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  • Emmyra says

    2013-07-23 09:56:28

    not only lin ping zhi and yue ling shan from swordsman 2013 are in this series,yi lin and tian boguang are also in this series!!

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-07-23 04:57:38

      YES I KNOWW, so many familair faces, it always makes it exciting!

  • Kathleen says

    2013-06-01 01:20:00

    Thank you so much for these lovely stills. Like many fans, I was absolutely thrilled to know this series existed. Sadly, I have to wait for English subs. Does anyone know if this series will be subbed…I really hope so, but given that it’s only still airing? or finished airing? I guess we just have to be patient? Thank you so much for this post though! :)

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-06-01 12:25:26

      Ohh I’m pretty sure they started subbing this on VIKI, you can check to see how they’re going! I really am glad you enjoyed these stills and yes they’re really lovely!
      Try this: http://www.viki.com/tv/7382c-female-prime-minister

    • kathleen says

      2013-06-01 04:26:19

      awww, thank you for such a fast response, sapphiresky! <3 I was watching it on viki then noticed omgawd, it's only subbed to ep 10 and saw there are 50 episodes i believe. hahahaha. Just totally random, sapphiresky, do you work with the Viki teams regarding the ancient series too? :]

    • kathleen says

      2013-06-01 04:59:47

      Thank you, sapphiresky. I am so sorry if I am flooding your blog. I am still trying to learn my way around it. I thought I replied her, but wasn’t sure if my post was eaten up. hehehe

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-06-02 02:27:10

      OMG NO PROBS I enjoy reading your comments a lot :D it’s always great to see someone really enthusiastic and loving the shows :D
      Oh and wow, they subbed 10 eps already? That was fast cos they only started a few weeks ago. Perhaps you will need to give them time because it takes a long time to sub one episode.
      I do hope they continue though
      and right now, no I’m not involved with viki subbing because I am just so busy with this blog and my other websites. I have subbed some of my fav series though!

    • kathleen says

      2013-06-01 05:01:10

      oh I guess it was. I was saying how I really hope Viki continues to sub it. I realized they’re on episode 10 and I wish I could help out, but sadly, I don’t understand Chinese. I believe there are 59 episodes. @_@ I hope we’ll get more people excited on board to help out! And thank you for these lovely stills! <3

  • heisui says

    2013-05-15 07:57:02

    This drama is airing now! It is being subbed on viki! ;)

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-05-15 08:44:53

      AWESOMEEE!!!! I thought it was airing cos of all those screenshots lying around :D YAY that it’s subbed on viki!! I shall post a link to it here when I get a chance :D DDD

  • El Ha says

    2013-05-11 05:12:29

    Probably not. There are so many history series out there, that I would want to watch.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-05-11 07:31:54

      That’s sad to hear and yes I know what you mean!!! AHHH I love that they’re making a show based on the only ever female prime minster!

  • heisui says

    2013-05-10 11:08:17

    I feel like this drama has taken forever to be released. O_O I like the character promo posters with the snow, it is really pretty.

    It might just be me but somehow the lead is not what I envisioned for a female prime minister. I guess it’s because she has a really young looking face and she just looks so innocent and huggable. O_O I guess I thought the female prime minister would look more jaded and determined! But that is just my feeling based off of the pictures.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-05-11 07:31:19

      OHHH YEAH I agree, I remember last time I heard about it, it was like sooo long ago and I tottally even forgot it existed. I think it’s the fact that I know the actors that makes it so exciting for me HAHA!!! But yes I really agree there with them looking huggable, though the trailer seem to tell a complete different story from what I’ve heard.
      Oh btw I do think this is airing right now :D

  • El Ha says

    2013-05-10 09:03:02

    The covers/posters are kinda cool

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-05-10 10:39:09

      OH YEAH! I think so as well. I wonder if that’s being subbed>< probably not for a long time, sadly.

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