tales about Taoist Immortal sages who achieved immortality (Duh!) through cultivating their inner energies.

    Considering Sunflower Manual is rather unique in regard to Qi it is indeed possible:

    If a man who still has manhood practices it he will burn himself inside out, or so I’ve read. And considering male/yang/warm and female/Yin/cold thing, I would imagine if a woman practices it she would freeze herself to death. A Eunuch, neither female nor male can achieve the perfect balance needed to learn the (frankly, evil) art, and considering the inventor of this art was a Jianghu hero who was later in life castrated and became a court eunuch it makes sense why this imbalance exists in this art.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-05-04 01:42:50

      It’s interesting but before watching this, I didn’t actually realise that to castrate himself, he becomes more feminine. I just thought he’d loose that part of him but never thought it would make him act like a female, so that was an interesting learning experience.
      Now it makes sense to why all the eunuchs sometimes talk like a girl.
      That’s a really interesting point there with why it’s so important to be a eunuch in order to learn this method correctly. This should be a separate article to explain! I wish I knew more about this!

  • Blinded says

    2013-05-03 05:17:39

    I find DFBB pairing with LWC to be rather creepy, and not because DFBB was once male, of some sort (I thin properties of Sunflower Manual are equal to any modern medical procedure for this sort of things, and if religious big shots are cool with it, who am I to disagree?) It’s the age difference!! DFBB is supposedly old enough to be LWC’s father/mother (people will become sect elder well into their 30s after all).

    As for why first poison and then save? My answer would be “jealousy”. DFBB was jealous of Yingying being born female, being pretty (DFBB was plenty pretty, but not being born a woman it’s only natural that she would become self-conscious about her beauty and needs to be told that she is in fact beautiful as a woman), and more importantly being with DFBB’s beloved.

    So she eliminated the subject of her suffering by poison.

    But she also loved LWC a great deal and could not see him suffer due to Yingying’s condition (which was caused by DFBB herself) and for the feeling that LWC might never be able to return.

    So love overpowered jealousy and She decided to right her wrong and by sacrificing her life she would ensure her beloved’s happiness and love (if not as a lover, then as someone who saved his love).

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-05-03 12:49:45

      OMG YEAH you’re right about that, it’s as if DFBB had some magic power that never aged cos she was like her current age when LHC wasn’t even born yet, so I wonder what the age difference is or has she achieved some kind of immortality with aging…
      I actually saw the part where she poisoned and saved now so I totally understand the story, I will be writing another article about all of those things when I get the chance :D
      I really like that even though she was jealous and poisoned her, she realised her mistake and decided to turn things around and sacrifice herself.
      Thanks so much for your input, it is always REALLY interesting to read what others think!

    • Fan says

      2013-05-03 06:38:05


      I think your confused about somethings:
      1)DFBB is a naturally born female in Swordsman 2013, there a flash back scene of her past revealing she female and water wet clothes scene, LWC discovering her true gender.

      2)LWC knows this, Yilin (DFBB little sister) knows this, Ying Ying also knows this through LWC, other characters may or may not know, depending on their intelligence.

      3) The age gap is around 7-10 years give or take because LWC is around the same age as Yilin (DFBB little sister).

      And things that you are correct in:
      1)DFBB quite jealous of Ying Ying, she poisoned her. Women wrath are quite scary in fiction and reality.
      2)DFBB was in the same wuxia generation as Ren Wo Xing, but in wuxia/murim world your honorifics depends on your rank.

      A 15 year old could be grand uncle master to a 40 year old if that 15 year old share the same master of the 40 year old’s sifu.

    • bjharm says

      2013-05-04 03:03:21

      for me it would not be that Yingying was born a woman, it I think has been decided that BongFang was always a female,[in this version] so it was perhaps that she could freely live her life as a woman while BangFang could not was more the reason, and of course LWC. I remember the brothel scene where BongFang went overboard on being a woman, it seemed from sheer relief in allowing herself the freedom of being a woman rather than pretending to be a male.
      It kind of reminds me of the korean drama Painter In The Wind, where the girl was forced from a very early age to be male, and her falling for a beautiful courtesan. To me I felt she/he feel in love with the image the courtesan as a woman that she/he dreamed she could be but was trapped as a male rather than say a physical attraction. While in Swordsman beacuse of DongFang somewhat twisted personailty and
      the fact both where in love with LWC that feeling of..I could have been her {Yingying} turned into an impluse to destory on DongFang’s part.

    • Fan says

      2013-05-04 04:09:12

      @ bjharm
      In this series:
      DFBB abandons her identity as a women because her master wouldn’t take a women to be his disciple due to clan regulations. She also felt that the male identity made her more respectable. Her real name is Dong Fong Ba (told LWC) she changed it to Dong Fong Bu Bai when she assume her male identity, joining the Day Moon Clan.

      The flower manual was just a clever excuse to re assume her female identity whenever she wants hence keeps people guessing. Though the techniques and arts within the flower manual did boost her strength to top of the marital art world, I think it made her unstable as in impulsive to kill when angered or threatened. For she was not a castrated man. This is just speculation.

  • Fan says

    2013-03-29 11:01:01

    Even though I like this series there are a few mistakes. One notable one was that Dongfang Bubai didn’t recognize Dugu 9 Jian, when she saw ling wu chung practicing Dugu 9 Jian in the Hua repenting mountain. A person of her caliber in martial arts should recognize Dugu 9 Jian, a martial art that was regarded as undefeated legend. She described it as a combination of various sect sword arts with no technique behind it. Dugu 9 Jian in this series/novel is suppose to be the best sword arts even superior the Flower manual that she practiced.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-30 01:26:40

      OH YES you’re right that she should have recognised the Dugu 9 Jian! DARN IT I’m up to the part where that huge misunderstanding is about to happen when she kills a lot of people. That part is soooo hard for me to get to cos misunderstandings makes me sooo depressed lol
      But yes, I think there’s little blooper/mistakes in almost all series I’ve seen, perhaps sometimes there may be more inconsistencies if written by different people.

    • fan says

      2013-03-30 11:22:05

      Your up to the part where he stabbed her? That part was shocking to me when I first saw it. Lol there was a mistake at that part too, she was stab twice through the body and yet she seem fine, just little tired and sad (First time she got stab by some evil person while she was screaming her lungs out and second time by ling wu chung) Then they skip to her ordering her subordinates to kill men that were heartless. They should have showed a scene of her tending to her wounds at least. In wuxia that got be funny because no matter how powerful you are if you get stab twice through the body like that you should at least faint. I was assuming both times they stab her, missed her vitals. Of she has a really god body to sustain wounds like that.
      I didn’t think the guy who stab her the first time was able to actually stab her because I thought that her force field was going to redirect his sword, guess she wasn’t paying attention or that the force field could only block internal energy attacks.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-31 06:27:08

      I’m up to the part right before he stabs her but I kind of skipped to that part already just to see what happened LOL!
      WHOA you are right, she was sable to survive both stabs like nothing happpened. That’s hell of a lot of power she has. It’was amazing that earlier in the show, she drank the poison and just instantly recovered. She really does have a God-like body!
      But I think it’s in her ability to not be affected by the wound, cos it’s really small to her. If small wounds were able to harm her, she proably would’ve died a long time ago, just like the poison.

