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  • ahning74 says

    2013-05-01 03:31:56

    Wait, I was thinking of something and do you remember the time when they all promised to meet back after ten years?! At the place where they seen the fireworks together?! It’ll be awesome if after ten years, Li Xiao Yao and Yi Ru went to that place and magically everyone is there already! OMG, it’ll be so awesome!!!

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-05-01 05:12:05

      OMFG if that happened I WOULD FLY ON THE MOON with joy hahaha if they just magically all came to life. Perhaps THEY WILLL!!!! OMG they were reborn or something, or some magical crystals fell from the sky and revived them! That would seriously make it AMAZING!!!

    • ahning74 says

      2013-05-01 05:39:07

      It’ll be awesome if you write like an article about that!! Red dandelions “snowed” and it touched their bodies, so they came back to life, lol!!! It’ll be awesome, I’ll be crying tears of joy with Li Xiao Yao’s happy face again. :) Jade Emperor said that they were too nice to die, lol!! And pitied LXY, so he revived them, it would be totally awesome if you did something like that!

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-05-02 12:27:08

      WHOA HOLY THATS A BRILLIANT IDEA!!!! wow i need to find some pics of red dandelions, perhaps they can be like the IMMORALITY power thing that brings people back to life, and you can only collect it in certain places. WOW that itself is a brilliant idea and story on its own. yOU ARE SO GOOD AT THISSSSSSSSSSS!!!

    • ahning74 says

      2013-05-02 12:35:01

      WOW!! Cool idea, the dandelions can be like powerful and is hardly found, because when Li Xiao Yao tried looking for the dandelions, he didn’t find it. So, some how, the dandelions bloomed and touched the bodies of them all. And I don’t know how Tang Yu and Ah Nu comes back to life, they could probably do the same. And so, they live happily!! :) I love this!! This is getting, it could also be a good ending for Hu Ge too!! And probably Yue’ru will pair up with Number 7?? Don’t know, but I think you’ll make it good.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-05-02 06:39:09

      OHHH WOOWOWOWOW OMFG WOW this is giving me all kinds of ideas with the dandelions! I LOVE that idea, yes it was totally rare in the show and hard to find, so I think perhaps the red dandelions could be like sought after by all kinds of people for evalasting life or something:O
      Hmmm perhaps Ah Nu and Tangyu were still birds, and they were able to become powerful enough to transform in humans, like the spirits in the shows with animal and human forums :D
      YES I want them to live happily ever after too! THEY SO DESERVE IT!!
      OMG I actually love the idea of Yueru pairing with Number 7, I felt sorry for him that he wasn’t with anyone and just died like that><

    • ahning74 says

      2013-05-02 11:37:13

      WOWOW!!! I’m so excited now!!! OMG, that idea is so perfect!! Ah Nu and Tang Yu will become humans again and Yue’ru will pair off with Number 7!! Yes, I did feel sorry for him, he was able to let Yue’ru be happy, while he received the pain. I did kind of feel like Yue’ru knew that Number 7 likes her, I don’t know, but the part when they met again and they all said that they had things to talk to him, individually, so Yue’ru said she learnt from him, that part, I feel like somehow, she knew that Number 7 likes her, I don’t know. But then, yes, Number 7 and Yue’ru is so alike, letting the one they loved being happy while they’re not so happy. :) I love this idea, it’ll be good for those who likes a good ending and for those who wants to see Chinese Paladin with a good ending :) !!!!

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-05-03 12:45:11

      OMG YESSSSSS that’s something I never thought of, what happens to AN & TY after they become birds so I am so happy that they can be humans again :D
      OH YES SO TRUE Number 7 was an awesome, selfless character, I admired him a lot, esp his philosophies on love. He was such a really cool character.
      OH YES SO TRUE cos I REALLY wanted a happier ending for Chinese Paladin, and all the other ones where the ending was too sad. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your idea so much about the red dandelions, it really is sooo clever. You are SO GOOD at this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • XiaoLongNu says

    2013-03-05 02:52:28

    Wikipedia:] I’ve seen older Yi Ru too, she’s cute! But why does she have red hair if she’s Chinese?

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-05 03:01:13

      OMG LOLLLL I have no idea about why she’s got red hair. In the games, characters usually have multiple hair colors, like when the Chinese Paladin 3 cast did a promo for a game, they had all types of hair colors, which I thought looked really cool. I guess it’s a fantasy world so anything can happen, haha.
      but YES it’s so interesting! I totally think of Yueru when I see Yiru’s pic HAHA.
      WHOA I never knew that wikipedia had all this info. I should go and read more about it haha.

