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  • Fox Spirits

    Source: http://fuckyeahchinesemyths.tumblr.com/

    [Yeah yeah, normally I have a silly caption to go along with it, but she seduced me into keeping her this way. (Actually I am just respecting the artist.)]

    Was this what Jimi Hendrix meant by foxy lady? If so, sign me up!

    Nah, just kidding. I don’t even think he KNEW that there was such a thing as a Chinese Fox Spirit, which is what you’re looking at here.

    Actually, fox spirits are also found in – surprise, surprise, Korean and Japanese culture! If you are an anime character on crack, you’ll know they’re called ‘Kistune,’ and the Korean term for it is ‘Kumiho.’ It seems that these sassy temptresses know their way round a neighbourhood or two.

    I mean, that’s part of their job.

    These foxxxxy ladies are supposed to be demons or monsters who lure their prey – usually horny men – into sleeping with them, and killing them. It ain’t easy being a demon when you have eat ten human hearts every hundred years just to power up.

    Oh yeah and after that you supposedly grow a tail, and then, when you have nine tails [like the pokemon] tada! You become human.

    It’s kind of convenient, really, since carrying 9 tails around would really weigh one down.

    Lots of writers love writing about this sexy thing, and why not? She represents a really slutty girl who sleeps with any man, which was a no-no because the shadow of Confucius who go, “This shit ain’t right, bro, yo’ morals are depraved.” I guess it was one of the ways this sensual figure served as a warning, keeping guys in line and all.

    Admittedly, in some tales, fox spirits ain’t all that bad – they are sometimes lonely, and looking for loooove, as this writer would point out. [Check out his strange tales for more information.]

    But hey – writers liked to moralize, so there was hope for these spirits to repent! They had to renounce all worldly pleasures [uh-oh, no more sexy tiemz], give up their wily ways and gain enlightenment, which was part of the in thing at that time, and well, that’s about it.

    So don’t be hatin’ this sweet [but not so young] thing! She’s a lot more resourceful than Cinderella, because she’s cunning and full of tricks. We even associate craftiness with these creatures, resulting in the expression, jiao hua de hu li (cunning fox).

    Nowadays, if we want to call someone a conniving bitch and a slut, we call her a fox spirit – or Hu Li Jing as we say in Chinese. This is especially apparent in Hong Kong dramas, and is followed by a slap.

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  • XiaoLongNu says

    2013-04-14 04:38:11

    Speaking of the term when it comes to stupid sluts, my sister’s old boyfriend….is ENGAGED to some huli jing! It’s been making her so miserable, and I hope that huli jing knows the consequences of her actions!

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-04-15 04:40:01

      OMG that’s not good about your sister’s old bf being a huli jing!
      I really hope so as well with the consequences.

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