    • Fan says

      2013-03-31 02:59:31

      Throughout the series she has been injured couple of times that cause her not to be able to use martial arts 100%. When ling wu chung evil master had someone impersonate him, luring her to the hua mountain bridge then collapseing it, she fell and slammed into side of the mountain, holding onto a part of the bridge. It injured her enough that she nearly dead when she faced his master for revenge later on because she was fainting from the injured internal chi and ling wu chung had to hold off his master so ten bak kong can carry her and leave. I think internal energy and blunt force seem to injured her more when they damage her non-vitals. Of course if you stab her in the heart or vitals she die like any person would.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-04-01 03:39:19

      I think her injury there was because she had given most of her internal energy to LHC so she didn’t have tht self protection mechanism that she would’ve if she had it, don’t forget later she was at the shaoling place for a while and recovered a lot of it, because I think those icy places really help with recovering internal strength. I can see why that before she gave her energy, she was able to withstand the poison but after, she couldn’t fly away because she didn’t have enough inside to sustain her, but when she recovered, she was able to withstand the hits /sword strikes again !
      But yes i don’t think she was stabbed on her vitals, cos they looked like they were both in the upper arm part.

    • bjharm says

      2013-04-01 03:36:48

      I think she was stabbed both times beacuse no matter how powerful she is her one ‘weakness’ Ling Wu Chung was the reason both time, the first time it seems that Ling Wu Chung was hit by his master and she hugged him distracted allowed his master to attack her from behind and she maybe weakened by sharing her life force in saving Ling Wu Chung, the second time when Ling Wu Chung stabbed her, she pretty much allowed him to. It to be noted that if she was so powerful to pretty much take getting stabbed through the body as if was a flesh wound then putting herself to sleep underwater would not be that much of a big step. I note also that while Ling Wu Chung and her love for him was her weakness it was of course also her redemption.
      I always think of Huang Rong when I see conflicted female baddies. She was heading down the same path as her father before she meet Guo Jing. That is if someone bothers you you kill them and that the end of the matter, it was not that her father was totally evil but he was by normal standards immoral. That why for me they made a great couple she with the brains and ruthlessness and he the moral and forgivness.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-04-01 03:47:54

      YES SO VERY TRUE! I think as Huang Rong said, nobody taught her to be kind, so she saw the way to go would be to kill the enemies. I like that their differences kind of inspire each other, that was a really cool that his moral/forgiveness influenced her a lot.
      YESSS THATS A BRILLIANT POINT you brought up that it was both because of LHC, and he was her main weakness.
      I wonder what she was thinking when she asked him to kill her, because it almost seems like she was very shocked when he did it, which I think he did out of surprise than anything else, as he was overwhelmed that too many people died because of him.

    • Fan says

      2013-04-01 03:47:42

      Oh yeah forgot that she lost some of her internal chi because she gave it to ling wu chung =) As for the moral issue in wuxia. There is a difference between planning to kill someone and then do so v.s. killing someone because they were trying to kill you. Who is the target is also important.
      The reason why I wouldn’t compare Huang Rong to DFBB is that DFBB planned to kill Ying Ying mother who she known for somewhat years and are friends with, at least Ying Ying mother trusted her even though deep down DFBB couldn’t care less. I can’t picture Huang Rong doing the same thing to someone she would call a friend and then kill them on a wim.
      I like characters with flaws it makes them more human and it really interesting to warch their growth within a series.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-04-01 07:57:58

      YEAH! Characters with flaws indeed makes them interesting. Though sometimes, I find people say characters are perfect when they’re not, so that confuses me a great deal, like sometimes, people say a character is too perfect therefore boring, but when I watch it, I find tha they do have flaws, or at least have issues to grow from. But anyway, I do think HR and DFBB is very different that HR never actually killed, but I feel that she had always been like Hongqi as in, she’s fine with teaching the people a lesson but she doesn’t touch the good ones. This reminds me of something Hongqi said when the Iron palm guy asked if anyone there never killed anyone good, and HQ said he only kileld villlains and really people. That’s how I thought of HR, even though she never killed anyone, she’d also have that same philosophy.

    • Fan says

      2013-04-01 04:43:49

      Anyone noticed that DDFB is actually a bit older then Ling Wu Chung. In age and marital art world she is his senior. =) Their relationship is sorta like xia long nu and yang guo from return of condor heroes. Except maybe there is more of an age gap. She is older then Ying Ying and Yilin (her sister). Ling Wu Chung is around ying, yilin age and only couple years older then them. Most likely Flower manual help her with her looks =)

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-04-01 08:06:25

      HOLY YOU ARE RIGHT! When Yingying was a kid, she was already really old, which means Linghu Chong would’ve been young at that time too, probably still a kid, so yes she is like his senior! Though she must have some kidn of power where she doesn’t age physically
      I always thought it was so funny that when ROCH started, Yang Guo was a kid, and Xiaolongnu looked the way she did, then he grew up , she still looked young and when he was an old man with gray hair, she still looked as young as ever LOL! It’s like she was a goddess who never aged.

    • Fan says

      2013-04-01 11:35:27

      Actually now that I think about it DFBB is quite older Ling Wu Chung. Recall, episode 1 her appearance and Yue Buqun was meant to be from the same generation. Yue Buqun didn’t have his old man mustache and posture and DFBB was already second command of the moon clan (Years past since she seperated from her sister) Ying Ying mother call DFBB “brother DFBB.” DFBB is younger then Ren Woxing. DFBB is old enough to be Ling Wu Chung great sister =)

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-04-02 02:50:28

      Whoa I almost forgot what Yue Buqun used to look like, Ning looked so much younger then. It’s amazing what they could do with makeup.
      Yeah you’re so right, I wonder if it’s all the martial arts that’s keeping DFBB alive and young cos she looks the same age as LHC! I was wondering she must be on some youthful pills to keep her young forever HAHA!

    • Fan says

      2013-04-04 09:43:03

      Have you finish the series yet?

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-04-05 01:27:22

      I’ve been a bit slow lately, cos I’m also trying to catch up with another series. I got up to 38 right now and he’s about to stab her, and WHOA its like a stab doesn’t even affect her at all!