  • XiaoLongNu says

    2013-03-05 08:14:09

    Xiaoyao reappears in the game. He is older, wiser, and now leader of the Shushan sect. He has rarely been able to see his daughter. He is still shaken over the loss of Zhao Ling’er, and near the end of the game remarries Yue Ru. And yes, Yi Ru does sound like Yue Ru! In fact, she was named so to honor Yue Ru sacrificing herself. The name itself means “remember Ru”.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-05 09:25:52

      WHOAAAA he’s a leader of Shushan? THAT IS AMAZING! I can totally see that. OMG YESSSSS and I also saw pics of Yiru with orange hair which totally reminds me of Yueru as well. I just love her name! It sounds so beautiful. Any word with “Ru” or “Yi” and “Yue” just sound beautiful in a ame! OHHHH YES in the game, Yueru got brought back. Damn I really wish they kept one of them alive. Poor LXY, I always thought Hu Ge was cursed to have sad endings!
      But that sounds really amazing! How did you find out the information for those?

  • XiaoLongNu says

    2013-03-04 10:17:53

    I can explain CP2! Eight years have passed, and Yi Ru has grown into a healthy child. Then she meets Wang Xiaohu, Xiaoyao’s old friend, who is now a young man. Along the way come Su Mei, the daughter of a female fox demon and a snake demon, who appears as a beautiful human girl, and Shen Qishuang, the daughter of a martial arts sect leader. China is in chaos. A man known as Master Qianye appears to be a kindly Buddha-like hero who does common good for people, but is actually the villain. Since the Demon Prison Tower collapsed, demons have sprung free into the world.
    Together, our four heroes embark on an epic journey where they will learn about their pasts, learn the meaning of forgiveness, and save the world!

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-04 10:57:39

      OH MY GOD that sounds SO EPIC!! and fun and amazing. DAMN I really wish they could make this into a show, I know I would just LOVE to see this in action.
      I can see Hu Ge now playing the older Li Xiaoyao! It’s totally not too late to make it. I really do wish we could make the director see how much we want the sequel…
      For some reason, I keep picturing Yiru looking more like Yueru, must be her name, hahaha. I hope one day, they decide to film it! Do you know if Li Xiaoyao is in the sequel much? Or what happened to him at all?

  • XiaoLongNu says

    2013-03-04 03:42:05

    I don’t see why not. Really Xiaohu hasn’t changed much from the game to TV show, except his age. In both versions he seems like Xiaoyao’s only friend prior to meeting Ling’er. Also, remember the infant actress playing Yi Ru? Eight years have passed in real life since they filmed Chinese Paladin, and that same number of years have passed from the first LoSaF game to the second one. So even Yi Ru’s actress could reprise her role!

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-04 04:04:37

      OMG now that you mention it, I think so as well!
      I think if they really wanted to make CP2, they could change certain things about it! OMFG YES you’re so right, the baby who played Yiru would so reprise her role if she’s still an actress now! That’s an amazing though. I’d so want to see Yiru’s adventures. Sadly I don’t know much about the game to know what kind of things they get up to.

  • XiaoLongNu says

    2013-03-04 08:20:03

    You know what we can try doing? Make a petition and send it to the producers to televise Chinese Paladin 2!

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-04 09:10:45

      OH YES I wish we could do that, but I don’t know if they know how to read English, but another problem why they didn’t make Chinese Paladin 2 is they accidentally turned the main protagonist in CP2 way too much (Xiao hu, if you remember) he was suppose to be a kid who really looked up to LXY and would go on adventures with Yiru but in the show, he was Li Xiaoyao’s age. Perhaps one day they can do it regardless, cos I wanna know what happens to LXY!!

  • XiaoLongNu says

    2013-03-03 11:15:34

    Probably one of the saddest things I’ve ever come across. And Ling’er is seriously beautiful dying in Xiaoyao’s arms.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-03-03 11:19:42

      Aww I know how you feel!!! It really was so tragic, yet beautiful! What I loved most was they were both thinking so much about the other person, like XY urging Ling’er to die because he wanted to take all the pain himself, and Ling’er desperately trying to hold on and not die so he wouldn’t be alone. This is what I call selfless love!!

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