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  • Recap: Xuan Yuan Sword (Scar of the Sky) – Episode 1

    Just watched the first episode of Xuan Yuan Sword, and my dream has come true. I haven’t been this excited for so long, not since I saw Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei. Honestly, this is a perfect first episode. Everything about it is just so damn good, I could go on and on!

    Firstly, I love shows like this, with fantasy, action, a great and exciting story as well as humor, and this series is everything that, as well as having lovable characters.

    Usually, I am worried about how the first episode is, because I’ve seen some that are confusing and didn’t get into the story straight away, but this is just right on, it wastes absolutely no time, and gets to the point. The flash backs were not overdone, and it explained things very well. Kudos to Tangren for really making the first episode stand out. Now, I am absolutely dying to watch the remaining of the series!

    I’ve waited for this show for a whole year or more, and seriously – feels like living a dream, that I’m actually watching it! I remember the beginning, when the costumes first came out, the first days of filming, when the first trailer came out… So many firsts with this series. This is one of the series, that I loved before I even saw it, and I was so absolutely sure that it was gonna turn out great, and boy was I NOT wrong. The show turned out everything I had imagined, and SO MUCH MORE!

    Oh, I will just say that the special effects are GREAT! It has stepped up a whole new level from Chinese Paladin 3.

    Acting and voice dubbing was brilliant as well! I’m quite impressed with Jiang Jinfu, it’s his first series and he did well!

    But of course, how could I forget Sun Ye, the awesome voice actor who dubbed his voice. It almost reminds me of Jing Ke a little, I love how it sounded. Hu Ge acting as a sort of villain was REALLY impressive. But then again, he’s got so much talent I shouldn’t even be surprised. And I am really excited (shocked at the same time) they haven’t used their old OSTs yet, like Legend of the Condor Heroes OST that they always like to use in their new shows.

    So, onto the actual episode recap. Some things still confuse me a little, like the dynasties and who’s evil/good, but that’s mainly because there are parts where I don’t understand all of what they’re saying.

    The episode begins as a flashback in the Sui Dynasty, the Emperor of the Chen World revolted, and was chased by a really powerful guy, who used Yuwen Tuo and the Xuan Yuan Sword to attack them. The Emperor dies and entrusts his son – the prince to the guy, who we’ll call Shifu because I don’t know what his name is.

    Jingchou grew up with the responsibility to avenge his father, as well as restore his kingdom. In present time, Chen Jingchou is a happy-go-lucky guy who isn’t that talented in his powers yet though… Despite his shifu getting upset at him for not acting like how an Emperor would be.

    I love the part when he was trying to summon this flame, and then he couldn’t do it properly, the flame FLEW AWAY ROFL! That flame had a life of its own and it was hilarious.

    We also meet Yu’er (played by Liu Shi Shi), who fought her way in to steal this stone that could tell her information. She knocked down the guards, and fought Yuwen Tuo to get it, but Yuwen Tuo didn’t really exert his full powers on her, I think he needed her to solve some information. Also, there’s her “sister”, which don’t seem to be blood related, but I love when Yu’er said she wanted to be the older sister, even if she was younger.

    I LOVED LOVED LOVED the fight scene between Yu’er and Yuwen Tuo, it was awesome. The special affects are some of the best I’ve seen in any TV Show. I love how powerful Yu’er appears in this part. I loved the way she fought and most of her, her expressions and voice.

    I also have to say, it is so refreshing and fascinating to see Hu Ge play a character like this. You can see he is evil in some ways, but also good in other ways. He seems really conflicted, and I loved the part when he said “a bunch of useless idiots” to the guards lol, that’s just so good. I also loved it when he got really angry at the guards and told them to scram. Hu Ge is really a great actor and he can nail his roles perfectly, no matter what type of personality he’s playing.

    We also learn a bit about Yuwen Tuo’s past, her mother was locked away somewhere and he could only see her once a year. Flashback to when he was a kid, his mother wanted him to get the Xuan Yuan Sword, which will give him great powers. He managed to get it, but his mother got caught and taken away. The evil guy then made Yuwen Tuo become his disciple, to teach him great powers and do his dirty work.

    Next, Yu’er meets Jingchou while she was searching for the Kunlun Mirror, one of the five divine objects… Anyone who has them all will have the ultimate power. At least that’s how I understood it. I ABSOLUTELY ADORED the interaction between Yu’er and Jingchou, I could not stop laughing because of the way they were talking. They are similar to Jing Tian and Xuejian, but in a cuter and relaxed kind of way, like Yu’er seems more adorably cute than anything else, even though she’s very “wild and fierce”, but I think she’s plain adorable! I love these type of characters.

    I especially loved the part where she was saying her clan was Ta’ba (although, I think they changed it cos originally, it was Tuo’ba) and Jingchou mistook it as “Tuo’ba”, the word which means a mop. He was like, there’s plenty of mops that cleans up shit and piss. ROFL! I just laughed out loud with that sentence.

    I really love that Liu Shi Shi is playing these characters, she suits them so well!

    I love this show, I love it so much. I am totally hooked, obsessed! You name it! I cannot wait to watch more, and this is just the beginning.

    Tangren did not disappoint me at all. I was expecting this to be great, and the first episode blew me away in how great it was.

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  • loveyoubebe says

    2012-12-11 01:41:21

    Thank you, for the sites, do you know if viki has english subs because youtube doesn’t. Thank you.

  • Yishan says

    2012-07-26 08:08:57

    i’ve been looking forward to this for a long time, but don’t have access to chinese tv channels. is there somewhere i can watch online? thanks!!


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