    • Fan says

      2013-04-05 03:15:49

      If you watch it again, I think it did effect her it just that her internal energy might stopped the bleeding, pretty common for wuxia heroes of great level to close wounds when they have high internal energy. Condor heroes, dragon sword and heaven saber. As long as it’s not vitals. Referring, to her expression when she got stab the first time she look like she was in pain while the guy was talking. I think her anger of ling wu Chung death turned her frenzy, ignored her wounds and started killing people. Second time look more like she got stab because her pose look like she was wounded. Her posture look tired.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-04-06 03:22:56

      OH YES! I think so too, I could see she looked like she was in pain the first time, and then went crazy with the news of his death. I everything YBQ is saying/doing. he’s seriously right now the main cause of so many people’s misery, I swear he’s even worse than that Zuo guy or the Qingcheng Sect dude… Those three really make the three most villainous villains in the show!
      What’s so terrible about him is he’s so sneaky and nobody even knows his true face, so everyone keep thinking someone else did it….
      But yes, the second time I saw the stab, it seemed not at the vitals but abit above. I am curious to what happened after this whole incident :O

    • Fan says

      2013-04-17 02:40:33

      About why LWC did not explicitly say that he had feelings for DFBB during the ending. Let’s not forget the context of the story during that scene. LWC wife was dying and another women, DFBB, ask him to express his love for her. It doesn’t make sense for him to say I loved you to another women while his wife was dying. Even though he does love or loved her. Espically to the women who poisoned his wife. It makes LWC emotions more realistic and xia like.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-04-17 04:51:19

      OMG :O I’m now up to 41 so I TOTALLY understand all this a lot more, I TOTALLY AGREE THERE!!!! I think so too, if he admitted he loved two women, it would make him seem not very loyal/faithful, so I’m reallly glad he didn’t say it out loud, but I can feel that he really really cares about her, like the part where he attacked that dude that looked like him because he wanted to harm DFBB, i think in his heart, he still remembers her for the stuff she’s done for him. I can feel he’s so conflicted, poorr thing!!

    • Fan says

      2013-04-17 11:08:29

      Your right, when he was strangling the look-alike man he was angry because the man wanted to harm DFBB. Ying Ying also notice this. It not that he doesn’t love DFBB it just that he can’t accept the things she had done and who she is. During aconversation between DFBB and LWC before the fought, DFBB points out that LWC was burden by what’s right and wrong. Honestly, LWC had a good heart maybe too good of a heart to accept DFBB.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-04-18 06:42:58

      OH YES I just saw that scene you were talking about with their fight. WHOA I gotta say after seeing what happened, my views totally changed that I think Linghu Chong has been exceptional to her in that knowing she killed people and did all the stuff to her cult men, he still really wanted to save her, in the part he pulled her back from the cliff, you can see he didn’t want her to die, he couldn’t help himself cos that was a critical condition and he even spent a bit grieving for her, so I really think he’s shown a lot more love to her.

    • Fan says

      2013-04-20 02:24:13

      Her fate kinda sad and yet memorable. If I was her I would rather choose death then be frozen til I eventually die. I suppose that is the only way to get rid of her presence so LWC wouldn’t know what she did. If he can’t find her corpse that way he can continue to live without grief. That is really something. It explains why Ying Ying gets the “feeling” wanting to go to the lack but is so afraid to.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-04-21 05:29:21

      Oh yes I agree, the more I see it, the more I think it’s really memorable and sad! But it makes a lot of sense… I think it’s probably the best result for her to make up the things she did, and yes, no matter what LHC decides to admit, I do know he really does love her in his heart, even when he tries to fight it…
      I wonder what would’ve happened if DFBB wasn’t trying to help that pregnant lady and just saw them, cos then that misunderstanding wouldn’t have happened, but then again you are right, DFBB has her unique ways of handling situation like if she gets betrayed, she will start a rage and kill some innocent people.

    • Fan says

      2013-04-24 12:20:34

      I pretty sure if LWC met DFBB while she was helping the pregnant lady the overall ending will be very different. If he can see that she was willing to help others there may be hope for their relationship. He has feelings for her it’s just that his morality prevents him from expressing it, the morality was beaten into him when he was a child by his master and taught by his master-mother. Ironically, his master is the one who became corrupted. Sadly, DFBB relapse her bloodthirsty side. They missed each other during that scene because it allow plot to follow closer to the original story. In every adaption he ends up with ying ying. I watched and read every adaption of Swordman because I thought of it as the most fascinating Jin Yong novel of wuxia. The plot encompass diverse set of marital arts.

      DFBB hua manual focus on flawless use of internal energy to boost speed. Allowing you to finish your opponents even though you have weaker internal. Giving the impression of invincibility.

      LWC dugu 9 Jian no technique exploits opponents flaws in technique and forces them into weak defending positions. It creates moves and becomes stronger through experience. 9 sword techniques that are able to counter all weapons/attacks, including internal energy.

      Ren Wo Xing XXDF, absorb opponents internal energy. When you are the only one with internal energy you automatically win. The internal energy stacks and you become stronger each time you absorb energy.
      However there is flaw, the internal energy migh t not mix well and this will inhibit the use of the internal at full capacity and may even hurt the practitioner. LWC corrected this flaw through Shaolin Ying Jin, harmonizing and strengthening technique (Internal and physical body).

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-04-24 09:19:53

      WHOA I AM NEARLY finished with the show, only about 8 eps (? or 10) to go!!! WOOOW i’m really starting to ship Yingying as well cos I REALLY do enjoy seeing her character!
      Yes I agree there, it’s unfortunate that her helping the lady was a big reason why this huge misunderstanding happened and even if it was 1 min later, he would’ve seen it. AHH!! Sometimes luck can be so ill in the shows, where they JUST miss each other.
      I think so too, he seems to be very particular about taking lives, so any life killed is terrible, despite what reason it is. I do understand why he feels that way though.
      OH WOW can you tell me how DFBB was in the other versions? I’m really curious to know exactly what was different here!
      Very interesting also about the internal energy. SOmetimes I still find all those concepts a bit hard to understand and need to really go back and see it again to try and understand more. Yes that explains why the Shaolin Yingjin was able to correct the flaw.

  • Fan says

    2013-03-26 05:22:18

    Between Ying Ying and Dongfang Bubai, the reason why Ling Wu Chung picked Ying Ying was because Ying Ying put Ling Wu Chung in the first place in her heart, regardless of anything. She was willing to die with him when they were drowning in the moon clan. She was like this from the beginning til the end. He was always first priority for her. Dongfang Bubai was struggling between conquering the murim world and her love for Ling Wu Chung, one cannot have both because if she conquer murim she will go against Ling Wu Chung in combat and if she picked Ling Wu Chung she will have to give up the murim world. However, when she finally decided to do so it was too late. Ying Ying and Ling Wu Chung had already establish a foundation. She had became the third wheel. If from the being she gave up her title as the leader of the moon clan then all will probably be different, and will go so far from the original plot that it’s not even the same story anymore. =)

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-27 01:30:19

      WOW THANK YOU SO VERY MUCh for explaining that. It’s really nice to read an unbiased post about Yingying because honestly I think some people can be overboard with pairings, like they have to love one pairing and the other with a passion… And I never really know what’s going on, whether YY did anything really or are the fans just hating her cos they like DFBB… It seems like I can’t take most of what I read seriously because people are very subjective.
      THANKS AGAIN for explaining about YY and DFBB and why he picked Yingying… That makes a lot more sense now!

