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  • Age of Wushu China – New content update!

    Probably, some of you have already heard about Age of Wushu, but who did not,  I will explain more about this game.


    Emei with a sword

    This game is one of the biggest MMORPGs in the world and is most popular and number one game in China. When first time I saw Age of Wushu video (it was 4 years ago), I was really facinated, but when I saw interview with Snail Game company (developers of Age of Wushu) they really shocked me! They traveled whole country, they they took photos from the oldest China regions and they did lots of researches about Chinese Martial Arts.


    Age of Wushu was and still being developed by Snail Game created game engine called FLEX. This post is not for introducing features which already are in game so, I will skip some things and tell more how Age of Wushu (China version) will improved this year.

    As I mentioned before, Age of Wushu is being developed with FLEX engine, but it seems developers updated it and they brought to us some more freshness. In upcoming updates in China version will be updated graphics, fixed clothing animation, weather system etc. But the main upcoming content is the introduction of factions. These are not similar as the schools such as Shaolin or Wudang. Sect-less players can immediately join these factions. For players attached to a school, there are 3 ways to join the new factions.

    • Leaving a school– it is hard decision. If you leave your school, you will lose all your school achievements like titles, skills and outfits.
    •  Wanderer– You can get permission to join a faction while still attached to the school and with many more and longer quests to complete. According to the final results at the end of joining a faction, the player’s school skills may be affected.
    • Disguising – changing one’s look. This method will allow to keep you school skills and join a faction.

    There are 4 factions revealed thus far, and only 2 of them have details at this stage. Introducing 无根门 (Rootless Clan) and 移花宫 (Palace of Moving Flowers).

    无根门 (Rootless Clan) – According to the official teaser, this faction only accepts ball-less characters. Yes, castrated, eccentric male characters. The description says that there is a unique skill, where 5 of the faction’s players can unleash a skill to “control” another player… I am not sure if females can join, so stay tuned.


    移花宫 (Palace of Moving Flowers) – This faction only accepts pretty female characters who have never wed before. What is considered as “pretty” then? During character creation, there is some gauge to measure the “prettiness” level, from height of nose to position of eye brows. It is not stated if this gauge is visible to players.


    Age of Wushu will also see a vastly upgraded weather, seasons and time system in the upcoming updates. There will be small rains, big rains, thunderstorms, sandstorms and more. For time wise, 1 month in the actual real world will be equivalent to a year in Age of Wushu.

    Day system – Dawn, morning, noon, dusk, night (there is eclipse as well!)

    Seasons and weather will affect other features as well, such as the type of plants growing in the wild, the growth rate of plants (slower in winter or none at all) and even cause fire skills to deal lesser damage during winter and other related skills to increase in damage.


    There is more! With this active environment upgrade, powerful NPCs will make their appearances, sandstorms will reveal previously-hidden ancient ruins. These ruins are explorable! With all these unpredictable changes, a player might be the lucky one to obtain a miracle quest, learning some unique and awesome skills.

    Dating system – This is different from in-game wedding. Online players can choose an offline player he or she likes, and through several quests to build a relationship. Both online and offline players will get massive bonuses, with a feature to battle together. Players can choose to continue building upon this relationship before logging off.

    Other features in discussions include cross-server guild vs guild, a good and evil karma system, managing an actual shop and more. Of course, all these might change when entering development phase, but don’t they all sound awesome?
    Video not available



    Source: http://www.mmoculture.com/2013/04/age-of-wushu-new-unique-factions-coming-as-content-update/

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  • Star says

    2013-12-23 08:43:42

    Hey, if you guys want to play age of wushu USA version, go to whit tiger server.

    my name is Stardust13


  • Lanfen says

    2013-08-17 08:37:34

    Hey everyone! If you do decide to play on Age of Wushu, and happened to be on Blue Dragon, my character name is Lanfen

    ^_^ it’s a cool game, and if you need help with it, let me know ^_^

  • Jade says

    2013-05-01 05:29:35

    This looks amazing. I’m so amazed by all of the hard work that’s been put into this game. I really admire that. Those images are absolutely fabulous!

    I’ve always wanted to play this but I don’t know if it requires downloading or not.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-05-02 12:26:18

      Oh yes I am absolutely sure it requires downloading, and the file is about 8GB perhaps? LOL good luck with it if you play, let me know how you go !

    • Yin Zhen

      yinzhen says

      2013-05-02 12:28:01

      You will need to download the game if you want to play it. Client size is about 10gb.

    • Jade says

      2013-05-02 12:29:58

      Thanks for the answer.
      I don’t actually know how much space that is or…
      Thanks anyway.

