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    I had a hard time deciding if I was going to post about Bu Bu Jing Qing, since it’s a modern series and this only covers Ancient, but I decided to since it was a sequel to an Ancient series, and because there were actual references of the Qing palace, I thought, why not?


    So, as we all know, there’s a sequel in the making for Bu Bu Jing Xin, also known as Scarlet Heart or Startling By Each Step, which tells the history of Kang Xi’s reign and how his son got the throne. Amidst all this, Zhang Xiao somehow traveled back in time to witness this in Maertai Ruoxi’s body (her past life). She formed friendships and relationships with the princes and watched this whole event unfold, which was filled with tragedy, because even Zhang Xiao knew that the ending for most of the Princes wasn’t happy.


    Speaking of that, they also released an alternate ending for Bu Bu Jing Xin, revealing that 4th Prince (Nicky Wu) was the driver who hit Ruoxi, which made her go back in time.

    Since this is a time traveling series, we can totally go back to Zhang Xiao’s time and explore her meeting these characters in their new lives again.

    My crazy prediction was that the Emperor Kang Xi was gonna be the CEO of this company with his sons fighting over the divisions! Then, Ruoxi will probably be stuck in there while 4th and 8th use tactics to win the favour of their father to pass down that company. ROFL (I don’t know why it just sounds so funny when I hear, CEO of a company!) The real storyline isn’t that different:

    Zhang Xiao is a white collar female worker. By chance, Zhang Xiao finds work at “Zhen Tian”, one of China’s most famous internet companies. Like any other ordinary newcomer to the business industry, Zhang Xiao is ostracised by her fellow colleagues. Luckily, her superior Yin Zheng sees her as a talented worker and helps her avoid difficult situations. Slowly, Yin Zheng and Zhang Xiao develop unspoken feelings for each other, but before it can progress any further, a gentle and considerate Kang Si Han enter’s Zhang Xiao’s world. It turns out that both men are candidates to the successor of this company and Zhang Xiao suddenly finds herself in the centre of a power struggle.

    I am really curious to see how she’ll interact with the characters. Here are some pics!

    Promotional Posters

    Promotional Stills

    Sadly, only 4th and 10th, Ruolan and Ruoxi are coming back. Kevin Cheng and Yuan Hong were busy with other series, but let’s hope they can make somewhat of a guest appearance at least!

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  • Mary says

    2014-03-10 03:03:31

    oh my god…super excited..I can’t wait

  • Amanda says

    2014-01-05 11:42:22

    AH I’m so excited for this series!!! I’m upset they didn’t use the same actors as the first season, but these actors and actresses look very promising ^^

  • andreea says

    2013-11-30 12:06:22

    when this drama would be aired?

  • XiaoLongNu says

    2013-10-12 04:26:50

    Also, I bet the mother of the Ma’ertai sisters got reincarnated as Zhang Xiao’s mother. Plus, in this life, unlike the last, she DID survive Ruo-I mean Zhang Xiao’s birth, given we now have lost blood replacement, breathing tubes, and so much more.

  • XiaoLongNu says

    2013-09-11 02:13:57

    I’m exited! This sounds so much like the original BBJX story, only modernized!
    I’m guessing Zhang Xiao has an older sister who happens to be no less than Ruolan’s reincarnation.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-09-12 04:44:24

      Ohhh yeah!!! I saw quite a lot of pics that are directly related to the first season, like similar type of imagery which excites me a lot!!

  • kathleen says

    2013-06-01 04:54:19

    Ahh, I am so excited but also nervous about the release of this because Tong Hua had not penned this. I just sincerely hope they won’t butcher the beautiful series of BBJX that has established its place in my heart as an all time if not favorite! (totally side note and just a suggestion, sapphireskys, but would you be willing to put dates on the blogs you post? I only ask to know how recent/caught up I am with news. Thank you! :D )

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-06-02 02:25:31

      OMG I know what you mean, I am a bit worried about it too, I actually would’ve liked a sequel in ancient times, because I just really love the stuff they talk about those times.
      There should be a date for the article somewhere on the page, let me know if you can find it!

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