    • Fan says

      2013-03-27 02:53:38

      However, if we compare who loves ling wu chung the most in the very end. Dongfang Bubai wins out. Even Ying Ying realize this as she has a flashback of Dongfang Bubai kissing Ling wu Chung during the last scene when ying ying and ling wu chung played music in front of the ice lake where Dongfang Bubai was buried. Ying Ying has Dongfang Bubai,s heart so it means some part of Dongfang Bubai will always be close to ling wu chung.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-28 06:00:17

      OH YES! I think that last part can be seen in many ways, I like to think that Yingying was touched about what Dongfang Bubai did and really appreciated what she did, than just be jealous or something. I am up to 33 now and GOD ITS SO FREAKING intense, and YBQ is pissing me off sooo much I wanna punch him every time I see him cos he just plots against everyone and nobody knows how evil he really is>< arghhghghgh!! I REALLY need to know what Pingzhi is gonna do cos he’s now trying to kill him every chance has… ARGH so tragic!
      aND YES i AGREE there with people knowing DFBB more than YY, so they are ore biased. I think they should both be given a fair chance, I don’t think people should bash one just because they like the other! YES SO TRUEEE about her killing the innocent mother which I REALLY wanted to see more of too. She put up such a great fight in the beginning, I wanted it to continue.
      YES that’s also why I really love DFBB here too, she really has a great redeeming quality. The more I see it, the more I actually think her fate fitted her character. MUST watch more soon! HAHA… It’s so interesting how our thoughts change with watching more!

    • Fan says

      2013-03-27 04:12:05

      I think people were biased for Dongfang Bubai and against Ying Ying because well Dongfang Bubai is a really interesting character and we get to see her more in the beginning so we, the audience, have a foundation of respect for her already before Ying Ying even appear on screen. That’s why people seem to think the Dongfang Bubai in this series was a protagonist and not a antagonist. Remember what was the first thing we saw Dongfang Bubaid do in the series. Plot and Kill ying ying’s mother and betray ying ying father. Dongfang Bubai killed ying ying sweet and innocent mother, who by the way was the prettiest woman in the series. I wanted Ying Ying mother to have more screen time. It was official from the first episode Dongfang Bubai was a antagonist. Ying Ying mother trusted and respected Dongfang Bubai , but Dongfang Bubai killed her. Some people don’t keep that in mind, it really show their biased. The very reason why I love Dongfang Bubai so much is because she evil person with redeeming quality. =)

      I love how Dongfang Guniang, Dongfang Bubai, bickers with Ling Wu Chung.

  • Fan says

    2013-03-24 09:06:20

    I know alot of people hope Dongfang Bubai could come out of that lake, but if that were true then the tone of the ending would be ruin. A tone that was suppose to be bitter sweet. Recall, In the original story Dongfang Bubai was killed by Ling Wu Chung. In this series Dongfang Bubai died because she loved Ling Wu Chung and thus the “the undefeated of the east” was finally defeated by the most powerful force, human heart aka love. Which was a common theme in this series. “no matter how powerful you are you can still fall into traps because the human heart is unpredictable.” Dongfang Bubai was defeated by her own heart. They turned the original epic battle into a beautiful and emotional one.

    If they actually fought again in the end. I think that Ling Wu Chung would have won. When they fought on the mountain Dongfang Bubai was stronger due to having more experience and internal energy (she was at her peak already/prime) Ling Wu Chung at the other hand hadn’t master Dugu 9 sword yet because he grand uncle master, who taught him the technique, told him to practice for at least a couple years before he can take on murim’s upper class fighters. Ling Wu Chung would have won if a battle had occur at the end because due to the accumulated amount of internal energy he absorbed the series, including those of his castrated master who was an alternative Dongfang Bubai with Hua mountain technique. The great thing about leeching star aka absorbing energy technique is that the power stacks which kind cheap I know. Added with his more adept use of Dugu 9 sword Ling Wu Chung would have won if such a battle occur. I actually thought that they would fight because Ling Wu Chung wanted a antidote for the poison. But I still like how it turned out. =)

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-25 08:36:21

      WOOOOOW really awesome to hear that long description on how it happened! That was confusing me for a while now since I’m only up to 31 and none of that is even close to happening. Yeah I can see why they couldn’t be together because of the way DFBB is, with the killing. Though it’s a pity because there’s a good reason for why she turned out that way, and I really wish there could be more of an understanding.
      But, I don’t feel that things have to be sad/bittersweet to get a message across, like her doing what she did was already very bittersweet, having her come out of it would just be really nice, at least for me because I feel that DFBB is quite justified in many of the things, though it doesn’t make it right, but it at least helps me understand why.
      About the original battle, that would’ve been really interesting to see if they weren’t lovers in the other versions, I wonder how it would’ve turned out. I’m glad I’m seeing this for the first time cos I don’t have to think about what was changed, just enjoying the story is great.
      Though as a hopeful person, I like to think she found a way to get out of the lake and was able to live a happy life, not really with reason, just I want that for her because I truly don’t like unfairness and I’ve never felt that her life had been fair, and she deserves at least a happy life and to be alive, so I think the bittersweet part served its puprose with what she did, if she was able to come back from the lake, it wouldn’t ruin that atmosphere, because that already happened. It would more replace that sorrow I feel at the end with more hope, which is what I like in all shows, no matter how unhopeful they seem, I even make up happy endings for shows with 100% sad/tragic endings where characters die by magically bringing them to life, so I really want to think positive with this one.
      I feel that she was sad with the goodbye because she probably wouldn’t see him for a while but that doesn’t mean she won’t always :)

    • Fan says

      2013-03-25 03:46:08

      The rough dialogue in the end:
      LWC: Where are you going?
      DFB: “Didn’t you say I had commit unforgivable crimes, I going to a place I deserve.” (This part implied suicidal behavior) “You won’t see me again”
      She walks away for a moment, his face has sorrow. She then turns back to him.
      DFB: I want to give for a present, gently kiss on his lips and gives him back his headband, then fly off.

      Though DFB had a life life as a teen, when her parents abandon her and her sister to die, she had done many immoral things afterwards, slaughter people (innocents and people who refuse to obey her wishes), torture and manipulate, etc. She not really an all out moral person, but we can sympathize with her. However, one cannot say all is forgiven just because she has good reason. Even in the end, where she was suppose to plead for the legendary doctor help. The first thing she did was choke his neck and threaten him. That’s her instincts. Though she has moments of mercy, most of the time she is a blood thirsty tyrant. Only Ling Wu Chung makes her behavior more women-like and makes her question her moral compass.

      The reason Ying Ying was dieing was because of DFB hence she said she was “going to a place that she deserves.” Note, in the beginning when she and Ling Wu Chung profess their feelings to each other in the cave after the snow wolf scene. She said, “when she first met him it felt like her heart fell into the depths of water, unable to move and get out.” It was a foreshadow of her inevitable fate. I actually applaud the writer of this story. It was amazing of how everything connected if you review the plot.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-25 05:12:14

      OHHH yes I saw that dialogue with him, though I don’t think she implied she was going forever, I mean, I don’t mind that she goes for some years but not an entire LIFE lol that would be way too depressing for me.
      Though I think I should see the entire series before I decide on what will happen because right now I haven’t seen a lot of what she does later on. But yeah, I think her behavior is so rooted in she just can’t change easily, and you know, I don’t really blame her because even in the beginning, when she was trying to be nice, nobody gave her a chance. She was trying to do a good thing and what does the leader do? Try and kill her! Of course to her, she feels that it’s always going to be either her or them who dies, so I can totally see why she tries so hard to be strong/on top and threatening.
      That’s just the way she has made herself to be, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want her to lead a normal life.
      My point is mainly that I want her out of that place she deserves after a while, even if it’s after 5-8 years. She may stay there for a while but nobody can say she’s gonna remain there forever, I like to think she will have a better life after that :)