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-05-02 12:35:01

      9GB is about the sizes of 2 DVDS, i think :O

  • Yuehan says

    2013-05-01 03:06:03

    First of all i want to say that you did a great job with this site sapphiresky :) ..Do you play age of wushu/wulin and where are u living atm?(still in Australia?)…..I like it how everything here is neatly organized and this is by far the best site I’ve stumbled upon for watching Wuxia orientated series..

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-05-01 05:08:55

      HI!!! :D :D::D NICE TO MEET YOU!!!!! OMG I am so happy you are enjoying the site, I haven’t actually played the game yet, this post is done by a wonderful new author of WXE, Yinzhen :D He will be sharing more info soon about the different types of attacks :D
      OMG and SO HAPPY that you really enjoy this site, I LOVE that more people are knowing about Wuxia, and seeing your comment really makes my day! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nic says

      2013-05-03 07:07:20

      Screenshots are good enough ;) .

  • Nic says

    2013-05-01 11:10:56

    Thanks for sharing the information about the game!! :D It is really fascinating!!!!!! Too my laptop needs to reformat that I cannot explore the game even if I can find time :( . BTW if I download the game is it that I can play offline and complete it, or need to update to get more features as the game develops? I’ve never played MMORPG before so I’ve no idea how it works :P .

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-05-01 05:11:14

      OMG GOOD LUCK with playing the game!!!! Do you know if people can meet online on the game? Like chat and stuff? I haven’t played MMOs much so I haven no idea how it works LOL!!! OMFG you don’t know how it works either I just read your last sentence, HAHAHAHHAHA we’re on the same boat. Perhaps Yinzhen will be able to answer a lot of our questions!

    • Nic says

      2013-05-02 12:35:25

      Hehe! I’ve no idea, and I haven’t tried it yet :P . I’m thinking it would be great if someone would post his/her own experience in this game with screenshots of his/her story :D ! It’s like filming their own series or something :P .

    • Yin Zhen

      yinzhen says

      2013-05-02 12:26:38

      That’s what I’m going to do next week. Till then you should try the game by yourself. ^^

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-05-02 12:34:22

      WOW you’re right, I wonder if that person who film the experience can create it into a story with a full storyline and all, that would be AMAZING! I never even thought of that before.

    • Nic says

      2013-05-03 01:50:47

      @yinzhen: I would love to read it!!! :D Yea, I wish I can find time to start it hehe! But for time being I’m looking forward to your posts. Thanks again for sharing! ;)

      @sapphiresky: That would be very fun but can be time consuming too. First have to see how to capture the scenes in video form like those who uploaded to youtube (the promotional clips and some ppl explaining how to play) hehe. Some games seem allow recording but I’ve no idea how it works hehe! But with screenshots and storyline written is amazing enough :D .

    • Yin Zhen

      yinzhen says

      2013-05-03 03:31:13

      If my PC would be better, I would surely upload some videos too, but since my PC isn’t that good so, I will just make few screenshots. ^^

  • floating snowflake says

    2013-05-01 10:21:26

    LOL I actually playing this game, but not intensively, just strolling around and enjoy the “jianghu feel”, the BGM is AWESOME too!
    Those two new schools seems interesting, though there is no way I’ll let my character join the rootless clan, lolol

    @sapphiresky: so this was posted by yinzhen, not you? a new writer? good post btw

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-05-01 05:07:30

      YESSSS Yinzhen is a new author on Wuxia Edge who will be covering stuff about Age of Wushu! :D WOOOW you are playing the game? That’s so cooool! I want to go play it too for the jianghu feel, I got super excited when I saw all those wuxia sects/schools!

  • El Ha says

    2013-05-01 05:44:29

    Wow, this sounds awesome. I don’t like MMORPGs, but the world and the concept looks great.

    • Yin Zhen

      yinzhen says

      2013-05-01 08:02:29

      I don’t like them much too, but this is exception for me! ^^

    • sapphiresky says

      2013-05-01 09:23:49

      ABSOLUTELY AMAZING POST THERE yinzhen, WOOOOW this totally blows me away, I LOVE it beyond doubts, haha. OMFG the pics look sooo amazing as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU A MILLION for posting this!!!

    • Yin Zhen

      yinzhen says

      2013-05-02 12:19:16

      no problem sapphiresky. ^^ When I will don’t my exams (it will be next week) I will share amazing info after that. I will write about basic school skills and I will share my experience about the game. ^^

    • Nic says

      2013-05-03 01:54:13

      Yup, I’ve seen promotional clips here and there for other MMORPGs but none seems as fascinating as this one (graphic wise) that is enough to make me wanna learn how to play it hehe.

      @yinzhen: I’m very looking forward to it :D !!

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