    • Fan says

      2013-03-26 12:40:59

      As a fan that read the orginal novel and watch all the versions of swordsman before this one. Dongfang Bubai has always been a dominate figure in wuxia fiction. Anyone who ever read or heard of wuxia knows who he or she is. She isn’t the type that behaves normal. In fact she so far from normal that one can’t even use that word to describe her. In the original story her death was meaningless, suppose to be ironic for a powerful person such as herself. But in this series, her life had much more meaning and so did her fate. They made her more humane and relate-able. She is really the perfect antagonist which even the viewers will root for sometimes. The reason why I think she is destine for a bittersweet end is because the story mustn’t deviate too far from the original plot line, which has changed alot already to accustom her character. Which I loved because I love seeing the great Dongfang Bubai behave so normally. Kinda like watching a devil cry, which is near impossible because devil’s don’t cry. =)

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-26 05:31:08

      I think that’s something I REALLY love about her being not normal! I think it’s interesting that I’ve read some people say she’s the antagonist, and some people say she’s not, because there are some people I consider as “real villains”in the series, like Yue Buqun, some of the evil stuff he does makes me sooo mad cos of the way he acts and how people treat him, but yes it’s really interesting to analyze why people root for her.
      YES I think that’s probably the reason why the ending was like that, so it doesn’t deviate TOO much from the original, though I wonder if it was an original story without it being an adaptation, what would the ending have been like.

    • Fan says

      2013-03-26 04:38:33

      Dongfang Bubai is an antagonist of the series in every adaption. Even this one. It simply her character. She makes trouble for the protagonist of the story. The most noticeable example is:Poisoning Ying Ying, the to be wife of the protagonist. Even if she is jealous she should not kill the love of Ling Wu Chung.

      However, in this series she is a antagonist with redeeming qualities. A evil character that starts to redeem her faults. Example, her sacrifice at the end. “Your love happiness will be your happiness” That is damn beautiful even move my heart, I’m a guy who likes a lot of action and less about feelings and I’m moved =)

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-27 01:26:09

      I should really watch more so we can talk about the later parts of the series cos right now i’m at a part where she’s not really in it , where he’s spending a lot of time with Yingying so I really do want to see more of what will happen!
      AWW YEAHH I AGREE what she said was really moving about your happienss part. I love characters who think that way… I think as long as someone has redeeming qualities, they deserve to be given a chance, this is actually why I wanted characters like Yang Kang to also be given a chance… I just think that hey, they truly redeemed themselves, they realize their mistakes, let them live haha.
      BUT YEAHHH the series is getting sooo interesting in the past few eps I saw (32 now)

  • Fan says

    2013-03-24 08:48:43

    Saving Ying Ying was a last ditch effort on Dongfang Bubai part because she does not have any cure for for the poison or else she wouldn’t have to switch hearts in the first place. Think about, the posion was suppose to control ridiculously powerful murim people. If it was so easily cured no one would fear it. Ironic, that she supposedly die and stay frozen for eternity from the very poison that she created to manipulate and torture others. I do not think the poison can be cured on it’s own even if the body is strong enough to resist it, judging by Dongfang Bubai tears and sorrow. Rember if Dongfang Bubai can be save the legendary doctor would have done so. It bittersweet I know, but we got to remember the character Dongfang Bubai is not a good nor neutral person in the first place. She even said herself she a evil tyrant. “Only the strongest survive” and Ling Wu Chung believes in “The strong should not take the life of the weak or the innocent.” Dongfang Bubai casually kill the innocent and the weak that is just in her character, which Ling Wu Chung would not accept no matter what. That’s why they couldn’t be together.

  • Fan says

    2013-03-24 08:36:46

    Dongfang Bubai poisoned Ying Ying because of jealousy. Ying Ying dropped a drawn picture of Ling Wu Chung on the ground when Dongfang Bubai was talking with her, questioning her why did she suddenly return to the moon clan mountain. Dongfang Bubai threaten to kill Ling Wu Chung (empty threat) if she doesn’t remain on the mountain and stay away from Ling Wu Chung. Dongfang Bubai gave Ying Ying a pill(poison) and Ying Ying took it in front of Dongfang Bubai and promise not to see Ling Wu Chung again. =/ Ying Ying should have called her bluff =) I don’t think Dongfang Bubai would have killed Ling Wu Chung because he meant more to her then then conquring the murim world. Dongfang Bubai said so when she supposedly died for the first time.

  • Fan says

    2013-03-24 06:29:08

    (Not to native to mandarin , but I can understand and formulate the ending and is pretty sure how it ends.) Dongfang Bubai fate is “living dead.” She alive, but dead at the same time similar to a person in a coma. She is aware of her surroundings, move her features slightly, but she is frozen. Sad but most likely. In order to be cured of the poison.
    1) Have a body that can resist poison for 8 years.
    2) Fed with special medicine daily within the 8 years.
    The two conditions is a must. Ying ying has Dongfang Bubai heart and the legendary doctors care, so the first condition and second condition are met and she was fine. Sadly, Dongfang Bubai has only the body to resist the poison, not the medical care. Added, “when poison reach the vitals even if your a god/shen xian you can’t be saved.” (common phrase in wuxia novels and series) Since Dongfang Bubai switch hearts with Ying Ying when she was dieing, Dongfang Bubai was piratically committing suicide, that’s why she told Ling Wu Chung he wouldn’t be seeing her again and gave him the kiss. She was alive because the lake froze her condition so the poison wouldn’t kill her (remember the poison is already at the heart), but she was frozen forever. Alive yet dead at the same time. She doesn’t need to eat, sleep, or breath because she is frozen. She wanted to witness Ling Wu Chung’s happiness that why she choose such a fate and not just die. Even ying ying, who incredible intelligent figured it out, the identity of the person who sacrificed her heart and the yearning feelings the that heart has for that specific location, the lake which Dongfang Bubai was frozen. Ying Ying eyes open in realization and was sadden with tears because she realized Dongfang Bubai sacrifice and knew that Dongfang Bubai love for Ling Wu Chung was far greater then her own. In the ending scene Dongfang Bubai smiles after knowing of Ling Wu Chung had attained happiness. The music they played was their way of showing it to Dongfang Bubai. =( Sad, but beautiful at the same time because she wanted him to be happy and knowing that he can never accept her being Dongfang Bubai, blood thirsty tyrant, she chose to let Ying Ying do what she cannot, give him happiness.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-24 07:51:16

      That’s a really nice analysis here, the more analysis people write, the better! I like to see a lot of different thoughts, though I like to think that when she’s alive, she came back to life instead of being alive/dead, though anything is possible.
      I do think there’s a high chance she’ll be fully alive again even if it’s after 8 years or something, because really in these shows, anything can happen. I like the way you described YingYing’s realization and tears, that’s a really great way to look at it!
      ARGH this whole ending part is sooo sad that it’s REALLY difficult for me to watch to this part LOL! BTW can you tell me why or how DFBB poisoned Yingying?

    • Rising Star 11 says

      2013-05-02 03:27:18

      WOW! I really like the in detailed look about the ending for this series. This is a good series which made me feel pityful for DFBB.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-05-02 12:29:53

      OMG so happy you enjoyed that detailed look! YES so true, I think DFBB is well made that many people can sympathise with her, which I really like!

  • Koua xiong says

    2013-03-16 06:06:07

    I agree that lhc should at least tell her that he love her or at least at the end the Doctor should at least give a hint to lch that dfbb save his lover so he have a part in him longing for her.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-17 03:52:53

      OH YES!!! Sometimes it can be so hard knowing what will happen to her, like she’s jsut such an amazing part of the story that it’s sad imagining that’s her fate. But yes I can see there seems to be a part of him that really cares about her, like he often overreacts and tries to attack but when he realizes she’s not fighting back, he acts very concerned for her. Wow this is just so hard to really know how he’s feeling! I wish the actor himself could give us a hint LOL!

    • Fan says

      2013-03-24 06:46:15

      Didn’t he expressed that he loved her once. She asked that she wanted him to tell her that he at least loved her once. when he sternly closed his eyes, subtle way of saying yes that he loved her once and she said “thank you for telling me.”
      If the answer was no he wouldn’t have any response at all. I watch a lot of wuxia dramas =)

      Ling Wu Chung had told/expressed/implied to her that her loved her/ had feelings for her, at least three times in this series.
      1) During the cave scene, right after the snow wolf scene, when he had internal energy imbalance. He said that she had moved his heart and she wanted to be with her before he dies.
      2) When he held her hand as she fell down the mountain after they battled in the moon clan mountain. He said she will always be in her heart.
      3) When he closed his eyes sternly, implying yes that he loved her once.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-24 07:39:01

      BRILLIANT, AWESOME THANK YOU SO VERY MUCh for your analysis! You are absolutely right with that he did have feelings for her, I totally think that when he closed his eyes, that’s what he was thinking, but I think he didn’t want to say it out aloud. I guess he keeps trying to deny it.
      TOTALLY true that if he felt nothing for her, he wouldn’t have been silent, he’d just treat her like he did with Yilin, kept saying that he felt nothing for her. Plus LHC is pretty direct in telling his feelings like this so there’s no doubt he did love her.
      it’s just really sad there’s such a big misunderstanding here.
      I guess perhaps she saw what he was saying, that’s why she said thank you, I think she also understood it as well, at least I like to think that she did, because it’s something people could have taken either way.

    • Dongfangbubai says

      2013-04-08 06:12:38

      I dont want him to feel guilty for me, I only want to protect him unconditionally. because im just that great.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-04-08 07:16:37

      SO AWESOMEEEE!! Just like the DFBB I know.

  • koua xiong says

    2013-03-13 05:22:17

    Did anyone ever wonder on ep. 53 when LHC found out that DFBB didn’t die and rush out to fine her, if she were to come out and talk with him they would’ve end up together..

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-13 07:45:38

      OHHHHH I SAW THAT PART! I was SO wishing that she just talked to him, cos I think they could’ve been together. It’s so tragic what happens to them, ARGH!!!!

  • Koua xiong says

    2013-03-07 07:37:54

    When you mention about strong female character in wuxia I just realize that she’s is like the first female character to be consider top and begin fear by everyone.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-07 07:45:38

      YES YOU ARE SO RIGHT! I love how she just punches a hole through the guy like a click of a finger. That’s what I call AMAZING! I LOVE that!!! Also I love how she can match that elder who taught LHC the Dugu sword technique. This is such a great, exciting thing!

    • idarklight says

      2013-03-12 12:55:43

      There’s also 天山童姥 from TianLongBaBu, and to an extent Ren Yingying who’s in charge of much of the cult and eventually heads it.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-12 09:22:26

      WOW AWESOME I never knew that, really should watch TLBB soon! Wow you mean Ren Yingying is actually in TLBB?

    • mrvanceon says

      2013-03-15 12:29:22

      I love DFBB sooo much more, her personality is awesome. That ending pissed me off. LHC didnt even say he loved her at all. Such a shame…..at least say you love her but say that was the past.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-16 04:16:02

      AWWWWWWWW I AM REALLY GLAD you love DFBB too! I AGREE! I mean, we can think of our own endings but it gives me this “DAMN SHE DESERVED SO MUCH MORE”feeling, at least him saying he loved her, though I do want to think that he said it in his mind and she was able to hear it, so thats why she said, “thank you”. but I think she should’ve ended up with the guy!

  • koua xiong says

    2013-03-07 07:14:06

    I was really glad they they decided to make DFBB a full female because it’ll be hard to route for them together..

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-07 07:30:54

      OMG SAME HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also LOVE the fact that she’s a female too, esp seeing a female strong as her just makes me super happy!!!

    • bjharm says

      2013-03-07 08:15:26

      ow sorry I only watched 3 ep so didnt get to the part where they say she been female all the time.:-)
      It may explain how kind of crazy she goes when she in female mode, if she had to pretend to be male all her life, the freedom of being herself must have been intoxicating!

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-07 09:03:13

      AHH that’s right, they don’t actually reveal that till much later in the show, haha I spent like 10 eps or more wondering if she was a girl or guy LOL!!!
      But yes, it is quite difficult to always pretend she’s a male. I really like the little flashback of her past which you’ll see coming.

  • reiahs says

    2013-03-06 10:01:30

    So like, wouldn’t she be dead anyways from drowning in the lake even though the lake itself is the cure for the poison? Unless she learned a technique that allows her to breath underwater for decades and prevents her from developing hypothermia as if she is a fish? I’m just saying.

    The poster has a good point though.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-06 10:18:33

      From what I saw was, I think after she opened her eyes, she was probably awakened from the cure, and she was able to get out of the water. If she was able to open her eyes at the end, it probably meant she didn’t die, so I’m guessing that after they left, she just got out of the water LOL.

    • bjharm says

      2013-03-07 02:03:29

      if a he can turn into a she then suspended animation in a frozen lake is hardly a big step on the believe it not scale. How many time have you seen people play dead and stop the heart and such like in these sort of dramas anyway the mythical inner strength.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-07 09:30:57

      She was always a she in this, which I actually love because I love seeing super powerful girls in shows, that just really makes me happy, haha. But yeah, I think that reminds me, I saw some TV show that being frozen actually preserves your body and keeps it from dying… I’ve heard of the concept of freezing people with terminal illness until they can be treated when a cure exist.

    • DongfangbubaiCC says

      2013-03-07 06:26:45

      @ bjharm Dongfang bubai was never a dude in this version of Swordsman.

    • GodandmyDog says

      2013-03-07 06:30:01

      @ bjharm Theres a pill that allows a person to be like they are dead, no breathing, no thing for a certain amount of time from one of these type of movies. Maybe the doctor in this movie had that pill too!! and Dongfang ate it.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-07 06:32:28

      I think that would be really cool if DFBB ate a pill like that. I definitely want to think that she didn’t die.
      WHOA YES I’ve seen pills like that too, the example I saw was in Legendary Siblings that lets them die temporarily. Really brilliant thinking there!

  • koua xiong says

    2013-03-06 07:06:49

    I really hope they made a squeal to this like you guy say.. and this thing about ROCH so is it connected to this series too?

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-06 07:18:10

      I don’t think it directly connects, the only thing I know is one of the characters mentioned in Swordsman is also mentioned in ROCH, but I think they’re separate stories.

    • WuxiaRocks says

      2013-03-07 04:43:03

      All the major Jin Yong novels are pretty much set in a shared universe. Whether they are directly linked to each other or not in term of story. Legend of the Condor Heroes, Return of the Condor Heroes, Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre, Demi Gods and Semi Devils, Smiling Proud Wanderer, Sword Stain with Royal Blood, and Duke of Mount Deer.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-07 04:49:57

      WOWWW! That’s so cool they’re linked, but I think Duke of Mount Deer is Qing Dynasty, can you tell me what that one is about? I haven’t really had a chance to see it yet so I’m super curious about how he makes Wuxia in that dynasty as so far, I haven’t seen many shows set in Qing Dynasty heavy on martial arts.

    • WuxiaRocks says

      2013-03-07 05:15:13

      Duke of Mount Deer is actually a shift from Wuxia for Jin Yong. It’s more of a comedy politic satire. Though there are still some Wuxia/Martial arts elements in the story. But the focus is more on the politics struggle than Wuxia adventure. The main character Wei Xiaobao is also a strange and completely different from all Jin Yong novels. He does not know any martial arts, nor does he have any desire to learn. However, his skills are his wits and talking ability. He’s a trickster and also a womanizer who happens to be really good at improvising to turn any situations into good. He loves gold and silver and loves to gamble. The story is just basically about his development/relationship with the Kangxi Emperor.

      This is Jin Yong last novel, and I believe it’s pretty much a final message to his readers that at the end of the day we all make mistakes, just sit back and relax.

      Oh, Linghu Chong was also mention in the story too. :D

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-07 05:32:01

      Wow thanks sooooooooooooooo much for explaining that. What about Book and the Sword? I never knew that Duke of Mount Deer is his last novel. I kind of wish he still wrote them now but I understand why he’s not. I often wonder how old Jin Yong is. Wow Wei Xiaobao should totally be played by Hu Ge, just hearing that makes me think of Jing Tian (not really the womanizer part though) but he even did it for the game promo.
      That sounds like a really fun show to watch.
      OMG WOOW relaly? HOW AWESOME that characters from his other novels are mentioned. Love it when that happens.

    • WuxiaRocks says

      2013-03-07 05:43:32

      The Book and the Sword, that’s one of his less popular work, along with Flying fox of Snowy Mountain. I’m not too big on these ones, as the story are pretty self contain. There’s really not much to Book and Sword, other than rescue arc after another, or at least that’s what it seems to me. Of course that’s probably the whole point anyway. But yea, it’s a smaller scale story, so you really can’t take much out of it.

      As for Jin Yong, he’s currently 89-90 years old. He’s very old. But of course, also VERY legendary.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-07 06:18:45

      WHOAAA that’s quite old, I HOPE HE becomes a centenarian! (That’s the word for living over 100 right?) That would be amazing!!! He’s legendary!
      It’s a pity there aren’t a lot of pictures of him, cos I would totally make a picture gallery to honour all his works but I can only find small and LQ images.
      OMG he did Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain too? THAT IS SO FREAKING AMAZING! I never knew he was the author of that too!

    • karened says

      2014-04-08 06:42:37

      @koua xiong:

      Legend of Book and Sword is one of my favourite books by Jin Yong! The fact that the popular folklore about how Qian Long’s not true Manchu blood was interweaven into the novel’s storyline is fascinating as well. I loved Huo Qing Tong, even more than Chen Jia Luo, and of all of Jin Yong’s female characters, she shares the top 3 positions with Guo Xiang and Zhao Min. I just like their personalities! hehehe…Have you watched the tv adapation starring Vincent Zhao? My favourite one so far.

      As for Lu Ding Ji, I’m more of a Wuxia-righteous hero type of reader, so I couldn’t bring myself to like Wei Xiao Bao. Not going to watch the adaption starring Han Dong. I think it’s interesting that in Jin Yong’s earlier books (in terms of where in Chinese history the stories are set in), such as the 3 novels of the Condor series, there is often a clear concept of ‘right or wrong’. The protagonists often have to defend the nation against the external tribes’ invasions of Central Plains. However, in Lu Ding Ji and Xiao Ao Jiang Hu, the concept of a grey zone, and that people may not really be what they appear to be, and there is no absolute good or , was introduced. (talking about Yi Tian Tu long Ji, I can’t help but sigh that Zhang Wuji chose Zhao Min, but in Swordsman, Linghu Chong didn’t have the courage to be with Dong Fang Bu Bai!)

  • bjharm says

    2013-03-06 06:08:18

    I saw the last episode today and it seemed to me even after only three episodes that I seen with eng subs, she was a person who always had a plan and a plan behind that plan as well. So even for love it would be hard to think that she didnt have some kind of plan going on behind what she did, she greatest weapon from what i have seen in the first three episodes seemed to be her intelligence

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-06 09:38:16

      OH YES!! I totally think so as well, exactly true with the planning. I’m surprised some people thought she really died and that was her spirit smiling because it would be so creepy if her spirit just came to life and opened her eyes HAHA. On the news, someone said this show turned into a horror at the end! But yes, I believe she planned it as she just seems to be that super intelligent, strong type that doesn’t die easily. I’m so happy though as I really didn’t want her to die.

  • WuxiaRocks says

    2013-03-05 10:43:32

    Oh, sorry. I assume you know the story already, my . Lets just say the main character in Return of the Condor Heroes actually meets a ‘condor’, and become friends with it. A human size condor at that.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-05 10:50:30

      OHHH!!! no problems at all!! I see all the incoming comments anyway on my dashboard so it doesn’t matter where you reply hahahaa.
      OMG WOOOOOW he does? No wonder it’s called “Condor Heroes”. That’s so cool! I look forward to seeing that. Does the condor help him with anything or teach him something?

    • WuxiaRocks says

      2013-03-05 11:03:27

      Yes, the ‘Condor’ is an old friend of Du Gu Qiu Bai, the same man who created the technique ‘Du Gu Nine Swords’ which was pass to Feng Qingyang in Swordsman, who later taught to LHC in the cave. See the connections?

      And yes, the ‘Condor’ not only become friends with Yang Guo, it also help him. Not only that but Yang Guo himself actually turns into a super hero named ‘Condor Hero’, he wears a mask too! Like a real super hero, only in wuxia time. It’s interesting stuff. Heh!

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-05 11:10:47

      OMG WOOOWOWOWWW!! I was JUST learning about the Dugu Nine Swords today cos I was watching the part where he learned it! Funny I even picked up a new Wuxia rule, and that is the hero never learns anything from his sect, he only learns it from a skilled elder/master who’s like not even in the sect LOLOLLL!!!
      WHOA that’s amazing about the Condor Hero! That makes me excited to see it!

    • WuxiaRocks says

      2013-03-05 11:16:06

      Right, well technically LHC learn a bit from his sect. Basic stuff anyway to get him started. As for the elder Feng Qingyang who taught LHC the ‘Du Gu Nine Swords’, he’s actually the great grand master of LHC sect. So technically I guess he is, or was, a part of the sect.

      But you’re right, these Wuxia heroes often learn the best from some outside hidden elders. Which is cool. :D

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-05 11:20:31

      Yeahhh! what i noticed is learning from his sect gives him basics but never gets him powerful, only a skilled expert can get him become a true powerful person HAHA!! Also, in LOCH, he learned martial arts forever with his 7 masters and didn’t get anywhere, and then Hongqi came and taught him, and suddenly he’s super powerful LOL
      HAHAHA I love picking up these little things cos they make really fun/interesting articles. I’m always looking for new ideas to write about! :D

    • WuxiaRocks says

      2013-03-05 11:28:45

      Well that’s because in LOCH, Hongqi was one of the Great Four. So he’s very powerful, and any student who can learn from him is very lucky.

      As for the 7 masters, well, they are not so great. Haha! But hey, they help raise him, so they did their part. :D

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-05 11:35:51

      Yes, so true. What I mean is, usually the masters who teach him aren’t as powerful compared to the ones he meet who teaches him like a big powerful technique cos the one he meet is usually the expert.
      BTW do you have any ideas for articles? I really want to think more things to write about. I’m soooo on a roll!

    • WuxiaRocks says

      2013-03-05 11:47:03

      Hmm, maybe a look into Wuxia. I mean, all the similarity that a lot of wuxia stories share. Pick your favorite and make a comparison as to what they all have in common? I don’t know, just throwing it out there. :D

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-05 11:49:39

      OMG that’s brilliant!!! Thanks so much for that!! I will try and do that. I LOOOVE it when there’s something new to discuss about, and one really awesome thing about watching new shows is it always gives me ideas.
      BTW have you ever thought of starting your own Wuxia blog?
      I’m just always trying to motivate people to get into blogging cos one day, I want the wuxia blogging community to be as big as all the other entertainments!

    • WuxiaRocks says

      2013-03-06 12:00:35

      Making my own blog? I’ve thought of that. Still thinking of it. Need to look into it more. At some point, I’ll probably make one. :D

      And yes, I do share your feelings on the idea of Wuxia expansion. It sounds fun.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-06 09:30:26

      Owning your blog is so easy in today’s internet world. All you need to do is open a wordpress account and find a good theme, or tumblr! Though I think wordpress is probably better as tumblr encourages people to only post pictues and audio/video. I reallly want to see more wuxia blogs where people are writing posts :D
      YESSS it would be awesome if we can start some kind of community of wuxia blogs. I get jealous seeing how much blogs there are for any other fandom LOL

    • karened says

      2014-04-08 07:13:42


      RE not learning anything from one’s own sect. Yang Guo (of Return of the Condor Heroes) learnt so many skills from so many sects (and non-sect individuals):

      - Toad Skill from the Western Venom Ouyang Feng (one of the 5 Greats in Central Plains during the Song Dynasty)
      - Quanzhen swordplay from the Quanzhen Sect (a taoist sect)
      - Jade Maiden swordplay from the Ancient Tomb Sect (which Yang Guo belongs to)
      - 5 Poisons Manual from Li Mochou (an expelled disciple of Ancient Tomb Sect, above Yang Guo in rank)
      - 9 Yin Manual from stone carvings in the Ancient Tomb by Wang Chongyang (founder of the Quanzhen Sect)
      - Dog Beating Staff Technique from Nothern Beggar Hong Qigong (Another of the 5 Greats)
      - Finger Flicking Skill, Flute Swordplay from Eastern Heretic Huang Yaoshi (One f the 5 Greats)
      - Heavy Sword Technique from Dugu Qiubai (supposedly the most powerful pugilist in the world and could not find a worthy opponent, such that he called himself Dugu Qiubai – Lonesome, seeking defeat. The same guy who created the Dugu Swordplay Linghu Chong learnt the basics of, as no manual was passed down to detail the exacts of this swordplay).

      It’s no wonder Yang Guo became one of the most highly skilled person of his time. I love reading the novel, because he started off as a playful, do-what-he-wants person, but through the many encounters he experienced, the carefree spirit grew to become one befitting of a nation-saving hero. It’s amazing reading about his feats and all the skills he mastered. And above all, his partner is also highly skilled, kind-hearted, and beautiful (argh blind me when Yu Zhen’s version airs). Together they make a legendary couple!

  • WuxiaRocks says

    2013-03-05 06:22:48

    These speculations may be on to something, as there is talks of a sequel going around. I mean with this one being so successful and all, that’s a possibility. Not anything solid yet of course, but the idea may lend credibility to these speculations and theory.

    Oh yea! Hey! My first post here on your blog. :)

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-05 06:25:42

      OMG HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I AM SO SO SO HAPPY to see you here, it’s really great talking to you and OMFG I KNOW!! I really feel that the speculations are onto something. Given the person she is, I really believe she would’ve planned it. Mainly because this isn’t a fantasy type of show where you see dead people get revived, so I highly doubt that was her spirit, so yes, I got so excited after reading this that I had to translate it LOL
      WELCOMEEEE ON THE BLOOOG!!!! I hope we have some REALLY great convos here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • WuxiaRocks says

      2013-03-05 09:19:44

      Thank you for welcoming me. I look forward to having great convos here as well. See you around! :D

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-05 09:33:04

      It’s so great of you to drop by here !!! :D Convos are always soooo much FUN! :D So what’s your next show that you plan to watch? For me, I might catch up on Return of the Condor Heroes or HSDS. :D

    • WuxiaRocks says

      2013-03-05 10:17:21

      :D I’ll just watch whatever comes my way next.

      Oh, speaking of Return of the Condor Heroes, have you heard that the producer of this Swordsman series is gonna shoot his own version later this year? With Chen Xiao as Yang Guo. Also I hear the condor will be female, and may end up crushing on Yang Guo, hopefully that is not the case. Haha!

      But yea, we’ll see how that goes.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-05 10:28:14

      Ohhhh what condor? Maybe you can explain about the condor cos I haven’t seen the show so I’m not sure about it. Though I am looking forward to seeing it because these style of shows really do appeal to me.
      Haha, that would be funny though if a condor has a crush on him ROFL
      Was there one in Return? Cos I didn’t get up to that part yet.

    • WuxiaRocks says

      2013-03-05 10:47:16

      Oops, sorry I accidently reply to the main blog post instead to your question directly. So my prior post is sitting on top, instead of below.


    • karened says

      2014-04-08 07:29:54

      @sapphiresky: In the original novel for Return of the Condor Heroes, there are 3 condors in the story. 2 smaller ones also appeared in the earlier novel (of the same Condor trilogy) and is one of the many linkages between the 2 novels. The bigger one, which WuxiaRocks was poking fun with in the comment, is the companion of Dugu Qiu Bai, who saved Yang Guo when he was dying in the mountains with one arm hacked off. He/It nursed him back to health with the gall bladder of snakes and taught him the Dugu Qiu Bai’s swordplay. When Yang Guo recovered and even developed a powerful stance, he brought the condor along with him as he roamed the pugilist world. So the condor is kind of like his best friend.

      Given the butchering Yu Zhen is subjecting his remake to (e.g., loveline between Li Mochou and Yang Guo!!! Loveline between Zhen Zhibing and Xiao Longnv, turning the original rape into an act under the influence of jealousy and drugs by enemies) netizens are joking that he might as well make the Condor a female and let her have a loveline with Yang Guo!

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